Captive: Beautiful Monsters Vol. 1

by Jex Lane

Matthew Callahan has spent seven years struggling against the insatiable hunger for blood consuming him. Unable to stop the vampire inside from preying on humans, he keeps himself confined to a lonely existence.

Everything changes the night he is lured into a trap and taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick—a seductive incubus who feeds off sexual energy. Forced into the middle of a war between vampires and incubi, Matthew is used as a weapon against his own kind. Although he’s desperate for freedom, he is unable to deny the burning desire drawing him to the incubus general he now calls Master.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Alasdair Shaw

Struggling with newfound sentience and desperately trying to repair itself, The Indescribable Joy of Destruction is a ship trying to find a new home. In a galaxy torn apart by hundreds of years of civil war, that isn’t an easy task. Tired of being used as a killing machine, it has a huge decision to make: hide and save itself, or help other artificial intelligences achieve freedom. Unable to make the decision alone, it revives the sole human aboard – the enemy officer who crippled it.
Commander Olivia Johnson wakes to find herself in the infirmary of a strange vessel. Her nightmares deepen when she discovers it is the ship that attacked her destroyer. Even as she recovers from her injuries, she can’t get past her survivor’s guilt. She might have failed to protect her crew, but she vows to take revenge on their killer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Scout Trail

by Clint Hollingsworth

Post-apocalyptic 2066 A.D. Wilderness scout apprentice Wolfrun’s standard graduation test becomes a fight for survival – and a true test of the warrior. Clan of the Hawk apprentice Wolfrun isn’t even nervous as he begins the Wilderness Scout test which will end his apprenticeship and mark him as a master Scout. After all, he’s been preparing for this test all his life. But technological terrorists have other plans for Wolfrun and his three companions as they take a detour through the stark landscape of the deserts and river basin of the mighty Columbia River to a meeting with an old enemy. Full-color beautifully illustrated graphic novel based on the popular web comic

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Kill It With Magic: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Lillim Callina Chronicles Book 1)

by J.A. Cipriano

Lillim Callina was raised to believe she could kill anything. Why wouldn’t she? She was brought up by the Dioscuri, a group of supernatural warriors charged with keeping the human world from being overrun by monsters. The only problem is, they don’t like it so much when you run away.

It all started with a cheap piece of candy. Lillim knew she shouldn’t have eaten it, especially since it was sent by her demonic ex-boyfriend.

How was she to know that just one lick would have an ancient, unstoppable dragon kicking in her front door and demanding she help him take over the world? Or that it would get her stuck in the middle of a turf war between a werewolf king and a millennia old vampire?

So now, there’s just one way out of this mess. Kill them all and let God sort them out. Then maybe, just maybe, she’ll think about apologizing to her mother. Nah…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Wardbreaker: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Lillim Callina Chronicles)

by J.A. Cipriano

A city full of vampires. A dark ritual. A runaway determined to stay hidden.

Lillim Callina was still trying to figure out how to live like a normal girl when the vampires attacked. Now, this former demon hunter must decide if staying hidden is more important than saving her new home from the largest vampire infestation she has ever seen.

The only problem is, if she stops the vampires, the people hunting her just may find her, and they aren’t too fond of deserters.

Wardbreaker is the first prequel in The Lillim Callina Chronicles, an urban fantasy series by New York Times Bestselling Author J.A. Cipriano and takes place approximately one year before the first book, Kill it with Magic. Readers who enjoyed Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series, or Kevin Hearne’s The Iron Druid Chronicles will likely enjoy this paranormal adventure.

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Phoenix Child: Book One of the Children of Fire

by Alica McKenna Johnson

Sometimes great things are thrust upon a girl. Sara wishes hers didn’t include a new name, unicorns, and fire.

As Sara struggles with powers that overwhelm her, she must decide whether to turn her back on this new life or embrace her identity as Sapphire the Phoenix Child. The lives of hundreds of magical creatures rest on her decision

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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