The Last Priestess

by Elizabeth Baxter

In a realm gripped by darkness, two unlikely heroes emerge.

As the land crumbles under the weight of war, Maegwin finds herself the last surviving priestess of Sho-La. The temple she once called home lies in ruins, her sisters slain by an unknown assailant. Determined to honor her fallen kin and guided by the whispers of her goddess, she embarks on a path to seek justice – or is it revenge?

Rovann, a mage torn between loyalty and skepticism, grapples with his role as the King’s Mage. Haunted by doubts that cloud his judgement, he questions everything. Is he on the right side after all? When fate intertwines his path with Maegwin’s, he is faced with a choice that will define not only his own destiny but that of the kingdom he swore to serve.

In this epic tale of courage, redemption, and the enduring power of hope, Rovann and Maegwin embark on a quest that will reshape the destiny

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Witch Hunter

by Nicole R. Taylor

Cursed by an ancient witch, vampire Zachary will die a slow, agonising death. His only shot at survival is Aya, an alluring witch hunter who’s been asleep for 150 years… and has no interest in helping him. At least not until Zac proves he’s worth saving…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


A Universe Upon Us (The Stratford Saga Book 1)

by Marc B. DeGeorge

Two factions. Two lovers. One choice. The adults of the Stratford stole her childhood and replaced it with terror. For seven years, they forced her and her squad to fight against a rival faction. One day, Efa, her squad mate and friend, confesses a forbidden love that can only be considered treason. Ceri is furious, but also confused.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by Amy Vogel

Teleosis is an action-packed, romantic thrill ride that will restore your faith in humanity. Journey with Inira Boheme, the last Heir to the role of High Priestess, through facing her past, overcoming her trauma, and witnessing the restoration of her life through a vision for the world she never thought possible.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Passport to Terror

by Christy Cooper-Burnett

Regretting my wish for success with a time travel machine, I opened The Taylor Travel Group. Hired by a movie studio, a London immersion trip turns disastrous, unleashing Jack the Ripper in modern-day Los Angeles. Now, I must outsmart history’s killer before he disappears forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


An Island Strange and WIld

by Lisa Amowitz

Devastated by the freak death of her fellow climate activist and best friend/secret crush Tyler, eighteen-year-old science geek Rosalie Gatell decides to ditch her prestigious summer study abroad and escape to the place of his birth, which happens to be an endangered and uncharted island off the coast of Maine. Once there, Rosalie discovers a shocking truth about her past…and that what troubles this island goes far beyond the laws of nature. Even with a vanishing walled garden, a miraculous healing plant with a mind of its own, an unknown aunt trapped in a tree, nothing confounds Rosalie as much as the enigmatic Liam, a reckless and beautiful island boy with a supernatural green thumb.

Rosalie believes she may have found salvation in this island wonderland—and a path to completing Tyler’s climate work. But as her attraction to Liam grows, she’s confronted by myths and legends about her

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Category: Fantasy – Classics