Until All Curses Are Lifted

by Tim Frankovich

Phenomenal power. Cursed for his father’s sin.

Marshal lives in magically-enforced silence, unable to communicate with those around him. When he discovers he’s also heir to immense magical power, he sets out on a quest to escape his curse, and maybe find a way to end the corrupt system that gave it to him.

But his half-brother, wanting the power for himself, dispatches a leper assassin to kill Marshal and those he loves.

Seri wants to use the system to become the most powerful mage in history. But her ambitions are disrupted when the earth itself begins to shake. The magic that holds the world together is failing, and the combined power of all the mages is not enough to save it. And then someone begins murdering mages.

Manipulated by outside forces, stalked by murderous foes and monsters, Marshal and Seri each learn how to use their unique abilities before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Gods and Psychopaths

by Louis Park

Black Scottish terriers aren’t particularly well-known for devouring civilisations, but Little Dog is.

Like most omnipotent beings, the elder god finds boredom a constant problem, but the deity has just the right plaything to solve this, a psychopathic vagabond called Cain.

Cain never wanted to make a deal with the sadistic and petulant deity. All he ever wanted was to gorge on Manchester’s finest foods, fight the police and save the bumblebee through murderous rampages. Instead, he has to give bloodthirsty performance after bloodthirsty performance to keep the adorable doom-bringer entertained. If he fails, he might just find that he — and the rest of the world — become the god’s snacks.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Quest of the Dreamwalker

by Stacy Bennett

Cara’s father crippled her soul to steal her magic, but the key to what was lost still waits in her dreams. A chance encounter with a mercenary her father intends to kill opens her eyes to her father’s evail. She flees with him, hoping to find a way to heal her soul.

They meet Falin the huntress along the way. Another piece of Fate’s tangled plan. Between the captain’s sword and the huntress’s strength, Cara might survive the sorcerer’s pursuit.

Even so, death follows her every step from the frozen tundra through the Tanglewood to the mountain city of Iolair. Cara must discover her stolen birthright before her father sacrifices her to an even darker power.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Memories of Earth Far Future Space Opera Boxed Set

by James David Victor

Anders Corsigon has spent his life bringing galactic criminals to justice. When a bizarre murder turns into a string of assassinations, he must find a killer who is protected by the highest levels of the empire. After being cast aside by the empire he faithfully served, his only allies will be a rogue simulated intelligence, an alien spy, and a fugitive engineer. In a world where advanced genetic engineering can literally rewrite humanity, they must uncover a conspiracy that could destroy the galaxy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Dominions Box Set

by TW Iain

Rodin’s work is simple — find the targets and remove them with cold efficiency. But when a contract takes him into the perfect society of the Dome, everything changes.
Missed opportunities, too many mistakes, and the realisation that he’s only a pawn in someone else’s game force Rodin to question everything. And then there are the nightmares that might be from a past he never knew he had.
If Rodin’s to survive, he’ll need to defeat his worst opponent yet — himself.

This collection contains the first three books in the completed nine-book dark Dystopian thriller series Dominions.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Reclaimer: The Crucible

by Waldo Rodriguez

Earth is dying, the PAC are invading, and Gabriel will do anything to protect his family.

The plan was simple: Evacuate the city, enlist in the Tactical Armor Corps, and stop the invasion. Easy, right?

Things rarely go according to plan.

When his city falls, Gabriel discovers how unprepared he truly is.

Recruited into the Reclaimer project, Gabriel must survive a brutal selection process. Deadly traps lurk around every corner, and survival comes at a steep price. One threatening to break him.

When success marks him for death, Gabriel fears he’ll become another statistic…

Experience the first kickass, action packed story in the Legacy of a Dying World series, a gritty, military sci-fi epic set upon an apocalyptic earth. Perfect for fans of Scott Moon, JN Chaney, and Rick Partlow

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

Red Harvest Moon

by Miles Hurt

Epic fantasy that hits like a crossbow bolt through your mind’s eye!

The tables for the harvest feast are set. And the ghuls of Urizan are coming, uninvited.

Led by the colossus Krond, the flesh-eating ghuls are ready to blaze and burn across the lands of Soren. The village of Puttle lies in their path, where they will bring fire and death.

The Black Feather is an outlaw, an outcast, a Wandering Knife. But he is the only hope the villagers have in this dark hour. Bandit turned protector, the Black Feather is hired by the villagers to take up his sword against the marauders.

Krond seeks the Black Feather. The ghuls are hungry. And the harvest moon will shine red.

“Hands down my favorite book of Q1. Easiest read of the year.” (Raul Reads, booktuber)

“Red Harvest Moon is a fantastic, exciting novel… elegant, personal and a joy to read.” (FanFiAddict)

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Caught in Time

by Sheron Wood McCartha

Travel from the future into a medieval past on another planet. Rowena Grae, time traveler, has a mission to assassinate the king, thought to be the source of their current mutant talents.

But she discovers that past isn’t as charming as expected with no running water, no adequate plumbing, betrayal in the royal court, an impossible love, and, ah yes, impending war.

Unfortunately, mistaken identity leads her astray as she finds herself falling in love with the self-absorbed royal she was ordered to kill. Within a day after arriving, robbers and rapists attack them, but she has to be careful what she does, as it might change her future timeline.

She has been sent to save that future, but how can she do that if love and circumstances keep tripping her up?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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