Quantum Dark

by R.A. Nargi

Famed archaeologist. Daring adventurer. Total imposter.

Jannigan Beck is the exact spitting image of his father: Sean Beck, the most famous explorer in the galaxy. But when the elder Beck disappears on a mission inside an alien wormhole, Jannigan has to pose as his father and command a crew that doesn’t respect him on a perilous mission to the uncharted edge of the galaxy. There he will face alien megafauna, hostile competitors, and a mysterious force with the power to destroy worlds.

Quantum Dark is a fast-paced swashbuckling science fiction adventure in the classic space opera and science fantasy tradition, packed with intrigue, betrayal, explosive battles, and edge-of-your-seat thrills that will keep you turning pages long into the night. Read this Star Wars/Raiders mashup today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Great Balls of Fury

by Annabel Chase

Annoying but loving family? Check.

Picturesque small town with a hot police chief? Check.

A rescue hellhound, a black cat with attitude, and a pet python that thinks he’s a puppy? Triple check.

My story has all the hallmarks of a sweet and cozy supernatural tale, but there’s a twist—

I am evil.

Well, I’m supposed to be evil thanks to both nature and nurture, but I fight it with every fiber of my being. I just want to live a normal life. I even joined the FBI instead of the Federal Bureau of Magic, until my powers reared their ugly head and the agency sent me packing back to my hometown to fight magical crimes instead.

Now I’m back in Chipping Cheddar, living with my evil family, with a new job and all my old baggage.

Oh, and there’s a dead body, which was definitely not an accident.

So there you have it. Welcome to my world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Fury Godmother

by Annabel Chase

Welcome to Chipping Cheddar, where supernaturals are hidden in plain sight.

Be careful what you wish for…

I’ve only been back home a few weeks and already strange events are happening all over town. Wishes are coming true to the delight of those affected. Despite the seemingly good fortune, I need to put on my Federal Bureau of Magic badge and get to work. I can’t let supernatural shenanigans disrupt the natural order of life here, no matter how awesome they seem.

When their good luck starts to take a dark turn, I have to kick my efforts into overdrive. Can I crack the case before these dreams-come-true turn into nightmares?

Fury Godmother is the second book in the Federal Bureau of Magic series.

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Bad Luck Charlie Books 1-3

by Scott Baron

Sucked through a wormhole and crash landed on a distant planet, Charlie found himself in a strange new world. One of space pirates and alien assassins. Of gladiators and dragons. All in a galaxy that actually seemed to be run by magic, not technology. For the poor spaceship engineer from Earth, it was enough to make his head spin. Little did he know this was only the beginning.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Spectral Detective: A Three-Book Collection, Volume 1

by David Bussell

A ghost turned private investigator must rescue the souls of murder victims to atone for his mortal sins.

Mystery, the macabre, and caustic wit collide in this three-book bizarre noir. Fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Mike Carey, and Benedict Jacka will love this page-turning detective story with a paranormal twist.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dark Nebula: Isolation

by Sean Willson

Lies crafted from good intentions. Death spreading through the stars. When the past returns to claim its due, will anyone survive?

Abigail Olivaw is in charge of humanity’s quest to explore new worlds. When it triggers an extraterrestrial investigation, can she stop a rising tide of death or will her family’s quest for knowledge push humankind into extinction?

If you like emotionally complex characters, chilling twists, and eye-opening takes on technology, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s sweeping epic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Shards of Osiris

by Edwin Cole

Three years after she was turned, Rebecca is finally close to getting her life back on the right track. Just as she’s ready to move back to the city, though, she discovers that she’s become a pawn in a war between two vampire courts: one in thrall to ancient vampire gods and the other rebelling against them. And now, one of the two courts has targeted Rebecca’s best friend.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Torvald Dragon Riding Heroes: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

Destiny awaits, if these heroes are brave enough to heed its call…

Return to the mystical world of Torvald! Join a trio of dragon riding heroines, as they battle to save their world across three breathtaking fantasy adventure trilogies…

Pirate princess Lila wants her people to embrace their destiny as dragon mercenaries. But only Danu, a young monk, believes in her. Lila must dig deep, and embrace her true self, or risk her people’s destruction at the hands of an impossibly powerful foe.

When a deadly plant threatens to overrun the Southern Kingdoms, orphan Dayie’s life is thrown into chaos. Only Day, and her dragon, Zarr, can stop the blight. But soon an even greater threat arises. Can she uncover the truth about her birth, and unlock her hidden powers, to save her home in time?

Lose yourself in a world of mighty dragons, epic magic, and brave dragon riders.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by Nathan M Farrugia

A trainee spy. A washed-up operative.
A doomsday cult with a city to burn.

Xiu thinks her recovery mission is leading her to the middle of nowhere, but when she reaches a derelict city on the Chinese border, she finds a seasoned operative with only a pistol, twenty rounds and a broken heart.

Cut off from the rest of the world, Xiu and her new, begrudging mentor face an unimaginable enemy: a paramilitary apocalypse cult with room for two, and irradiation for two million.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


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