Welcome To The Age of Magic

by CM Raymond, multiple authors

7 Series, 35 Books, 1 Awesome World.
After the world ended, a new one began.
Welcome to the Age of Magic.
Centuries after the collapse of the Old World, Irth has devolved into a realm of monsters and magic, ruled by petty tyrants and thieves who seek to create the world in their own image.
But despite the many changes that have befallen Irth, one thing remains the same.
Heroes walk among us.
Welcome to the Age of Magic is a starter pack, including the first book of each series within this adventure world. Find the characters you love and follow their journey as they attempt to save Irth from the forces set against it.
Each series reflects the flavor of its author, but they all share the same style of action and humor that fans have come to love about the Age of Magic.
Welcome to the Age of Magic includes six full-length novels.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary


The Ossard Series (Books 1-3)

by Colin Taber

Ossard is falling…

The world is dying, a victim of a divine war few mortals are aware of, let alone understand. The rival gods of Life and Death have set the scene for this great unravelling, leaving the world unbalanced and crumbling. One by one, peoples and nations fall into ash and ruin.

The wealthy city-state of Ossard is about to become a casualty of this ages long battle. A chain of unsolved kidnappings is but the first symptom of its impending collapse. The powers that be seem unable to stem the diabolical crimes, but one woman, coming of age and awakening to magic, will stand up for the innocent and flare as a last spark of hope.

The Ossard Series Boxed Set includes the first 3 books of this saga.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The United States of Vinland: Four Tales From Norse America: The Landing, Young Ravens and Hidden Blades, Red Winter, and Loki’s Rage

by Colin Taber

Welcome to Norse America!

In this collection you will find the first four installments of a grand retelling of history. The beginnings of a glorious saga befitting the Viking age!

The Norse settled Greenland in 985AD and reached continental North America not long after – almost five centuries before Columbus – but left.

What if they had stayed?

Imagine what may have happened, how the world we know might be different…

Would the British still have built their great empire? What of the Spanish, Portuguese and French?

What about the two catastrophic world wars our timeline has endured?

Would there still have been some kind of American Revolution and Civil War? In such a timeline, might the American Bible Belt celebrate the All-Father Odin, Freya and Thor instead of Jesus Christ? Indeed, what kind of America could have arisen?

Join me as we explore this amazing alternate history!

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The Shadow Watch

by S.A. Klopfenstein

Sold into slavery by her own mother, Tori Burodai is one of countless lowborns who serve the ruthless empire of Osha. While nobles bask in their power and wealth, the lowborns work their estates and fight their wars, and the gallows that looms over their city is a constant reminder of the price of resistance.

Long ago, the magic Watchers were a force for justice in the world, but now they survive only in myth.

That is, until Tori demonstrates incredible magic power in a desperate attempt to save the boy she loves from a cruel fate.

This momentous act of rebellion changes Tori’s future forever. Her defiance sparks the makings of a magic revolution that will either transform the world or bring it to ruin.

Perfect for fans of Mistborn and Throne of Glass!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Pregnant Pope: Satan never sleeps. If he did, we would all be in heaven

by Mit Sandru

The Pope is pregnant. Seriously! Was it a medical intervention, self-cloning, mutation, Immaculate Conception, or Satan’s work? Find out whodunit.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Wolf Claimed

by Kellie McAllen

He’s forbidden fruit with a supernatural secret. She’s a prize he’s compelled to claim.

For as long as she can remember, Luna has been warned by her father to stay away from Nikko, his family, and his sinister gang of friends. But with her father away, Luna can’t resist temptation any longer.

The most thrilling night of her life becomes the most horrifying when Luna turns into a werewolf, and Nikko does, too. Nikko knows the first she-wolf in generations is a prize that will guarantee his position in the pack, so he claims Luna as his mate against her will.

When Luna is thrust into the middle of a pack war that puts everyone she loves at risk, can she find a way to save her family and her pack without sacrificing her freedom?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Angel of the City

by R.J. Leahy

A vision of a dystopian future, as seen through the eyes of a brain damaged ex-policeman.

The last city on Earth is an overcrowded, festering metropolis of segregated quarters and ancient, ethnic hatreds. It is a city on the edge of starvation, slowly succumbing to the creeping death that has choked off the rest of the world.

When the leader of a nascent resistance movement is captured by the government, a nameless, brain-damaged thief is hired to rescue her. It’s a suicide mission and he knows it, but it’s a job he can’t refuse.

And if he can get her out, then what? Where do you go, when there is no place to go? How can you hide in a city tearing itself apart in a wholesale ethnic cleansing? What drives a man to keep fighting, when he knows the terrible truth the future holds? Angel Of The City is a story of hope and survival in a broken world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


War Without Honor

by JR Geoghan

The past is gone. The future is invasion. One rogue captain battles for the fate of humanity…

Thomas Halloran barely endured the loss of his wife and child. But the nuclear submarine Captain’s world explodes with rage when he and his crew somehow plunge headlong into Earth’s distant future. Far beyond the 21st Century, Halloran must navigate his seething hate and a frenzied alien ambush.

Forced to hide aboard an enemy transport, Halloran and his refugees hurtle through space toward an uncertain destiny. In a world with shifting alliances and technology they don’t comprehend, the Captain and his crew must quickly learn to adapt their strategies from the past or risk extinction.

Fighting his own fury, will Halloran’s obsession with revenge turn this alien battle into their last?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


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