Treoir Dragon Chronicles of the Belador World: Book 1

by Dianna Love

Book 1 of New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love’s explosive new urban fantasy. Dragons didn’t just show up out of thin air 2000 years ago and not all died in the Dragani War. Atlanta is in chaos as a supernatural predator opens a rift with an ancient grimoire, releasing abominations and exposing nonhumans. Treoir’s dragon king must risk all to save humanity.
“Excellent storytelling that is as breathtaking as it is enchanting!” ~ Clare and Lou’s Mad About Books
“… an exciting, pulse pounding thriller.” ~ Goodreads

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Prof Croft Series: Books 0 – 4 (The Prof Croft Series Boxset Book 1)

by Brad Magnarella


If he sat beside you on the subway, you might notice his disheveled coat and burnt satchel, but you’d have no idea he was New York’s hardest-working mage (or that his cat talked).

Never properly trained, he’s been learning on the job. Outwitting vampires, wrestling werewolves, banishing powerful demons – all while holding down a teaching gig. But wizarding is in his blood and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his dysfunctional city, even if he mashes a few toes along the way.

Join Prof Croft in this five-book urban fantasy set, from the discovery of his magic in the prequel novella, Book of Souls, to his battle against a mind-warping evil in the shocking finale, Death Mage.

“As a book lover and admirer of magic, I love this series!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Reach For The Stars

by John Wegener

Ethan has a dream…

And with his development of the warp bubble drive he can reach for the stars. He’s done it! Except greed precipitates a race to Saturn to secure the fuel supply for the drive.

Ethan heads to Alpha Centauri and into history when he walks on the surface of a planet orbiting another star. However, what they discover poses more questions about the origins of humanity than they answer. A deadly virus means Ethan is running out of time to save the others.

A strange star map pointing to Tau Ceti. Why?

On a planet at Tau Ceti, Ethan find out we are not alone in the universe nor unique.

When Ethan’s wife is shot, Ethan must decide whether he is prepared to risk both their lives to save hers, with startling results…for them and humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Office Knight

by S S Oneal

Todd Hawthorne, Office Knight, has been settling in to his new job nicely. No one has died yet and they’ve only had to make minor repairs to the walls and floors. But when the encounters start increasing Todd knows he has precious little time to figure out where the new monsters are coming from unless he wants to find himself fired or dead.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Mind in the Clouds

by Bruce M. Perrin

2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist

A suspenseful whodunit, where not all the suspects are human.

Psychologist, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, is looking forward to his new project—evaluating training for a team. But it’s a team like no other because only one of the team members is human. The other is one of the most intelligent and lethal machines ever built by man – the Joint Aerial Combat Capability (JACC).

Soon, Doc finds himself in a deadly cat and mouse game with an unknown adversary. In a fight for his life and the lives of his friends, Doc asks himself, how do you match wits with the mind in the clouds, when you’re not sure if you’re facing the cold, exact logic of machine intelligence or the coldblooded urges of a human murderer?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military



by Aaron Frale

Being too close to the truth got Jon Xiong’s mother killed. While searching for answers, a murderous cult shows up at his door.

A secretive organization called the Tuners comes to his aide and teaches him about his rare ability to travel between worlds called tuning.

He grapples with his new superpower and is stuck between those who would maintain order in the multiverse and those who would destroy it. Jon must avoid the same gruesome fate as his mom and figure out what happened to his family.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Ascending Beyond

by Tobey Alexander

Death has a face, Death has a name.

In your last moments we all expect to see the faceless shadow of the Grim Reaper, that fearsome creature of the afterlife. What if he offered you a choice, a chance to redeem your life’s sins for servitude to the path of the Reaper?

Discover the beautiful and enchanting worlds beyond the grave and see the delicate balance that keeps the darkness beneath us from rising. Chris soon learns there is more to his future than reconciling his lost love, the world of the living and the dead faces a rising darkness and imbalance as the darker elements of the afterlife seek to unbalance the order.

Are you ready to journey beyond the grave?

A perfect mix of emotion, thrills and action, Ascending Beyond is the first installment of the Reaper’s Journey series that will leave you rooting for the Reaper.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Colony East (The Toucan Trilogy, Book 2)

by Scott Cramer

Two years after a pathogen has killed most of the world’s adults, Abby’s toddler sister Toucan contracts a deadly illness spreading among the population of children. The siblings embark upon a dangerous journey to Colony East, a mysterious enclave of scientists caring for a select group of children. Abby soon learns a chilling fact: time is running out for everyone outside the colony. (Night of the Purple Moon – Book 1 is free this week)

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


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