Keiretsu Heresy

by A.R. McNevin

The year is 2183 and two of the biggest MegaCorporations in history are about to merge. The MegaCorps OmniTech and BioDyne will be no more and the GigaCorporation OmniDyne will stand in their place. On a day which will make fortunes and break banks, on a day which will redefine relationships, redraw battle-lines, reshape markets and will be remembered for centuries to come, one of the most powerful players in OmniTech goes missing.
Harrison Webb disappears.
Was he kidnapped or did he walk away from his security?
Is he lying in some ditch somewhere or in the bed of some 10,000 credit a night escort.
Where he went and what he does may come to have a greater impact on the world than the ink on a dotted line.
This is what happened.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Legacy of a Vampire Witch: The Complete Urban Fantasy Boxset

by Theophilus Monroe

They tried to cut out my heart. But before I was a vampire, I was a witch. They couldn’t get rid of me that easily.

My name’s Mercy Brown-but don’t let my name fool you. I’m merciless.

It had been almost a century and a half since I last encountered anyone from the Order of the Morning Dawn. They were religious fundamentalists with the dual goal of eliminating vampires and witches.

Their first attempt to eliminate me failed. When they burned my heart they didn’t kill me. They unwittingly completed a spell that tied my existence to the soul of one who took my place in hell.

They hope to redeem the soul who was damned in my stead. If they do that, I’ll meet the true death for sure. I have to capture the one damned in my place before the Order manages to liberate him from perdition. If they free him, I will die.

I have to go to bloody hell.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Dark Rises

by Greg Cmiel

Twelve-year-old Nikola stood beside an open grave. His grandma was dead and gone.

With her death, a door was kicked open, and an ancestral curse—a mark on Nikola’s bloodline and rooted in the very bones of the earth—lay revealed. Change is hard. Being the new kid at school is harder, especially with a sinister Vice-Principal like William Weaver.

Nikola met a girl named Lizzy. The shocking things happening to him were happening to her as well. She lived on a nearby lake, in a cabin her grandpa had built long ago. Spook Central, she called it.
They meet Dmitry—ancient and mysterious—with secrets of his own. It forces Nikola to choose—unravel the mystery of his dark lineage and bring the fight to the enemy, or face a lifetime of running.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Michelle Isenhoff

Born into Capernica’s lowest social tier, Jack Holloway refuses to pour out her years in the local fish cannery. She gambles on the one chance available to advance—the high school Exit Exam. In a nation that still keenly remembers the horrors of the Provocation, the period of unexplained disappearances that led to political upheaval, the smartest and strongest are richly rewarded in exchange for military service. Jack is adamant that her friend Will strives for induction with her, but Will is tied to the sea. Meanwhile, a new string of abductions breaks out across the nation. Jack is asked to aid the investigation—as bait. The evidence leads back 47 years to a series of high-profile cover-ups linked to the Provocation, but nothing prepares her for the face that emerges from the lawlessness of the past. A startling tale where past and present intertwine, fusing at the point of revolution.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Company Assassin

by Claudia Blood

For Duff Roman, turning eighteen on the outerworld colony of Kalecca means expulsion from the orphanage and almost certain death for not only him but also for the other orphans he was raised with. Finding a Relic–a valuable artifact that’s the only real currency on the planet–could mean life for him and his friends–but is risking his life to locate a Relic worth it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Operation Cobalt

by L.L. Richman

They want a fight? She’ll give it to them.

Katie Hyer was minding her own business, hauling ore for Cobalt Mining, when a mysterious ship appears suddenly out of the black, nearly sideswiping her. It soon becomes clear that same ship is inbound for the mining platform she calls home.

When the secessionists on board take Sierra Twelve hostage, Katie will go to any lengths to free her friends and family—even if it means waging her own personal war of attrition.

And when Katie goes to war…people die.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Executioner’s Right

by D.K. Holmberg

Executioners don’t solve crimes, they punish those who commit them. Or so Finn thought before apprenticed to one.

Poverty-stricken Finn Jagger would give anything to heal his ailing mother. With his father imprisoned, Finn has joined a thieving crew to earn the money he needs to save her. When the latest heist turns to disaster and lands him on death row, Finn’s future seems to be tied up with a noose.

Until the king’s executioner claims him as an apprentice.

Finn soon learns an Executioner has far more power and greater responsibility than he’d ever realized. As inquisitor and detective, he must find the truth behind each sentence he carries out.

When the crew decides Finn could be the key to completing an impossible heist that threatens the kingdom, he’s forced to choose between his new job and his old friends.

And making the wrong choice could cost him everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Last Star Standing

by Spaulding Taylor

Earth, 2094 – and the ambitious, volatile Aiden is part of the underground resistance against the alien Xirfell takeover. His ambition and success infuriates the rebel leadership, and he triumphs in freeing ‘the Creature’, only to be confronted by betrayal after betrayal, some going back years.
Gifted with a crucial mission, he and his two friends are targeted by turncoat rebels, boarded mid-space, neurologically attacked, confronted with treason – only to be disbelieved and discredited. There are crises of identity, an uprising and several plot twists, but by the end of the book Aiden has become the leader he always longed to be.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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