Children of Apis Book 1: Rebel Blood

by John Raposa

On July 28, 2057 a cataclysmic event occurred in the United States. Careful planning enabled a tiny percentage of the population to seek refuge underground. Twenty-seven years later the survivors continue the rebuilding process, back on the earth’s surface, in a small community located near Bellows Falls, Vermont. After all these years, many unanswered questions remain: What was the event? Was it planned and could it happen again? Are they the only survivors on earth? Follow Cowan, Kenji, and others as they search for answers in a society controlled by a man who rules with an iron fist. The fires of rebellion have burned in the past only to be quenched. Rebels have sought salvation beyond the Territory’s borders with only news of their demise returning. Is history about to be repeated? The book’s goal is to create a unique blend of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Sword of Shadows (The Silver Web Book 2)

by Karin Rita Gastreich

From the far side of the Paramen Mountains, a malevolent empire unleashes the Naether Demons. Only the magical sword Kel’Barú can defeat them. To save her people, Eolyn must deliver Kel’Barú to the Mage King. But Eolyn once spurned the King’s love, and the path to his court is fraught with peril.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The First Alpha: The Beginning

by E.K. Frances

In a dark vision of the future, a divide has emerged – the Core and the districts. Daniel, a district resident, finds himself orphaned, and is lucky enough to be adopted by Core parents. But he’s not really lucky at all. Dropped into a hostile world he fights for his survival. And he’s changing; he’s the first alpha, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Wandering Cultivator (Wandering Cultivator of the Broken Empire Book 1)

by Robyn Wideman

Calin, the Academy’s leading Alchemy student, faces a crucial decision when family tragedy strikes. As clans vie for his attention, he must choose between advancing his cultivation at the academy or risking everything to aid his little sister. In this Western Cultivation fantasy, expect thrilling progression, encounters with monsters, and an absence of harem elements.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Reunion of the Three (The Ring of Worlds Book 1)

by C.S. Harris

To safeguard their imperiled world, Gaea, against an imminent threat, Alex, Imara, and Sirenī must bravely defy their government’s mandates and come together once more. With countless lives at stake, their reunion stands as the sole beacon of hope amidst looming darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Xanthus The Warrior

by Kwame Boykins-Edwards

Xanthus, a young boy in a mystical land, must find his true potential in order to save humanity from impending doom. Along with his friends; Acarya, Pura, Ajna, and Priya, the five must use their combined powers to defeat the monstrous Aftreet. With the spirit of Mu-Shin, an enlightened being from the past, Xanthus must face off against the embodiment of fear, Hathath.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure