The Epiphany Colony

by Aaron Cahoon

It took many years and the work and sacrifice of thousands, but humanity has finally begun its journey into the stars. Orbital colonies as well as terrestrial colonies dot the solar system across the moon, Mars and her moons, and to the reaches of the asteroid belt. Our story is about one such colony at the crossroads between frontier and more “civilized” space.

The Epiphany Colony is a story following private detective Brad Asher and police detective Elaine Seol as they work to investigate the death of a prolific (and controversial) journalist whose investigative work hints towards a conspiracy that threatens the security of the titular colony as well as all Earth Federation occupied space.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Katrina Cope

A drive to protect & forbidden love to conceal.

With current protection angels being stretched past their limits, a new wave of protection is being developed. A new breed of angel is being trained to fight.

Fledgling is one of them. She did not ask for this life. After living three short lives as a human, she was chosen. With a mind of an eighteen-year-old, she struggles to adapt to her new life surrounded by angelic rules.

Romance is outlawed, yet she still finds herself torn between her kind-hearted trainee friend, and the love of her human lives. Her human love is on the verge of either joining the angels or becoming lost to her forever. She is forbidden to intervene.

Despite her qualms, she is passionate about saving the innocent. Will she be able to place aside her struggles in order to fulfil her passion and new life?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Empire Of Glass and Stone

by Brooke Clonts

Forbidden love meets forbidden powers
What is love, if not a competition? And what is failure without blood?

Eighteen-year-old Yakua Roca worries more about her marriage prospects than the emperor who flattens kingdoms on his march toward the border. But when stone giants attack her village, Yakua’s ambitious plan to marry a priest turns against her and she finds herself a peace offering to a man with a reputation for cruelty.

Yakua must navigate a dangerous betrothal, accept her shameful past, and stave off the burn of forbidden desire.

Or leave everyone she loves in the careless hands of the monster she has to marry.

For fans of epic fantasies and forbidden romance, this unforgettable tale will immerse you in a gorgeous and unique world with steep mountain peaks, mysterious magic, and unforgettable characters.


“Rich world building, mysticism, complex family

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

A More Perfect Human

by C J Powell

The world’s oldest man has a secret and dark powers want him silenced.

Health food guru, Kenneth Bailey, is everything a 135-year-old man shouldn’t be – smooth skinned, athletic, and with a body to die for. But when his apartment is attacked by gun-wielding cultists, overly tall ninjas, and a mysterious winged intruder, bouncer turned bodyguard, Nige, must join forces with private investigator and bounty hunter, Trent Macadamia, to get Kenneth to safety.

To complicate matters further, the trio are about to discover something which could change the course of history forever.

A More Perfect Human is the first standalone novel in C J Powell’s humour packed sci-fi thriller series. A fast-paced adventure filled with laugh-out-loud moments

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

After the Virus

by Simon Archer

Up until the virus hit, Henry was just an ordinary guy with exceptional engineering skills. Now, the fate of the world must rely on Henry’s skills, his stamina, and a mishmash of survivors to rebuild it. The task seems impossible, but Henry was made to face the challenge after the virus.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Heir of the Eyrie

by J. C. McKenzie

No one wants to get away from the Eyrie more than Alexandria.

Away from responsibilities. Away from the fawning crowds. But most of all, away from him.

Lexa needs to complete a year-long sojourn on the Isle of Man to learn more about their customs and renew confidence in the alliance brokered by her parents and the human king. But really, Lexa needs to figure out what kind of ruler she wants to be and how to ditch her royal babysitter.

Kellen won’t tell her what happened a year ago, or why her existence now troubles him, but one thing is clear—he’s not the sapavian she thought he was. When trouble unleashes during her trip, Lexa tumbles into a precarious position and needs to rely on the one person she sought to avoid. Kellen might be the next Captain of the Guard, but how can she trust him with her life when he destroyed her heart?

**Heir of the Eyrie is a standalone.**

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

His Angelic Keeper

by Melinda Kucsera

A demon threatens her twin, but she can’t save him if she can’t escape the army of memory-eating creatures chasing her. They might also have taken her memories, but who needs them? She just needs a clue, so she can find her family (and save them) in this light-hearted epic fantasy adventure. Get His Angelic Keeper now!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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