Farshore Chronicles Boxed Set

by Justin Fike

A quick-witted thief is sentenced to a faraway land of magic, myths, and monsters.

“The Hunger Games meets Gladiator. Justin Fike is a fantastic storyteller! The world building, the characters, the action! It was an epic journey!” – Amazon Review

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

An Enchantment of Thorns: A Fae Beauty and the Beast Retelling

by Helena Rookwood & Elm Vince

A fae beast. A wild beauty. A curse that could doom them both.

As town greenwitch, Aster’s dedicated her life to defending her people from the nightmarish fae of the forest. But despite her best efforts, each year a girl is taken as a tithe by the Beast who rules the Folkwood. None ever return.

And this year, the Beast claims Aster.

When he whisks her away to his lavish woodland court, Aster finds herself prisoner in a cursed mansion laced with enchantments and filled with hordes of mischievous servants.

Then there’s the Beast himself. His savage beauty and dark magic never fail to remind Aster of his predatory fae nature.

But when the Beast realizes Aster is more powerful than either of them had guessed, he offers her a deal. Her freedom in exchange for her help breaking the curse on his court.

It might just cost her heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Assassin’s Blade

by Melinda R. Cordell

My father’s been kidnapped.
The kidnappers demand an impossible ransom. If they don’t get it in two weeks, they will kill my father.
Mama won’t survive his murder. She’s already fallen unconscious.
So I’ve pulled my assassin grandmother out of retirement.
Together, with my dragon, we’re going to find the kidnappers and rescue my father.
And we’re going to make those bastards pay.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Hammond’s Hardcases: The Complete Series

by Jack Colrain

They brought death and destruction to Earth. Now it’s time to return the favor.

The massive Mozari spaceship struck without warning. In an instant major cities were leveled. Millions were wiped from the face of the Earth. The horrifying message to those remaining—your training starts now.

Pods scattered across the globe are filled with strange, alien wares and scientists of all backgrounds must come together to harness the advanced technology in a race to discover its secrets before the one-year deadline.

Few possess the rare antibodies needed to control the Mozari armor. But Daniel soon discovers he’s one of the civilians selected to be fitted and trained to use the suit. He joins the military and is assigned to a team on a mission to the Mozari ship. But when tragedy strikes his team, he must take command of a mission into enemy territory that promises nothing less than death.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Gold Rush Mystery (Terraspantion Chronicles Book 1)

by Mit Sandru

Gold Rush lunar base stopped communicating with Earth. What the rescue team finds at the lunar base defies explanation.

America is back on the Moon. This time, we intend to stay and establish a self-sustaining permanent base for mining, science, and tourism. Establishing the base on our closest, lifeless neighbor is a challenge, but achievable despite some unexplained anomalies. The crew is up to the task, getting the base ready for the next lunar crew to expand the base. Inexplicably, everything goes dark. What happened to the lunar crew?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Time Hole (Terraspantion Chronicles Book 2)

by Mit Sandru

A Temporal Hole opens up on the Moon, offering a path in time. It is caused by a Unipolar Element, and whoever possesses it could develop it into a Powerful Weapon or breakthrough in Science.

The major powers on Earth send their Space-intelligence agents to capture that element. Deedee and Arno, two lunar generalists, find perils beyond what they signed up for when traveling on the lunar surface at night . . . on the dark side of the Moon and fall in the Time Hole. Their life will not be the same after they get out and get entangled in the lunar international spy web for the possession of the element causing the hole.

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Operation Cobalt

by L.L. Richman

Attack her home? Threaten her dog? If they want a fight, she’ll give it to them.

Katie Hyer was minding her own business, hauling ore for Cobalt Mining, when a ship appears out of the black, nearly sideswiping her tug. It soon becomes clear that same ship is inbound for the mining platform she calls home.

When the secessionists on board take Sierra Twelve hostage, Katie will go to any lengths to free her friends and family—even if it means waging her own personal war of attrition.

And when Katie goes to war… she takes no prisoners.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Dragon Question

by L. Darby Gibbs

What draws Shennon to the dragon? What drives the dragon king to keep demanding her attendance? Is it the chance she will break his curse or the sense dawning in them both that more than a question holds its breath between them?

Read The Dragon Question to find out.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Synapse of Ash

by D. B. Goodin

She must unlock the secrets of her past life—before her future is written for her.

When cyborg Treeka wakes from an interrupted cryogenic sleep in a genetics lab, she does so in a brave new world, one where immortality is no longer a concept but a construction. Now, the consciousness of a person can live on in a body that can outperform the limits of human ability.

As memories of her past life resurface, Treeka realizes she has a sister, put into stasis just like she was. At the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Ash, the ambitious designer of the cyborgs, Treeka sets out to retrieve the genetic material needed to revive her twin.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

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