by Cindy Gunderson

How do you save the world when you can’t see it?

Earth was destroyed…

In order to survive, some choose to join high-tech communities. Those who didn’t were left to fend for themselves on a hideous and decimated planet.

Two separate worlds: the Real and the Unreal.

Channel lives in the Unreal. Retinal implants create an augmented reality to hide what humanity did to Earth.

What if those implants are hiding something even more sinister than a ruined climate?

What if everything she knows has been a lie?

What if Channel’s coding skills are used to keep that deception and illusion alive?

For the first time, the world will have a chance to know the truth – if Channel can survive long enough to figure out what is real…And how to save it.

Grab this YA sci-fi adventure, because you’ll see a planet you’ve never imagined and heroes rising from the unlikeliest of places.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Song of Dragons: The Complete Trilogy

by Daniel Arenson

Song of Dragons, an epic fantasy trilogy, tells a story of blood, steel, and dragonfire. This bundle contains all three novels.

Requiem, a kingdom of men who could become dragons, lies in ruin. Its destroyer, the tyrant Dies Irae, leads his griffins on a hunt for survivors. Will Requiem’s last children perish in the wilderness… or once more become dragons and fly to war?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Portents of Chaos

by K.C. Julius

Delve into a world where dragons and mortals bind…
The realm of Drinnglennin is poised on the cusp of chaos, for their High King is dying and has yet to name an heir. Rumors abound that the Helgrins, Drinnglennin’s bitterest foes, are preparing their longboats to raid their shores, while the å Livåri folk, for whom the island kingdom is the last sanctuary, are mysteriously disappearing. And in distant Belestar, the fabled dragons are stirring from their self-imposed exile.
Drinnglennin’s hopes lie with the wizard Morgan, who must safeguard the king’s possible heirs, all of whom are coming of age. Yet a dangerously powerful house seeks the succession for one of their own, even if it means disrupting the fragile peace of the realm.
One thing is certain: whoever next sits on the Einhorn Throne will determine the fate not only of Drinnglennin, but of all who dwell in the Known World.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Alexandra Almeida

“Great for fans of Becky Chambers’s A Closed and Common Orbit and Daniel Suarez’s Daemon.” Booklife

Shadow is a reluctant god with a broken mind and a death wish. He used to be Thomas Astley-Byron, an affluent young screenwriter whose creativity and idealism saved a world from the brink of collapse. Together with Henry Nowak, an AI expert, Tom created heaven on earth by inventing a Jungian simulated reality that helps humans confront their dark sides. The benevolent manipulation platform turned the two unelected leaders into beloved gods, but now everything is failing.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


by Liz Shipton

Twenty years after the pandemic that nearly wiped out humanity, seventeen-year-old trainwreck Bird Howsley is struggling to find her place.

In a world mostly underwater—beset not just by pandemics but by climate change too—sailing isn’t just a pastime: it’s the way of life. Unfortunately, Bird is a terrible sailor, with a drinking habit to boot.

But when a message from her long-lost brother sets Bird on a quest for answers about herself, she puts herself and her best friend Sargo in the crosshairs of a deadly underground organization.

Forced to flee, they sail into the Salt, where they battle treacherous seas, make shady deals with pirates, and discover that the organization they’re running from goes deeper than either of them suspected.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by Liz Shipton

After bartering passage back to Alluvium, a step too far with Savage and a run-in with her brother Shale have Bird again fleeing for her life and wondering who she can trust.

When she learns that Sargo may have been taken to Grike, eight thousand miles west across the Salt, Bird decides to undertake a dangerous solo journey to get him back.

In the process, she uncovers a deadly secret that upends everything she thought she knew about Zenith, the Anonymity, and her place in the world.

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Valkyrie Bestiary Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

by Kim McDougall

Kyra Greene is a fae pest-controller with a soft heart can and an apartment full of rescues including a basilisk who thinks he’s a turkey, a banshee nanny, and a pygmy kraken. She might take care of them, but they fill her need for family. And when that family is threatened, she’ll risk everything to save them.

When she finds an abandoned baby dragon, she doesn’t want to bring him home, but until she hunts down the brute trying to kill all the dragons and start a civil war among the fae, she’s on babysitting duty.

Dragons Don’t Eat Meat
Dervishes Don’t Dance
Hell Hounds Don’t Heel
And bonus prequel, Three Half Goats Gruff.

If you like feisty female leads, laugh-out-loud humor, and romance that’s just right, then you’ll love Kim McDougall’s action-packed adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban