Millennium Crash (Watchbearers Book 1)

by James Litherland

Everything goes wrong when the first research expedition from the future lands in the summer of 2000 in New York City. The master time-travel device is destroyed, the professor in charge is killed, and the rest of the travelers are scattered across that ancient metropolis. They’re stranded in the past, their project in shambles from the start, and their troubles are only beginning…

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Ascension Myth Complete Omnibus (Books 1-12)

by Ell Leigh Clark

How Molly has survived military life this long, we’ll never know.

When her implanted computer interface is hacked by a nascent AI, Molly has to escape.

Grab the ENTIRE Ascension Myth Series today in one GIANT boxed set! Over 3,000 pages of Space Opera excitement!

Between the militaries’ high tech security shields and advanced personnel protocols, it makes getting out in one piece for Molly nigh on impossible.

What’s more, her new “companion” has a spunky attitude which only complicates matters further.

And her biggest problem?

The swiftest and most efficient way to get out is also the most embarrassing.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Beyond the Spire of Navarene

by M. Warren Askins

Curses, Wards, and Endless Hordes prevent the casual adventurer from getting very far.
At least, not without employing a Ranger… and their services do not come cheap.

A Young Knight undertakes an impossible quest deep into the fabled and perilous Fenrirfang in order to protect his sister from a conspiracy that involves the Church that he has sworn to serve.

A seasoned Ranger who believes she has seen everything the wilds have to offer soon discovers that she faces something altogether different with this journey.

BEYOND THE SPIRE OF NAVARENE is the first entry in the DEAD MEN ARE DYING saga. Set in a world where humans born with a celestial mark are instilled with powerful, game-changing abilities. And those without… survive as best they can.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Roots of Creation Books 1-4

by Jason Hamilton

This digital boxed set includes the first four books in the Roots of Creation series, 1,000 pages of fantasy, adventure, magic, and fae!

Magic in the air. Demons on the hunt. To save the kingdom, one girl must uncover her hidden abilities.

In a world bursting with magic, Jak’s ill-chosen powers seem worthless. When she needed them most, her enchantments were nothing compared to the horde of demons that raided her village and murdered her father. Determined to fulfill his dying wish and prove her worth, she sets off on a desperate quest to find her long-lost mother.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Roots of Creation Books 5-8

by Jason Hamilton

This digital boxed set includes the last four books in the Roots of Creation series, the epic conclusion to the epic YA fantasy adventure!

Jak is on the run. After the mysterious reappearance of her friend, Marek, she must decide whether to stay with the body of her army, or go off in search of the illusive second Pillar of Eternity.

But she must decide fast. Cain is on his way, and his demons pursue her. And no one knows whether they should trust Jak’s childhood friend, whom they had long presumed to be dead.

But as Jak continues her journey, she will find greater trials than she has ever faced before, vision and choices that will shape her future, and that of the Fae, forever.

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Across the Broken Stars: An Epic Space Fantasy Adventure

by Jed Herne

“If you are looking for an epic fantasy that has a unique setting, this is it.” – Reedsy Discovery 5-star Featured Review.

Leon has a secret. He was once an angel – a winged warrior sworn to protect a realm where people live on discs floating in space.

He failed.

Now, Leon’s a broken man, who thinks he’s the last angel. But then a young fugitive stumbles onto Leon’s doorstep. She’s an angel, too. And she’s heard about a place where angels still live. Or so the legends claim …

Desperate for redemption, Leon begins a perilous quest through myth and folklore. But will Leon and the fugitive find their legendary destination? Or will Leon lose his last chance for salvation?

Brutal and gripping, this is a story about a flawed man’s search for forgiveness, set against the backdrop of an incredible fantasy world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Her Royal Blood

by Felicity Jordan

Twenty years ago, the Cherki vampire royal family was attacked by a rival clan. The only surviving members, three baby girls, were sent into hiding to live among the humans.

And they were lost.

The sisters know nothing of their vampire royal heritage. They live as humans, their vampire blood dormant. Until one day, through a tragic accident, one sister is revealed.

Rachel hates vampires. They killed her family and left her an orphan. She knows very little of their culture, just rumors of rich decadence and hedonistic power. A place where females rule, and males do their bidding.

It’s a world she wants no part of.

But one she’ll be forced to join.


Secret Blood Ties, the second book in the series, is on sale now for just $0.99! The normal price is $3.99 so you’ll save 75%! The sale goes just a few days, so act now before time runs out. The second book is listed below.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Secret Blood Ties

by Felicity Jordan

The second royal sister, Melanie, has been found.
She is due to take her place at the palace, but fate has other plans.
Danger is everywhere, even lurking within her own blood.
She has four suitors willing to die to protect her, but even mysterious vampire princes have their weaknesses.
In between their erotic encounters they’ll have to find out who is threatening the vampire houses.
And it may be up to Melanie to save them all.

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