Serpent Cult

by F.P. Spirit

The mysterious Serpent Cult has targeted Ravenford, and no one is safe, not even the lovely Lady Andrella. Now, a new menace rises to threaten the town—a deadly sea monster is sinking ships off the coast.

Join Lloyd, Glo, Seth, Aksel, and the intrepid bard, Elladan, as they follow a twisted trail of intrigue and danger from the depths of the sea, to Ravenford Keep itself. Can the young heroes prevail against an army of monsters, horrific demons, deadly assassins, evil mages, and perhaps worst of all, diplomatic officials, or will Ravenford suffer a fate worse than death?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Black Shift

by Ben Sheffield

Battle looms on Caitanya-9. An elite team of marines prepare to fight a deadly alien race on an ever-changing world while their leader must face the enemy before him, the enemy behind him, and the enemy inside his own head.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Devil You Know, Episode 1

by Alan Tucker

***This is Episode 1 of 10***

Two alien races vie for control of Earth amidst a human population decimated by a merciless plague, famine, and war.

Meanwhile, the denizens of Hell grow restless. The apocalypse they were supposed to instigate and revel in is happening without them…

Doing their best to create new lives in the aftermath of the chaos triggered by the aliens’ arrival, Abraham Black and Neri White come from backgrounds about as different as their last names would indicate. Yet, together, they may hold the key which allows humanity to remain the primary tenants of Earth. The question is: how much are they willing to give up to save the world? Their memories? Their lives? Their souls?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Jamie Foley

The meteor storm wasn’t such a big deal until a comet landed in the middle of the road. Now Darien’s car is wrecked, his sister is bleeding out, and the only medical aid is at the reclusive Serran Academy.

Some say the Serrans have blood-bonds with angels. Some say they have surreal mental abilities. Some say the gods grant them elemental powers.

But when the Academy is targeted for harvesting, its secrets—and the collapse of modern civilization—are the least of Darien’s worries.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

A Second Chance at Life

by Kassandra Lynn

Lady Elaina Sertan found her death amongst a fire, betrayed by her half-sister and her husband. As the flames roared, the loss of her unborn child created a thirst for revenge.

Somehow, against all logic and sense, Elaina rose from her own bed—the bed she once had at her parents’ house two years ago. Her maid, who had passed away over the previous winter, was standing before her. Her family was still high in the realm. The girl in the mirror was still young and hadn’t been trapped and tricked into a loveless marriage.

Elaina has another chance to make things right for herself and her family, yet what begins as a plot to undermine her half-sister’s machinations quickly evolves into a political conspiracy that will rock the entire empire and make Elaina realize she might not have traveled back in time alone.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Historical

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