Wanderer’s Escape

by Simon Goodson

The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship… but they have to catch it first!

To the Empire the Wanderer was just another booby-trapped ship to claim, and Jess was just another worthless slave who could be sacrificed in the process.

Things didn’t go to plan. Jess survived the dangers, and when he sat in the pilot’s chair the ancient ship came to life for the first time in centuries.

Acting on instinct Jess seized the chance, firing up the engines and fleeing the Imperial forces.
Now Jess and the ancient self-aware ship are on the run, their freedom and their very existence on the line.

The smart thing to do would be to run like hell and never stop, but Jess finds he can’t ignore pleas for help from those in danger. With the powerful Wanderer at his command he can truly make a difference… but at what cost?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Adron J. Smitley

(353,000 words long and 1st in the Soothsayer Series)
Master swordslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief is shocked yet tantalized when a beautiful stranger whirls into his hunted life of solitude then whisks him away by the lonely heart into the turbulent world he has spent the past eleven years hiding from.
Where he joins the burgeoning conflict opposing an ancient demonic cult determined to restart the genocidal Thousand Years War against all those born gifted with magic, as well their lightning-wielding messiah obsessed with achieving godhood, and the resurrected necromaster Dethkore enslaved to the Enclave’s nefarious ambitions of supremacy.
Veilfall is the story of a tortured young man verging the cusp of his bloodlust curse . . . then riding the roaring tides of slaughter thereafter once his enemies compel him to vengeance.
May the gods have mercy, because Banzu won’t.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Adron J. Smitley

(584,000 words long)
In this stunning sequel to Veilfall . . . master swordslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief reunites with his true love and feisty Spellbinder Melora Callisticus, and together they brave against assassins torn from the future, covetous captors lurking from the shadowed past, vengeful gods and conquering Khans vying for power.
But all these tribulations pale to the pivotal secret Melora reveals which changes their fragile relationship forever.
Together all that matters.
Or so Banzu thought.
But vindictive foes have other plans in store.
And yet . . . and yet, none of this prepares them for the devastation of the Jinn.

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Huntress Clan Saga Complete Series Boxed Set: Books 1-6

by Jamie Davis

How did they expect her to play the game if she didn’t even understand the rules?

Get the complete series boxed set – all six books – at an incredibly low price!

Abandoned as an infant, Quinn Faust is about to discover she’s not just a normal human being.

Bounced from foster home to foster home, she came to rely on her street smarts, martial arts skills, and the tiny silver amulet that was the only link to her lost family.

Hired by a video game company to test new Virtual Reality gear to train soldiers, Quinn quickly learns there’s more to the game than they told her.

Now strange happenings reveal a world hidden in the shadows, the existence of supernatural creatures, magic and mystical powers.

Does Quinn have what it takes to claim the birthright of long-lost Hunter clans?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Bounty Hunter

by Jasper T. Scott


Cade Korbin was a Paladin, a member of the Coalition’s elite special forces. He did their dirty work and cleaned up their messes. Until his dark ops went public, and he was drummed out of the service with a dishonorable discharge.

Forced to the fringes of society by his service record, Cade broke the law just to survive. Then the Enforcers caught him, and he served his time. Sick of the hypocrisy in the supposedly utopian Coalition, he made a life among his former enemies in the Free Systems Alliance. Now he hunts the galaxy’s worst lowlifes, for a fee, and the only orders he takes are his own.

But when his past catches up with him, Cade is forced to fight for more than just credits.

This time, he’s in it for revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Tentacles and Teeth

by Ariele Sieling

The apocalypse wasn’t what anyone expected–no rising flood waters, no zombies, no nuclear bombs. Instead, monsters. Their sudden invasion left the world in shatters, and now, decades later, all that’s left of human civilization are a few nomadic bands struggling to survive off the land.

Askari was born to this world, and lives, fights, and survives alongside the community that raised her. But when she breaks one too many of the community’s rules, her punishment is severe: leave.

Armed with her bow and blade, Askari sets off alone, guided only by a map and the promise that if she can find a book hidden in a nearby town, then she can return. But what can one person do alone in such a harsh, violent landscape? How will she survive?

Askari faces a challenge that will force her to learn not only about the world she lives in, but question what she believes about herself.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Demon Inside

by Katerina Degratte

Gabriel is running out of time. Desperately clinging to his humanity, the twenty-one-year-old half-demon is determined to deny the dark destiny his father insists he fulfill. And if he can’t exorcise the manipulative, vile thing driving him to atrocities by his next birthday, the mortal world is doomed.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Bryn Shutt

Once, Lilias Khove was someone else, a dancer revered and applauded. Now, she guards a city.

Once, Prevecost was something other, a city strong and renowned throughout the world. Now plague stalks her streets and steals her citizens.

But the city has secrets and so does the dancer.

In a time as dark and silent as the death it fears, these secrets will save or they will damn.

Unravel them all today.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Escape Reality

by Kayla Frost

*2021 Finalist in the Reader Views Literary Awards*

Genetically adaptive cyborgs, vast alien civilizations, and burgeoning A.I. collide in this dark Sci-fi Thriller.

Edith lands on an alien planet after a hellish three-month voyage in a dark, frigid, and auto-piloted prison capsule. Her tech implants state, unequivocally, that her own mind cannot be trusted, and she struggles to reason out precisely why she was sent to a corporate prison planet. Not one to let some missing memory deter her, Edith sets out to reclaim both her memory and her freedom. After all, it’s what first-generation Synths were programmed to do, to survive no matter the cost.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


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