Enchantment’s Reach Vol 1: The Orb Undreamed

by Martin Ash

A spellbinding fantasy saga of mystery, magic, conflict, intrigue and suspense.

Enchantment’s Reach is a land torn apart by internal and external conflict. From beyond come the Karai, an unfathomable non-human warrior race who conspire with beings believed to possess the powers of deities.
From somewhere deep within, a mystifying other-dimensional consciousness materializes, and wields unusual influence over King Leth.
A secret from the past resurfaces , threatening Leth’s queen, Issul, their family and the future of their world.
Factions and fanatical cults revive ancient feuds that threaten the realm. An enigmatic child may hold the key to an extraordinary mystery.

Together and alone, Issul and Leth discover their world is not as they had perceived it. Their lives are rocked to the core as they begin to uncover the true nature of the awakening universe they have been born into.

$0.00 Previously $1.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


Mercenary Mage

by J. J. Green

Do mercenaries and mages mix?

Carina Lin has fought torturers, vengeful clans and the forces of darkness to free her mage family, but her fight is not over yet.

She returns to the planet where she discovered clues to mage history and lore, hoping to find the way back to Earth and a new home.

But waiting for her is the clan she escaped, and they want nothing more than to enslave the mages and use them as weapons in never-ending clan warfare.

She enlists the help of her old mercenary band, the Black Dogs, for protection and to uncover the ancient secrets she seeks. Battle-hardened men and women must work with the pampered adolescent mages, and Carina is torn between her old and new lives.

The evil clan is closing in. Can Carina find what she needs in time to escape to the stars?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


I Fear No Evil Complete Series Omnibus

by Martha Carr and Michael Anderle

Wanted: Tomb Raider – No experience necessary. Requires Life Insurance. Will be working with deadly magical artifacts and killers.
Grab your copy of the entire I Fear No Evil series in one specially priced boxed set today!

Kill The Willing:

Shay Carson had a wake up call when a hitman was sent after her. Her previous profession was getting a bit personal.

Then, life offered her a chance to disappear, and she did.

What’s a girl to do with a very specific set of skills?

Take up Tomb Raiding!

Behind every complicated woman is a story. For Shay, it happens to be a little complicated and she can’t share with her new friends.

Better to lie to her friends, than have to kill more for knowing too much!

Previously $19.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Phantom Frost

by Alfred Wurr

In 1983 Nevada, an amnesic snow being, haunted by visions of an impending doom, must evade the government agents that hunt him. He’s got to keep a low profile and stay cool in a too-hot world as he seeks out an ancient chamber that may hold all the answers.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


The Gamma Sequence


Geneticist Lanaya Kim must tie together the “accidental” deaths of several prominent scientists around the country to show they were actually murdered. If she tells her secrets to the authorities, she risks becoming a suspect or revealing herself to the killer and becoming an open target. Hiring private investigator Hamilton DeShear may help her expose the truth, but time is running out. The murders are happening faster, and Lanaya’s name may be next on the killer’s list. But when Lanaya and DeShear start probing, what they discover is far more horrifying than anyone could ever have imagined.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


The Eagle’s Debt Boxset

by Jason Winn

Decades after the first Solar War, America is an ash heap. Can she rise to her former glory when the Solar System is in flames?

Grab Book 1 – Book 3 at an epic price and follow the aging vet Axl Nash on his journey to save the day–one more time.

Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


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