Girl of Glass

by Megan O’Russell

Two worlds. One glass wall. No turning back.

The human race has been divided. The chosen few live in the safety of the domes, watching through their glass walls as those left on the outside suffer and die. But desperation has brought invention. New drugs have the ability to alter humans, giving them the strength to roam the poisoned night unafraid—but survival comes at a terrible price.

Seventeen-year-old Nola Kent has spent her life in the domes, training to protect her little piece of the world within the glass.

When the fate of an outsider child falls into her hands, Nola dares to venture beyond the security of her home, diving into a world of darkness and vampires. Life within the glass didn’t prepare her for the realities of suffering or the depth of forbidden love.

When blood washes over the domes, Nola must choose between her home and her heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by Chris Turner

Jet Rusco, hustler and black market arms dealer, faces off against the Star Lord: warlord, magician, psychopath.

Chased by bounty hunters, Rusco and his crew risk delivery of military supplies to defenders struggling on the free worlds. The Star Lord rains terror on the colonized planets with his fleet of hi-tech warships. He wants his alien tech back. The one that Rusco stole and could be key in cementing the warlord’s rule of the galaxy. At the back of the Star Lord’s plans lies the 400 year old evil of the last alien war, that left humankind stumbling in the dark, forgetting their bio-mechanical heritage, plummeting societies backward in time and technology.

Time is running out for the last sovereign planets…and Jet Rusco. Can he and his quirky team of allies band together and thwart the greatest villain this century has ever seen?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The City of Dreams

by Hailey Griffiths

It starts with a secret.

When Ariella is banished to the river city of Pyscoria, she knows it’s only a matter of time until someone uncovers the secret of her missing magic.

As the reluctant heir, she’s the talk of the town, and the Blood can’t wait to spin their webs around her. But Ariella wants nothing to do with the scheming aristocrats.

And for Ariella, being forced to mingle is a fate worse than death.

When help comes from an unexpected quarter, Ariella discovers the first real family she’s ever known. And when her friendship with Prell blossoms into something more, she begins to discover the keys to unlocking the magic she was destined to possess.

But the Blood are not known for their patience. When her refuge is threatened, Ariella will need to make a choice: Does she have the strength to defy destiny and expectation, or will she lose the only love she’s ever known?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Daughter of Fate (The Knights of Alana Book 1)

by Aaron Hodges

“Thirty years ago, the mortal Alana sacrificed her life to drive the False Gods from our lands. The Three Nations were freed of their magic, but one day, they shall return. Only the Knights of Alana can stand against them.”
– Merak, Elder of the Order

When Knights attack the temple of Skystead, seventeen-year-old Pela is the only one to escape. Accused of worshiping the False Gods, her mother and the other villagers are to be executed – unless Pela can find a way to rescue them. But Pela has never left the safety of her sleepy town, never even touched a sword. What chance does she have against the ruthless Knights of Alana?

She does have one ally. Her uncle was a hero once, in times when magic filled the world. Age has withered his strength, but he cannot deny the call of family. Does Devon have the mettle to make one last stand against the darkness?

A thrilling new epic fantasy from the breathtaking world of NYTimes Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Exin Ex Machina

by G. S. Jennsen

When man and machine are one and the same, there are many crimes but only one sin: psyche-wipe. The secrets it has buried could lead to a civilization’s salvation or to its doom.

The Asterion Dominion is at peace, & its citizens enjoy great freedoms & all the luxuries their biosynthetic minds can imagine, design & create. But beneath the idyllic veneer, people are going wrong, driven to commit inexplicable crimes without motive or purpose. Once imprisoned for those crimes, they simply vanish.

Psyche-wiped & dumped in an alley 5 years ago, awakened into a culture where ancestral memories stretch back for millennia, Nika Tescarav’s past is a blank canvas. But if whoever erased her did so in the hope of silencing her, they should have tried harder.

Someone must speak for the lost. Someone must uncover how & why they became lost. Someone must find the lost.

Nika is that someone.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Aim (Book 1 of The Subjects Trilogy)

by P.R. Castle

Escaping captivity doesn’t make you free

The door opens, and Alish steps out of the lab for the first time ever…

Can she escape?

Outside, there’s nothing, nothing but a small herd of cows, and stretches and stretches of parched red desert in all directions…

She is still trapped.

Then a helicopter flies overhead …

Salvation at last or something more sinister?

Aim is the first book in the completed Subjects Trilogy, a young adult science fiction about freedom and justice. If you like action packed adventures, psychological thrillers and mysteries then you will love Aim.

Unlock the secrets of the lab today by downloading Aim!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



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