The Prince’s Chosen

by Stephanie Fazio

Addy is a farmer in upstate New York. Tol is the prince of a dying magical race. Both are trapped in lives they didn’t choose.

18-year-old Addy has spent her entire life in a small town, where the most exciting activity is watching corn grow. That is, until seven-foot warriors crash through her front door. They kidnap her sister and then try to kill her.

She’s saved by a man who obliterates her enemies without laying a finger on them. His name is Tol, and he claims to be a magical, mind-controlling prince.

Tol has spent his life searching for the human girl with the power to save his ruined world. Now, he’s finally found her. But Addy is consumed by one thought…rescuing her sister.

There is only one chance for them to get what they desperately need. For it to work, Tol and Addy must sacrifice the one thing they are both fighting to keep: their freedom.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Location, Location, Damnation

by Nick Moseley

“Trev Irwin didn’t believe in ghosts, which made it something of a surprise when he saw one…”
At first glance Brackenford is a picturesque town in the English Midlands, but peek below the surface and things look different. Weird sightings. Unexplained disappearances. Historical anomalies.
Trev Irwin isn’t interested in all that. He’s got a nice job selling houses and just wants to earn enough commission to keep him in beer and pizza. He’s not looking for any weirdness, but unfortunately the weirdness has come looking for *him*.
Things start with a strange encounter in a local café and before long Trev’s knee-deep in living shadows, anxious werewolves and irascible vampires… and that’s just the easy stuff. Brackenford has worse in store for him. Much worse.
He needs help; what he’s got is his Granddad, a Puritanical ghost, and the world’s most sarcastic cat.
Yep – he’s screwed…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Chris Baum

Surrender can mean many things to many people, even animals.

In this fictional story, a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) named PoBo learns what it can mean on many different levels. On one level, he is displaced from his family at a young age amid a war initiated by humans. But with an unyielding spirit to be reunited with his kin, the hairy bachelor decides to set off on a dangerous quest to find them. He knows the journey will be fraught with danger because he knows he and his family are on the endangered list—a constant struggle to survive.

PoBo encounters many obstacles along the way, and his own faith is tested repeatedly as time runs out to fulfill his quest. What he at first thinks is the true meaning of his journey becomes redefined as a desperate yearning to achieve three things: faith, family, and love.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Ozar Triad

by Charmaine Ross

Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.

Riley Sharp can fight her way out of anything. She’s a special ops soldier. Trained for war and hardened for battle. Nothing surprises her, but when she finds herself in a battle with Reptile aliens, she fights for her life as well as her sanity.

(Rujali, Setzan and Klaej – The Ozar Triad
The Ozar Triad are on a last-ditch mission of revenge. They are tracking the stolen crystal that powers all life on their Homeplanet. Without the crystal, their species is on the brink of disaster.

Can one human female fend off three sexy-as-sin alien warrior princes and find the love she never thought she would find, while fighting nefarious forces, or will she succeed in returning to her world nobody has heard of before?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Paradise Factory

by Jim Keen

She’s a policewoman with a past. In a future ruled by AI, one bad decision could get her killed… or worse.

New York, 2055. Former UN Marine Alice Yu is a beat-down cop running from guilt in a bankrupt city. Brutally ambushed and left for dead, she’s powerless to prevent a ruthless crime boss from abducting the partner she idolizes. Though it will cost her job in a world with 99% unemployment, she vows to bring him back from the lawless and forbidden Fourth Ward Territory.

Fighting through injuries and resurfacing trauma, Yu relentlessly tracks her mentor’s trail. But when her PTSD flares in the face of a cartel death squad, her bloody background could spell her demise. And if she doesn’t succeed, the entire city is doomed.

If you like gritty heroines, loyal friends, and brutal high-tech worlds, then you’ll love this action-packed dystopian cyberpunk adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Sword and Sorcery Box Set 1

by Dylan Doose

A thrilling fantasy box set for fans of mages, monsters, and epic battles! A monk-turned-sorcerer, a disillusioned crusader, and a monster-hunting aristocrat are condemned to hang—but when terrible darkness threatens their kingdom, they must choose: escape with their lives or band together as heroes and fight. “Gritty, fast-paced, and compelling!”

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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