Curse of Stone

by Veronica Shade, Leigh Anderson, Rebecca Hamilton

Supposedly, witches can’t kill. But Madison accidentally killed her boyfriend, and now a girl at her witch academy is dead, too.

Madison spent her life avoiding her magical abilities, but when she’s forced to use them to save her best friend from a deadly storm and accidentally kills her boyfriend as a result, she decides she needs to enroll at La Voisin School for Young Witches after all.

She knew starting a year later than her peers would come with its own struggles; she just never expected one of those struggles would be the impossible murder of a classmate. The school is spelled for safety, and witches can’t kill…so how did Giselle end up dead?

Only Giselle and her killer know, and only Madison can find out. Because now, the dead witch is haunting her. Crazy thing is, Giselle’s murder isn’t even the biggest secret this school has.

Just ask the statues.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Anakisha’s Dragon, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, book 1

by Eileen Mueller

Being a dragon rider is not in Anakisha’s plans. And Anakisha’s stubborn. She’s not giving up her dreams anytime soon.

Even the dashing Yanir—the King’s Rider, who patrols the skies on the ebony King Syan—can’t convince her to train at Dragons’ Hold. But then again, Yanir’s as irritating as he is good looking.

But then her gifts unfold.

A dragon comes calling.

And a crisis calls her into action.

Anakisha’s Dragon, the first book in the exciting Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series, is the start of a new young adult epic fantasy series, which takes place before the award-winning, best-selling series, Riders of Fire.

Readers who know Riders of Fire will meet familiar characters in their youth and see how they shape the future of Dragons’ Realm. Journey with Anakisha, Master Giddi, Tonio, Hans and Marlies and find out their innermost secrets.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Evolution Gene: The Complete Trilogy

by Aaron Hodges

In 2051, the Western Allies States have risen as the new power in North America. But a terrifying plague is sweeping through the nation. Its victims do not die—they change. People call them the Chead, and where they walk, destruction follows.

Runaway teenager Liz wants nothing more than an ordinary life. But when she’s abducted off the streets, Liz learns her government has other plans. In a future ruled by a ruthless dictator, there’s no place for the weak, and she’s spirited away to a facility deep in the Californian mountains. There, Liz wakes in an iron cage – and she’s not alone.

Previously $5.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Mad City

by Victor Vahl

For 15 years, Isaac’s life has been ticking like a time bomb. Riddled with anxiety, the corrupted all-cure drug his family created lingers in the city of New Manhattan.  A reminder of his parents’ untimely demise.

Until the day Isaac stumbled across a clue, implying that the accident was no accident.  The culprit is out there, still walking the streets to this day.

Crossing paths with several others to reach his goal, Isaac Sage disguises himself as a vigilante set on a vendetta to take down the villain that decimated his life all those years ago.

In this gritty, action-packed sci-fi thriller, something has now awakened within Isaac: showing his true potential and the greatest of his inner demons.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

A Grim Demise and Even Worse Resurrection (Boneknight book 1)

by Tim Paulson

A skeleton hero. A regular guy exiled to a world oppressed by a thousand years of tyranny and given a single quest: Find the last dark god, a girl with green eyes, and return balance to the world. Sounds like a plan… if only he had more than one hit point.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Dargo, Eco Hero! A Feel-Good Novella

by Karina McRoberts


If you like Neil Gaiman, you’ll love this book!

A lonely young man suffers a massive defeat. When all is lost, he meets a fiery fortune-teller who pleads with him to save her.

Can he re-invent himself as a hero?
When Dargo hits rock bottom (we’ve all been there)
he meets some very unusual “people.” There is the sexy Flame, watery Vivian, Mariah, a breezy, country singing wind, and Terran, a walking rock formation.

You can read this to your children, too! Per reviewer: My 9-year son is always concerned about the environment and truly seeks to make the world a better place for future generations, so I took the opportunity to read this story with him and he absolutely fell in love with the magical characters and the plotline as a whole. This really is a fun story that will leave you feeling refreshed and happy.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Scarlet Hopewell Box Set

by Brandon Charles West

Scarlet keeps dreaming about a magical world, a world where winged creatures sculpt with light, where dogs talk, and where Scarlet is the guest of honor in an enchanted castle under the roots of a mighty oak tree.

One day her father brings home a stray pup with eerie blue eyes. Dakota is loving and smart—maybe too smart. And he’s growing a lot too big. News shows start to take an interest. Ominous storms have everyone on edge, and Scarlet’s dream world is becoming darker and more vivid.

When the front door is blown off its hinges one night by three beautiful, silver-voiced men, Dakota leads the Hopewells in their escape—right into the world of Scarlet’s dreams. A world that only she can save.

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Classics

The Void Within: The Cluster Saga Book One

by Carlos R. Tkacz

The 25th century. Humanity has discovered a new form of energy, the Source, derived from the very basis of life itself. Using this power to travel instantaneously through space, humans have spread through their corner of the galaxy and coalesced into two groups: the Coalition and the Inner Cluster. They are held in an uneasy economic and cultural relationship by their reliance on each other, the Coalition with the technology of the Source and the Inner Cluster with the materials to make it a usable form of energy. When rumors of conquest, political undergrounds, and alien contact threaten this balance of powers, it falls to three individuals to find the truth of the conspiracies swirling through their governments and to stave off a disastrous war. What they find in the process will change the course of humanity forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

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