To Whatever End: Echoes of Imara Book 1

by Claire Frank

Veterans of a past war, Daro and Cecily left the politics and turmoil of their kingdom behind, making a home for themselves where they can live in peace. An unexpected attack fractures their quiet existence and although Cecily narrowly escapes with her life, Daro is taken captive. He awakens to a world where his captors exact complete control. Forced to wear a mask and given a number instead of a name, he endures crushing psychological torture, conditioning him to be an experimental subject in a madman’s bid to bend the laws of Wielding magic.
As Cecily turns to old friends and attempts to mend broken alliances in her desperate search for her husband, Daro struggles to hold onto the shattered pieces of his mind. No sacrifice is too great to bring Daro back, but as the days tick by, he may succumb to his captors, becoming another living weapon in a growing army of abominations.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Eternal Season (The Swallowed World, Book 1)

by Tyler Bumpus

The Future is written…

An America of fractured States, brutal warlords, and exotic new societies. Drowning cities, drought-parched plains, and bioterrorist famine. Technological marvels, gene-spliced monstrosities, and artificial life forms.

Apocalyptic but cutting-edge. Frightening but majestic.

Book One of The Swallowed World saga is a savage adventure across the drowning paradise of the Florida Peninsula, filled with astonishing visions and vivid characters. Allie Fountain is a runner. Running forbidden contraband. Running from a dark past. But in this lawless tropical wasteland, he uncovers horrors no one can bargain with. Or escape. Natural disaster, ruthless killers and terrifying new creatures are only the beginning.

In this Eternal Season, as civilization and civility erode, humanity itself will stand trial.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Storm Portal

by Michael R. Stern

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History teacher Fritz Russell walks through his classroom door to find Robert E. Lee resting in the woods on the day after the surrender at Appomattox. Fritz loves history, and entering the past seems a gift, the chance for a great adventure. He’s been bored teaching the same old stuff year after year, and here’s a chance to make it new. But when the classroom door opens to the Oval Office, he realizes that his time portal might also be put to serious purpose. The president wants his help on behalf of national security. Fritz does not believe he will be endangered by using his door to travel across time and space. And the president appears to be a great guy. But will Fritz’s own government consider him expendable if he cannot solve the mystery of the portal? He doesn’t have much time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Sand Storm

by Michael R. Stern

How do you say no to the President of the United States when he’s asked you to stop a nuclear war?

After Fritz Russell discovered his classroom door was a portal through space and time, he helped the United States resolve a foreign policy emergency. Now the president wants him to use the portal to avert the threat coming from a Middle Eastern nation that is on the verge of developing nuclear weapons.

For a history teacher, travel to the past is entertaining, enlightening, and a great way to engage students. But Fritz hasn’t learned all the portal’s secrets. Could others put the world in danger by forcing him to use what he doesn’t even understand? If he uses it to help the president, there might be a war. But if he says no, he will be permitting his family, friends, and the world to remain in great danger.

Should Fritz agree to be the heart of the US operation? And if he does, is there enough time for him to learn all he needs to know about the mysteries of the portal?

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The Orphan Fleet

by Brendan Detzner

The Mountain skyport is an oasis, the one place where airships from across the known world can thaw their engines before they finish their journey across the endless frozen wastes. The Mountain is independent, and the people that live there are a family. To its friends, the Mountain offers warmth, smiles, and entertainment. To its enemies, it offers lightning— powerful storms that appear from nowhere and clear the skies of enemy ships.

Jiaire is a young man on the cusp of adulthood. By day, he works on the docks. By night, he dreams of the Show, when characters like Golden Sam, the Reptile, and the mysterious Count do battle under the big top for an audience of thousands. When an invading army arrives at the Mountain and the storms fail to come, Jiaire is forced to investigate the mysteries of the mountain, and of his own heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Fairy Magic

by Ella Summers

Half-fairy mercenary Naomi Garland has spent her whole life caught between two worlds. She’s learned to depend on her sword instead of her weak magic. But when a mission to save kidnapped supernaturals in Munich goes horribly wrong, she discovers an ancient fairy magic she never knew she had: the power to navigate realms.

Naomi uncovers a tear in the veil between earth and the underworld, the home realm of spirits, demons, and ghosts—and the prison of criminals banished there because they were too dangerous and demented for the earth. To stop the rising hellish army and repair the boundaries between realms, Naomi has to journey into the underworld to find a powerful ally, a dark and tempting Dragon Born mage who has been imprisoned there for seven hundred years.

Fairy Magic is the first book in the Dragon Born Awakening urban fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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