Law & Disorder

by E Hall

Having magical powers is a one-way ticket to prison.
My friends would say I’m confident and clever. I like the beach and love S’mores. Normal, right? Turns out I’m also a witch, which means I’m going to prison.

While I was hoping life would be rainbows, apple pie, and sparkly magic, there’s the little issue with my powers—can’t control them. No one can.

There are guys too: the mysterious and brooding JJ who appears after he sees my name in the stars. We hate each other. Then Bobby Gold whose smile could melt any girls’ heart. Good thing I’m not just any girl.

Mayhem rules the school and an unlikely witch is out to uncover a sinister plot that threatens to divide the world forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Princes of Paradise

by Kailin Gow

The Princes of Paradise were not what they seemed

It was supposed to be Paradise…the beautiful island my mother and I moved to for her to start her new job at the luxury resort hotel, The Imperial Cutter Hotel.

It was supposed to be a new start for me at the exclusive elite Academy where I received a scholarship. The beautiful location, new job, a nice new home for us, and prestigious school for me was enough to entice us to the island of Aeros.

But when I met the Cutter Boys, especially Chance, who ruled the island as the son of the owner of The Imperial Cutter Hotel, and whose father started the Academy, all that changed. The most handsome and popular guys on the island, the Cutter Boys were known as the Princes of Paradise.

The Cutter Boys were the most gorgeous and hottest guys I’ve ever met. Too bad they seem to want me gone but at the same time…can’t seem to stop wanting me

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Byddi Lee

The Melter War left the Earth’s surface devastated, leaving humanity to survive on a small stretch of land between the Scorch Zones & the rising oceans, where towering subscrapers dot the dystopian shore lines.

Bobbie Chan is a doctor caring for the ultra-elderly when she notices a mysterious disease afflicting her patients; they show signs of age reversal before a catastrophic cardiac arrest strikes.

Bobbie begins to wonder if she is witnessing a bio weapon in full force. A Melter attack? Are they destined to finish the war they started?

Belus Corp, the ‘savior’ of humanity during the Melter War whisk the afflicted away; including Bobbie’s grandmother. But Bobbie is terrified. The ‘Rejuvenees’ are getting younger but they are also becoming increasingly aggressive, uncontrollably so.

Bobbie races against time to rescue the Rejuvenees & uncover their true enemy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Wake the Dead

by Stacey Rourke

With a touch of her hand, Octavia Hollows can restore life. Yet, she couldn’t save the man she loved from the horrific accident that stole him from her. Octavia thought she could outrun the pain, but ghosts from the past refuse to be silenced. Out of options, she chooses to retrace her wayward journey across the country in search of answers. Surrounded by baffling mysteries of the undead, what she learns about herself along the way might become her greatest weapon.

Seattle, Washington: Land of cloudy skies and a great cup of coffee.

Octavia blew into town in search of information, only to get swirled up in a paranormal predicament even she couldn’t fathom. A neonatal nurse is dead, and her young patient is aging at an alarming rate.

Can Octavia unlock the secrets to this confusing curse before time runs out?

If you like snarky humor, fantastical monsters, and farm-animal side

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Earth’s Last Starship

by Daniel Peyton

The Earth had four fleets to fight the invading enemy. The first fleet valiantly protected earth, but it wasn’t enough. Three fleets would arrive soon and end the threat…but they never came through the wormhole. One ship escaped the massacre, fleeing deep into space while the rest of Earth’s defenses were destroyed. Only the barrier around the planet keeps the enemy from finishing what they started.
Ten years have passed for the USS Orlando. Captain Brian Shepard and his dwindling crew are dedicated to saving their home and he is certain there is a way to find those missing three fleets. The answer rests with a human scientist lost in the galaxy, but when the crew of the USS Orlando locates him, they encounter a strange alien who can help them find the answers they seek. But will he hold the answers they need?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Twilight Templar

by C.J. Carella

A Game of Life and Death

Ben sat down to play a brand-new MMORPG, Eternal Journey Online. Next thing he knew, he had been transformed into his character, first-level Paladin Hawke Lightseeker, and found himself in a corpse-filled cavern complex crawling with monsters and undead. Hawke must learn the rules of a reality where magic and power-leveling are as real as swords and knives, and where you only get a limited number of respawns before you die for good.

Follow Hawke as he explores the mysterious Common Realm, battles to survive, and learns more about his growing power and his inner strength.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Shadow World

by Gaja J. Kos

Even demons have limits.

Crina is on the verge of reaching hers.

Father branded a traitor. Check.
Employers going behind her back. Check.
Threats on her life. Check.

The list goes on and on.

So, really, the last thing Crina needs in her life is another denizen of the Shadow World. Even if he does offer protection in exchange for her deadly services.

Because everyone has an agenda.

And pledging herself to someone she’d rather see in her bed than on the throne isn’t without consequences.

Fans of Diana Rowland, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Jennifer Estep will love the blend of urban fantasy, steamy polyamorous romance, and supernatural suspense in the Shade Assassin series from USA Today bestselling author Gaja J. Kos.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Raging Wolf: A MC Werewolf Romance

by Felicity Jordan

The explosion ripped through the night sky.
Michael knew it was the harbinger of trouble.

Growling and shifting to his wolf form he ran through the chill, primeval forest to investigate. He was the grizzled veteran of dozens of motorcycle club turf wars and he’d seen it all.

But what he found shocked even him.
A young raven-haired beauty in the middle of a sea of destruction.

A witch.

The daughter of his hated rival and archenemy of all shifters.
He should just leave her.
His life was complicated enough.
But the sight of her awakened a deep, primal desire inside of him.
He would save her.
And she would be his.


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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Heist: A MC Werewolf Romance (Raging Wolf Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The bank heist was the only way the pack could survive.

And the key to a successful robbery was a beautiful computer hacker named Susan.

But could Ray convince her to trust a good-for-nothing wolf shifter?

His bulging biceps and alpha swagger said ‘yes.’ She would be like all his other conquests. Human girls were easy once they got a taste of the beast.

But Susan is different.

Too nice, too sweet, too caring… Damn.

Was he actually falling for a human girl?

If she thinks she can tame him, she’s got another thing coming. Because the pack always comes first.

If only she would stop touching him like that, stirring something deep in his soul, and something even bigger in his pants.

He can’t run from her.

He needs her.

And she needs him.

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