Call of the Dragon

by Jessica Drake

When a heist goes wrong and ex-thief Zara becomes bonded to a snarky baby dragon, it’s off to dragon riding school.

But homework isn’t her concern after she discovers the real goal of the failed heist.

Can Zara and her dragon stop an evil power from destroying her world?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Daughter of Shades

by Sylvia Mercedes

Ayleth and her shade move as one, ever hungry for the hunt. Under her mentor’s tight control, she fears her memories are being stolen. Now nineteen, apprenticed for as long as she can remember to the mysterious Holy Order, she longs to rise in the ranks and banish untamed spirits for the prophesied Golden Prince.

When shadowy threats descend on the crown, Ayleth seizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove her worth in open competition. Seeking to win the prince’s favor and escape her scheming mentor, she resolves to hold her own against Terryn, a handsome, arrogant opponent who may be more than a match for her untested powers.

But as the two rivals follow a trail beyond the Great Barrier and confront legendary evil, the stolen secrets of Ayleth’s past may return to haunt her . . .

Can Ayleth win the trial and reclaim her true self? Can she even survive her first day?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by James D. Prescott

While investigating hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean, scientist Nicholay Panov and his crew mysteriously vanish. Weeks later, when their vessel is finally found, the hull has been crushed beyond recognition. Stranger still, the wreck now lies off the coast of Antarctica, seven thousand miles from where it sank.

Searching for answers, glaciologist Sienna Panov reaches out to Ben Fisher, the rich and enigmatic CEO who commissioned the expedition. Ben is the inventor of a revolutionary neural enhancement device. Once implanted in the brain, it has the power to boost both mental and physical abilities to dizzying new heights.

Working together, Ben and Sienna soon discover a shadowy conspiracy connecting both events. A plot with the power to save the planet–or utterly destroy it.

Filled with twists and turns, Augmented is a technothriller that will leave you breathless!

Previously $4.99

Category: Hard Science Fiction

Fall of Radiance: Ranger’s Oath

by Blake Arthur Peel

The barrier between worlds is broken. Only he knows the truth…

Magic has protected Tarsynium for a thousand years, shielding its people from a world ravaged by bloodthirsty demons. When a young ranger’s apprentice named Owyn Lund discovers that the Arc of Radiance has been breached, he tries to warn anybody who will listen.

But legends aren’t supposed to be real.

When a village is mysteriously destroyed, rangers, mages, and rebels all point the finger, blaming each other for the demons’ brutality. However, Zara Dennel, a mage’s ward, has heard Owyn’s tale—and she’s inclined to believe him.

Together, they must prove that friendship is greater than intolerance, unity is more important than division, and that even the most powerful magic can sometimes not be enough.

Failure means the end of all things… a second—and lasting—Doom.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Last Reaper

by JN Chaney and Scott Moon

Experience this exciting beginning to a brand new series set in the Renegade Star universe. If you’re a fan of Escape from New York, Renegade Star, or Deus Ex, you’ll love this epic, scifi thriller.

With book 10 out TODAY, get books 1-4 of the series on sale for 99¢/each!

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Chronicles of Agartha: Book 1 – The Green Boy

by Sherif Guirguis and Isaac Michaan

The fate of two worlds rests on the shoulders of a few unsuspecting souls.
Inner Earth, Agartha, a land where the color of your Aura defines you, losing the entire population of green aura people to the war left a visible void.

Ethan, a fourteen-year-old young man, discovers he has a green aura, the last of an extinct race. He leaves the school of Nafoura in search of the truth about the fate of the greens, and to find a home to call his own.

Joined by a girl from our earth, and an exiled shapeshifter, he must race to the Chronicler of Agartha in search of answers as he tries to avoid the woman who decimated his people, doggedly chasing after him for nefarious reasons of her own.

Ethan must walk a thin line to get his answers, inadvertently stepping into the web of a prophecy he knows nothing about, one which may lead to salvation, or to a promise of doom for both our worlds.

Previously $3.89

Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

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