The Fae King’s Curse

by Jamie Schlosser

To break the curse of eternal blindness, Kirian has to find his fated mate. But he falls for a human instead…

Over the past six years, Quinn has tried not to fall in love with the fae king, because the terms of his curse are clear: If he doesn’t wait for his fated mate in all ways, including an innocent (or not-so-innocent) kiss, he’ll be blind forever.

So when Kirian kisses Quinn and pulls her through the portal to his realm, she makes it her mission to do some damage control. It’d be a whole lot easier if Kirian wasn’t determined to marry her. And if someone wasn’t trying to murder her every step of the way.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

By the Pact

by Joanna Maciejewska

High mages lied: Veranesh, the demon who destroyed the continent is still alive. And it’s up to their former student to expose the truth—even if it means another Cataclysm.

When Kamira, a once high mage student turned arcanist, discovers an imprisoned demon in underground ruins, she is forced into a pact that grants her powerful magic, but also ties her to the very demon that once devastated the continent… and Veranesh wants his freedom.

With one friend by her side, Veelk, a mage killer bound on protecting her, Kamira will have to outwit the archmages, other demons, and possibly her own demonic benefactor to survive. Her chances are slim, but with Veelk’s ever-present sarcastic repartee, Kamira might just pull through.

Plots and schemes, power and means—sometimes the price for victory is choosing which friend will die, but when you only have one friend, the choice is… easy?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Shadow of the Eclipse

by L. A. Kelley

Excitement brews in Crossroads. This year, the town harvest festival coincides with a total eclipse. Cal has no desire to attend until a visit from his old law partner, Isaac Bingham, drops a bombshell. Twenty years before Cal’s birth, his grandfather, Phillip Bingham, extracted a promise. Isaac must get Cal to the harvest festival or the world would face disaster. The mystery deepens when Cal learns he’s not the only one to receive a mysterious summons.
Meg Adler’s day started badly when her boss fired her for refusing to cook the books. Then a letter arrives from a man named Bingham. It has a lucrative job offer, if she attend the Crossroads Harvest Festival.
Ancient evil prowls the shadow of the eclipse. In a time-traveling adventure, Cal and Meg use a mystic maze to seek two magic artifacts. Can they fulfill a dead man’s mission and discover a future with each other?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Earth Song

by Nick Cook

Lauren didn’t ask to be a hero. But one night during the graveyard shift at Jodrell Bank she captured an astonishing fast radio burst from an alien race. And just like that, the fate of the world was thrust into her hands.
Now she’s on the run from MI5 and a secret organization determined to stop her. After a year of dead ends and a heart-breaking personal tragedy, she’s on the verge of being forced to abandon her personal crusade.
But then alerts erupt across the international UFO forums. What are the crystal runic symbols that have started to appear all over the Isles of Orkney? Could they mean that the alien intelligence Lauren previously encountered is once again reaching out to humanity?
And if so, why?
With a ruthless enemy closing in fast, Lauren teams up with Jack Harper, an archaeologist and UFO sceptic, in a last desperate attempt to unearth the truth.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

A Grimoire for Gamblers

by Amanda Creiglow

Magic may be secret, but it’ll kill you anyway.

Small town mayor’s assistant Elizabeth has enough on her plate grieving her father’s suicide. She doesn’t need his stash of magical knowledge in the attic. She doesn’t need the hidden supernatural subculture of monsters it pulls her into. And she certainly doesn’t need hints that her father’s madness might have been a smokescreen for something far darker.

But uncovering her father’s secrets could be the only way Elizabeth can stop a string of suspicious suicides… if the local wizard doesn’t rip the memories out of her mind, first.

Wizards, right?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dispatches from a Future War

by Rod Carstens

There are worse fates than death.

There was Mike who had ‘died’ three times and he didn’t want to do it again.

There was Maria who was having a hard time distinguishing between virtual deaths and the real thing.

There was Juan who salvaged the ‘dead’ only to see them returned to the front. He didn’t know how much longer he could do it.

Christian McCloud was a cyberpunk journalist he was no soldier. He fashioned downloads from celebrities memories. People all over the world paid good money to experience someone famous for a few hours. Now he was in the middle of a war. Instead of celebrities memories he was downloading the memories of the young men and women fighting this war but technology had changed the rules. War had always been about living and dying now technology was blurring the lines between the two. He was becoming one of them. He wasn’t sure he could survive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Arnold Ethon And The Lions Of Tsavo

by A.P Beswick

Fast paced action, gripping adventure and kick ass spirit beasts!

Arnold Ethon And The Lions Of Tsavo is the first book in the Sprit Beast Series. If you like Harry Potter and His Dark materials, where real settings are blended with fantasy to create a unique world then this series is for you.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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