Under Fyre

by Cara Bristol

The alien dragon shifters who discover Earth come in peace—at first. Then, inexplicably, they threaten to attack. In an attempt to show goodwill and appease the dragons, Earth sends a human woman to become a concubine to one of the Draconian king’s sons, Prince K’ev.

K’ev would sooner give up his ability to breathe fire than accept a human, but when he meets Rhianna, sparks fly, and his dragon realizes she’s his mate.

Rhianna falls for the hot-blooded prince, unaware she’s a key link in a desperate scheme to defeat the alien dragon shifters, a strike that could backfire with devastating consequences. Will she figure out what Earth has planned in time to save her dragon mate? And if she does, will K’ev be able to save her planet from an angry king’s retaliation?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


by Christian Raymond

Stranded in an ice fishing ghost town on top of a collapsing frozen lake after their family and friends all vanish, two young teens find themselves trapped within a mythic entity’s interdimensional hunting grounds.

“Brims with suspense… A brisk, delightful tale of family, courage, and a chilly monster.” –Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Daughter of The Ice

by Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

The Daughter, ancient elemental goddess and custodian of the dead, rises after a thousand years of slumber, her power unmatched and her wrath unbridled.

Eregar, a decorated knight living out his twilight years in relative peace, is tasked with leading a band of young mercenaries into the heart of the Frozen Plains to appraise the threat.

But as they venture deeper into the icy wasteland, they will find The Daughter’s machinations in full swing and be forced to act before it is too late.

Will Eregar and his young allies be able to defend the North from the sorceress’s nightmarish armies, break the curse she casts upon them, and end the rise of The Daughter of The Ice? Or will they fall before the might of the icy goddess?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Slipshot Vol 1.0

by Aibo

Something’s not right in San Francisco. Phantom-like machines crawl through the city streets, laser-wielding combatants duel in broad daylight, and people fall out of black holes in the sky. Even stranger, Frederick, a young college student living in the Tenderloin district, seems to be the only person who can see these outlandish occurrences.
Meanwhile, Opal, a Mechanic Class Slave hailing from Griddish, has been tasked with carrying out Earth’s apocalyptic dismantlement project. Her home realm is bound to Earth by a powerful technology known as the Slipshot, and her journey there is merely the beginning of a far-reaching project eons in the making. When Frederick meets Opal and learns of his planet’s dark fate, it becomes clear that he may be the only one capable of severing Griddish’s connection to Earth and helping Mechanic Class Slaves like Opal stand up to their oppressors.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


by Owen Baillie

At the height of a scorching summer, multiple EMP attacks are launched against the world’s western allies.

Australia and the US are at the top of the hit list.

Planes fall from the sky. Cars crash through buildings. Power outages create desperation for food and water and people quickly succumb to the heat. The world crumbles faster than anybody can imagine.

Up at Hell Ridge outside a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne, Parker Richardson sits on the banks of the King Parrot Creek, ready for a quiet two-week camping trip. A much-needed escape after the death of his mother, separation from his long-time girlfriend, and the sudden loss of his best mate’s friendship.

But when his phone and truck go dark, Parker loses all contact with his friends and must make the long, hazardous walk down into the township to uncover what has happened.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Renegade: (The Spiral Wars Book 1)

by Joel Shepherd

The UFS Phoenix is on the run. Her Captain his dead, and Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande has been framed with his murder. Pursued to the dead by their own Fleet, Erik and Marine Commander Trace Thakur intend to find the culprits and punish them. But what the secrets they discover behind the conspiracy will shake the sentient galaxy to its core.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Secrets & Demons

by Trudi Jaye

My whole life is a lie.

Hazel Rushton is not my real name.

I’m not really a nerdy post-grad research student at Stanford.

By day, I pretend to follow the rules and lead a normal life.

At night, I hunt monsters.

If you love the sound of kick butt action and a determined, nerdy researcher who isn’t afraid to battle monsters… you’ll love Hazel, Trudi Jaye’s latest urban fantasy heroine. Make sure you buy now to join the adventure…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban