by Resa Nelson

When you lose everything, can you trust a monster to help?

When Benzel is a boy, his family is murdered and his village destroyed by berserkers. Now grown, he dedicates his life to finding the berserkers responsible but is stymied at every turn by magic, dragons, and dragonslayers. Benzel meets a monster that can help him, but at what cost?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Jesikah D Sundin

She’s from the past, locked inside a world within a world.
He’s from the future, haunted by her death.
A chilling secret binds their lives together.

A sensible young nobleman and his sister live in an experimental medieval village. Sealed inside this biodome since infancy, Leaf and Willow have been groomed by The Code to build a sustainable world, one devoid of Outsider interference. One that believes death will give way to life.

All is ideal until their father bequeaths a family secret with his dying breath, placing an invisible crown of power on Leaf’s head. A death Leaf believes is the result of murder. Now everyone in their quiet town is suspect.

The Middle Ages clashes with the near future in an unforgettable quest for truth, unfolding a story rich in mystery, betrayal, and love.

Are you ready to discover what is real?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Shadow King

by Susan K. Hamilton

Aohdan Collins rules the Dark Fae who run Boston’s shadowy criminal underworld.

Haunted by by a vision of the person responsible for destroying Faerie and murdering her family, Fae Seer Seireadan Moore feels like she’s been searching for a ghost.

One night, over a shared shot of whiskey, Seireadan starts to be pulled into the underworld. Common sense tells her to stay away, but Aohdan may hold the key to hunting down the Fae she so desperately wants to find.

And soon, Seireadan must decide if revenge is worth betraying the one she loves.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Cold Iron Heart

by Melissa Marr

In this stand-alone prequel to the internationally bestselling WICKED LOVELY series (over a million copies sold), the Faery Courts collide a century before the mortals in Wicked Lovely are born.

Thelma Foy, a jeweler with the Second Sight in iron-bedecked 1890s New Orleans, wasn’t expecting to be caught in a faery conflict. But when the Dark King, Irial, rescues her, Tam must confront everything she thought she knew about faeries, men, and love.

“Set against the lush backdrop of 1890s New Orleans, Marr’s spellbinding prequel to the Wicked Lovely urban fantasy series invites readers back into the world of the fae. . . . The resulting conflict delivers all the magic, intrigue, and romance that Marr’s fans expect. Readers will be pleased.” –Publisher’s Weekly

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Category: Fantasy – Historical



by Rob Radcliffe

In the dead of night Bertie walks the corridors of Macmillan’s Hope and Sanctuary Hospital, befriending the dying and letting them know they are not alone, that they have not been forgotten.
Is he an angel, there to guide them on to their eternity, or is he just a kindly hospital porter giving those so close to the end a little hope?
Bertie is both, and he is neither.
He is the guardian of the afterlife, guiding those recently passed back to a time in their life where they were the happiest.
Bertie isn’t the only one with abilities he cannot explain though, and he isn’t the only one for whom the sands of time do not flow.  Who is the man who finds him in his dreams, and why does he reach out to him?

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Rob Radcliffe

Sophie lies frozen in her hospital bed. Only able to blink and think she is the victim of locked in syndrome.

When she receives a book for her 30th birthday from her grandfather, a family secret which has remained hidden from her is unearthed, but she also has secrets of her own.

Billy has suffered from a sleeping disorder his entire life. Over medicating himself on alcohol each night he is fighting his body’s way of telling him there is more, that his evolution is not yet finished.

There have been whispers down the ages of men untouched by time. Able to speak any language, fit into any society, disappearing and reappearing centuries later…the divine.

In the 1950’s a book was published. Masqueraded as an autobiography this book depicted the life of a man who was impervious to harm and unaffected by the sands of time.

God or monster?
Angel or the next step of man?

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Fire and Sword

by Dylan Doose

Monsters. Magic. Epic battles.

“An epic tale…”—Library Journal

A broken nation in need of a savior: Ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within, Brynth is on the eve of its dissolution. When all the good men are dead and gone, who is to answer the call and defy what is wicked for what is right?

A Twisted Tale of Three Unlikely Heroes: Heretic monk turned Sorcerer, Aldous Weaver. Infamous crusader turned fugitive, Kendrick the Cold. Aristocrat, rogue, monster hunter, and legend in his own mind, Theron Ward.

Three men condemned to die for their crimes find in each other both the will and the means to survive. A dark brotherhood with Sword and Sorcery is forged, and all monsters meek and mighty do fear the three.

Honorable mention in Library Journal’s Indie Ebook Awards and a Shelf Unbound Magazine Notable 100!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Fire in the Glass

by Jacquelyn Benson

London, 1914. A monster stalks the gaslit streets of Edwardian London, draining the blood of the city’s mediums. Lily’s visions of the future could be the key to finding the killer… if she’ll trust a reclusive aristocrat with her darkest secret. Dive in to this thrilling first-in-series historical fantasy from an RT Times award-nominated author.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Metal Warrior: Born of Steel

by James David Victor

The world as we know it has come to an end, and humanity’s only hope may be a man who cannot survive without the aid of a robotic suit. Fortunately, that suit is one of the most powerful weapons ever created.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


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