The Daragh Deception

by Kenley Davidson

Emma Forester has left Earth behind for a corporate colony world on the edges of explored space. After months on the run, it seems like the perfect place to hide from her terrifying past. But even before her ship arrives, she attracts the attention and the suspicions of brusque, handsome corporate soldier Devan Rybeck. Devan is convinced Emma is hiding something, but finds himself driven to protect the fragile-looking newcomer from the harsh realities of a colony world.

When a vicious attack sends her fleeing into the dangerous and unpredictable wilds of Daragh, Emma proves just how far she’s willing to go to protect her secrets. But Daragh has secrets of its own, and Devan must race against time to bring Emma home before her discoveries trigger a Conclave war.

If he fails, there will be no escape from the coming darkness—either for himself or the woman he would die to protect.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Synapse of Ash

by D. B. Goodin

She must unlock the secrets of her past life—before her future is written for her.

When cyborg Treeka wakes from an interrupted cryogenic sleep in a genetics lab, she does so in a brave new world, one where immortality is no longer a concept but a construction. Now, the consciousness of a person can live on in a body that can outperform the limits of human ability.

As memories of her past life resurface, Treeka realizes she has a sister, put into stasis just like she was. At the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Ash, the ambitious designer of the cyborgs, Treeka sets out to retrieve the genetic material needed to revive her twin.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Crimson Hunters

by Robert J Power

A band of inept mercenaries. A girl with an arrow in her head. This latest contract could get them killed… again.

It’s been thirty years since Dellerin fell to the Dark One’s rule. Magical Weavers have been hunted to extinction, and demonic attacks are frequent. With the kingdom’s remaining armies fighting an unwinnable war, the survival of small towns rely on whatever mercenaries they can afford.

The Crimson Hunters are the most affordable around. With few victories and a trail of failed plans in their wake, they are the only hope the village of Treystone have at fending off the demon hordes.

But with rival mercenaries on their heels, a Grand Demon close behind, and a town hell bent on getting itself destroyed, The Crimson Hunters will need a miracle to save them… as long as she doesn’t kill them first.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Rogue Magic

by N. R. Hairston

I’ve made enemies of the wrong people and they’re coming for me.
My name’s Rekia and I’m wanted, dead or alive.
A normal day for me is hiding thieves and criminals in alternate universes where their pursuers can’t find them.
On my latest assignment, I ran across a plot between two powerful worlds.
If left unchecked, it could destroy all worlds, including my own.
I can’t let that happen.
My enemies put a price on my head, but I never go down without a fight.
Now, I’m coming for them. I’ve gathered a few friends and we’re hunting.
If I die, I’m taking a few hundred of them with me.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Keystone

by Seren Goode

They hunted her mother. They took her father. Now they are after her.
“Sixteen years as a nomad…I used to love it, just the three of us, a team, moving to the next adventure. Now, when my dad changes jobs like some people change underwear, it just gives me a stomachache.”
Grace Thompson is used to moving—and losing. She’s already lost her mother, her home, and any hope for a normal life. But when her father is abducted from the streets of San Francisco, Grace is determined to get him back. She thinks she is alone until she meets four strangers whose parents went missing at the same time. The teens work together to track down the clues to their parents’ pasts with only an alien stone to guide them. With the kidnappers closing in, the only way to save them is to unravel the secret her mother died to protect.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Oathbound: A Progression Fantasy (Surgecaller Book 1)

by Todd Herzman

How do you kill an Immortal?

Huon is weak. A surgecaller who escaped into the wilds, his only goal was to survive.

Now he is Oathbound, forced to fight in an arena, forced to become stronger than he’d thought possible.

As he realises he can become strong, the need for revenge fills his heart, and a new goal forms in his mind.

But his goal is impossible: kill the dragon rider, the Immortal of Fire.

To succeed, he’ll have to do more than just survive—he’ll have to advance beyond anything the realm has ever seen.

In the spirit of progression fantasies like Cradle and Mage Errant, enter a realm with magical beasts, where surgecallers can cultivate essence to strengthen their weapons, enhance their bodies and wield elemental magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Cthulhu Armageddon

by C.T. Phipps

The Great Old Ones have arisen and destroyed the Earth. Humanity is now reduced to living in scattered pockets of survivors as well as frontier towns. John Henry Booth is a New Arkham Ranger who has lost everything during a mission and his subsequent scapegoating. Now he travels the Wasteland on a quest for revenge. It is the only thing he has left.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Witch’s Spark

by Melania Tolan

All I wanted was a normal, boring college life. One free of life-threatening conditions and medical treatments I’ve dealt with since birth.

But then magic happened… Now there’s this weird electricity pulsing through my hands and a vampire, elf, and cat in my life trying to help me control my power.

Oh, and someone is hunting me for my magic. He won’t stop at anything until he gets it.

Yeah, so much for normal…

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

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