by Stacy Claflin

A blind date, a gorgeous vampire, and a deadly assassin.
Just a typical Friday night.
Yesterday, my biggest problems were fighting with my sister and getting into my dream college. Today, I’m dealing with destructive new powers and a raging thirst for blood—and both are getting me into serious trouble.
I never believed in the supernatural, but now I can’t escape it. I’ve tried everything to distract myself from the bundle of weird events that is ruining my life, including a blind date with a drop-dead gorgeous guy. Turns out he knows more about my past than I do, including the assassin who has marked me for death.
I thought becoming a blood-sucking child of the night would make me immortal… turns out it just made me a target. With a trained killer after me, I might actually have to trust the know-it-all vampire to help me unlock my powers, before one of us ends up permanently dead.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Purity of Crimson

by Beverley Lee

Blood calls to blood.
Gabriel Davenport and his brothers have found a temporary refuge. But safety is fleeting.
Beneath the streets of London three become five as the brothers, the ‘Bloody Little Prophets,’ are joined by a witch boy sent on a mission and a terrified, persecuted vampire.
But every meeting has its consequences. And one of them is not who he says he is.
One by one, the brothers are torn apart, and all must face their own demons when unexpected questions and uncertainty arise..
Gabriel’s quest takes him to the very edge of his morality—to a creature who holds the key to death itself.
What would he give to know why the wings of darkness had always sought him?
And what would any of them sacrifice to save each other?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Jigsaw Blade: The Bizarre Blades Book 1

by Stevie Collier

He always dreamed of becoming a champion. But finding a mythical sword could cut his life short…

Finn Featherstone longs to trade in his paintbrush for a legendary Bizarre Blade. One day, after heroically rescuing a young girl and coming face-to-face with his sword-fighting idol, he is shocked to learn he is being drafted as a foot soldier. A few days later the army caravan he is a part of is attacked by a pack of sabertooth tigers. While trying to survive, Finn finds himself crashing through the ice where he mistakenly discovers a magical blade of his very own.

Introduced to a world of champions jealous of his random find, Finn struggles to master his sword’s sludge-spitting bad attitude. Surrounded by dubious allies, he must somehow find the courage to battle the prehistoric creatures that roam the land as well as trying to survive the freezing elements. And when a traitor takes down Finn’s fellow champions, the former painter must tame his angsty weapon in a hurry if he has any hope of winning the fight of his life.

Can Finn command his deranged blade before his dreams of glory come to a bloody end?

The Jigsaw Blade is the first book in the refreshingly unique Bizarre Blades sword and sorcery fantasy series. If you like plucky heroes, wacky humor, and ferocious prehistoric creatures, then you’ll love Stevie Collier’s swashbuckling tale.

Buy The Jigsaw Blade to join a weird and wild adventure today!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Crimson Son

by Russ Linton

Armed with only a multi-tool and an attitude, Spencer takes on his superhero father’s nemesis to uncover the fate of his mother. Along the way, he rallies a team of retiree superheroes and normal people living in the shadow of a weapons program gone wrong. But has he been the target all along?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Empyrean Rises

by Spencer M Pierson


Not if Alex and Piper Drake have anything to say about it. After his Grandmother’s death and strange resurrection, the Drake family vow to change the world for the better. Inhabited by an alien consciousness, they are gifted with incredible intelligence which allows them to take their company, Empyrean, off planet and into the solar system. A promise for a new start for all of humanity.

But not all will be pleased. The rich and powerful will do everything they can to stop this upstart group from undermining their place as the elite. Death, destruction, and political intrigue will be the tools they use, and more than a few innocents will fall in their path.

Will Empyrean rise and triumph, or fall into oblivion?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

After the Shift: The Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

“Stomach twisting excitement at every turn of the page. Great series to read.”

In the dawn of a new Ice Age, families everywhere are taking to the road to escape the frigid landscape—but you can’t outrun the cold.

No one could have predicted the terrifying impact of human interference in the Arctic. Shifts in the Earth’s crust have led to catastrophe and now the North Pole is located in the mid-Atlantic, making much of the eastern United States an unlivable polar hellscape.

Nathan Tolley is a talented mechanic who has watched his business dry up due to gas shortages following the drastic tectonic shifts. His wife Cyndi has diligently prepped food and supplies, but it’s not enough to get them through a never-ending winter. With an asthmatic young son and a new baby on the way, they’ll have to find a safe place they can call home or risk freezing to death in this harsh new world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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