Milk and Brimstone

by Mandi Martin

A tardy vengeance means you share the tyrants’ guilt.
The veil between worlds has been torn. The land is rife with death. The work of a man who desires only perfection. His son is pulled between loyalty to his father and the logic of his veil dwelling guard, Kenway. Choices and reality become vital as danger grows and even Kenway is conflicted between his heart and his duty.
Thou shall not kill…unless one is undesirable.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Valor: The Complete Series

by Josh Hayes

Get the Valor Box Set, featuring all three books in the Dragon Award-nominated series. 1000+ pages of suspense-filled, military fiction set around a conspiracy on a hostile planet.

“A tour de force.”–David Weber, NYT bestselling author of the Honor Harrington Series.

Filled with action, mystery, and well-crafted characters, the Valor Series will pull you into a world of war, conspiracy, and betrayal. It’s perfect for fans of David Weber’s Honorverse, or Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan with a futuristic flair.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

A Quiet Rebellion: Guilt

by M. H. Thaung

In a society that lives in fear of beasts and the curse they carry, imprisoning victims is the only thing to do.

Convoy captain Jonathan has a guilty secret: he killed a traveller who was cursed while under his protection. The killing wasn’t to defend the innocent, but to hide governmental employment of curse victims—like Jonathan—who have developed paranormal powers.

To assuage his guilt, he bends the rules to help another, younger victim. His growing fatherly affection for her leaves him vulnerable to pressure from an unethical researcher. Can he navigate the bureaucratic web, do his duty and still keep his conscience intact?

This is the first book in the Numoeath trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Demon Rogue

by D.N. Erikson

A 7,000 year old half-demon is the world’s last hope.

I’ve survived for over 7,000 years.
Hiding in plain sight among the humans with my immortal talking dog Argos (yes, that Argos. It’s a long story.)
But all that’s about to change.
Because a woman just came into my office carrying a talisman.
One that bears the mark of the Demon King.
The same Demon King I helped banish over a thousand years ago.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Frost

by D.N. Erikson

So my new client has a hell of a new case: Find the Talon of Frost – something that disappeared during the last Ice Age. I mean, he got me off for a bunch of charges, so I guess I owe him. I just don’t know what gave him the idea that I like hanging around in the snow. I moved to Texas for a reason.

Didn’t everyone get the memo that demons hate the cold? But sure as Hell is hot, a cold front’s coming through Texas. And I’m the only one who can stop it. With the temperature dropping, and a nasty beast feasting on people with reckless abandon, little old Inonda’s becoming chillier by the minute.

Guess that’s why they call it the Blood Frost…

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Don’t Feed the Dragon

by Ramy Vance and S. W. Clarke

“They say revenge is best served cold.

Personally, I like mine served with a side of dragon fire.”

All I ever wanted was to be an acrobat in the circus. Then my family was killed by vampires and plans changed.

I became a vigilante.

I still perform. My dragon, Percy, and I take to the skies in the greatest show you’ve ever seen. Our very own Cirque du Dragon.

Ever since the gods left, exiling their mythical creations to earth, things have been topsy turvy. And seeing this sassy Kansas girl cracking whips on the back of a dragon sure does draw in a crowd.

Not that I allow their adulations (and tips) distract me.

One of the murderous vampires is in New Orleans.

Seems he’s been up to horrible things since killing my parents: the illegal trading of mythical creatures.

And if I don’t stop him, no one will.

Lucky for me, I got two whips and a dragon by my side.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Reclaimer: The Crucible

by Waldo Rodriguez

Earth is dying. The PAC are invading. And Gabriel will do anything to protect his family.

The plan was simple: Evacuate the city, enlist in the Tactical Armor Corps, and stop the invasion. Easy, right?

Things rarely go according to plan.

When his city falls, Gabriel discovers how unprepared he truly is.

Recruited into the Reclaimer project, Gabriel must survive a brutal selection process. Deadly traps lurk around every corner, and survival comes at a steep price. One threatening to break him.

When success marks him for death, Gabriel fears he’ll become another statistic…

Experience the first step of Gabriel’s journey from fresh recruit to hardened soldier in the Legacy of a Dying World series, a gritty, military sci-fi epic set upon an apocalyptic earth. Perfect for fans of Warhammer 40k, Galaxies Edge, and Ruins of The Galaxy.

Grab the explosive first installment today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

A Shifter’s Curse

by Raven Steele and Ava Mason

With a dagger in her boot and blades in her bra, Briar, a powerful shifter, arrives in Rouen with one goal: find and kill Dominic, the man responsible for the destruction of her entire family and wolf pack. When she discovers he is an Alpha surrounded by muscle-ripped shifters and equally as strong witches, she knows the only way she will get close enough to kill him is if she joins his dangerous and shady pack.

But infiltrating them proves more challenging than she expects, especially when her new roommates turn out to be supernaturals with their own powers and secrets. She can’t tell if the centuries-old, nosey vampire and fashion-sensitive witch are working with her or against her.

Whether they are friends or enemies doesn’t change things. Briar has a job to do. And she is willing to do whatever it takes to quench her thirst for revenge, even if it means destroying her own soul.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Black Fleet: An Epic Space Opera/Time Travel Adventure (The Crimson Deathbringer Series Book 3)

by Sean Robins

Thanks to Jim and his allies’ efforts, there’s finally peace in the galaxy … but all good things must come to an end.

The Black Fleet, hellbent on revenge, will indiscriminately ravage every planet on its way to Earth. This is the very definition of an extinction-level event, and nobody seems to able to stop the enemy ships in their tracks. To make matters worse, the Akakies are willing to sacrifice Earth to save their own species.

Having defied the odds a few times already, it again falls onto Jim and his friends to save the day, but can he counter such a universe-ending threat? And if he does, at what cost?

Don’t miss The Black Fleet, the third book in The Crimson Deathbringer series. If you like Star Wars/Star Trek style epic space battles, time-travel, and larger-than-life characters, then you’ll love this third installment. Pick it up today and find out for yourself!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

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