Prelude to the Shards

by Michael T Timmins

Prelude to the Shards sets the stage for the exciting, action packed Shards of the Coven series for classic fantasy lovers. Open the cover on a new world from the mind of Michael Timmins and get lost in the wonder of magical swords, dark magic and beautiful world building as only Mr. Timmins can do.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Scared Shiftless

by Theophilus Monroe

A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart… When a vampire steals a shifter’s abilities, leaving her stuck in a male body, she’s determined to get her revenge. Will Nyx, or “Nicky” find the vampire and get her abilities back? Or will she be stuck like this forever…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Models and Citizens

by Andrew Sweet

Escape means death for genetically-altered clones like Ordell Bentley. Targeted by human pride extremists, Ordell flees violence, becoming an unintentional escapee. The bounty for his return ticks upward, and Ordell must evade capture while planning his refuge trip to Canada – straight through the desert that used to be the midwest. Will Ordell find his freedom?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Twinned Shadow

by Candice Bundy

A Foothold In Two Different Worlds, And No Safety In Either…
Born of the fae but not blessed with their powers, I’ve grown up as an outcast. I’m determined to make my own fate.
Just as I’m about to start a prestigious internship and continue my quest to address interspecies conflict, my twin sister, heir to our family lineage and not an ungifted like me, gets murdered.
My trip back to House Rowan should be a short few days, just long enough to say goodbye and break free once more from the melodrama of the House I was raised in.
There’s just one hitch in my plan—Quinn, an enforcer detective, keeps finding excuses to stay close to me. He claims he needs my help to figure out what happened to my sister, but it feels like something more is going on. And every time he gives me that sly, knowing smile, any resolve I have to avoid him melts away.
How can I refuse?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Unknown Omega

by V.T. Bonds

Wretch. Cur. Useless.
These are the things I’m called, for I am nameless.
Overworked. Abused.
This is my life.
My body may be weak, but my will refuses to break.
Yet one glance from a stranger at the market sends my defenses crumbling.
Can I survive him?

Cunning. Fierce. Lethal.
A weapon in human form, there is no task beyond me. No mission I can’t complete. No target I cannot annihilate.
As Alpha Elites, my unit is the deadliest on the planet. Our newest mission requires a trip to the most derelict city on the planet.
Finding my Omega lifemate is not part of the plan.
Will she be my first failure?

This story is not for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse story set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur, sometimes together. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Unnatural Omega

by V.T. Bonds

I’m stuck.
Stuck in a lonely world of mourning.
Once a month I travel to the pier and find peace in the barren desert, reliving the wind swirling my parents’ ashes away.
If only I’d skipped my trek this month.
For a moment, they held me tight again.
Now I’ve found the true meaning of hell.Kwame
Something is wrong.
Honed instincts won’t let me celebrate Seeck and Nova’s union.
A seething black cloud of premonition warns of terrible things to come.
Things I can’t control.
Things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, much less my lifemate.
Deadly things. Horrible things.
Nightmares come to life.
How can I save her from an enemy I never knew existed?

**This story is not for the faint of heart. It is a dark action-packed Omegaverse story set in a world where violence and sexual situations occur. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**

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The Blood Stone: Curse of the Drakku Book One

by Jason J. Nugent

Dragonslaying runs deep within Lailoken’s blood.

With increasing attacks on the northern lands, the magic wielding ruler Myrthyd demands the eradication of the winged beasts.

But it’s not that simple…

Lailoken has made many enemies of the Drakku, and now dragons seized his bride, and bloody vengeance is on his mind.

Myrthyd makes him an offer: seize the Blood Stone, a rare artifact that ensures the destruction of the dragons, and he will help rescue his wife.

The pieces are in place and dragon fire rains from above! Will Lailoken seize the precious artifact and save his one true love? Or will the realm burn as he fails?

The Blood Stone is the flagship in the Curse of the Drakku fantasy series. If you like intriguing magic, powerful dragons, and honorable heroes, then you’ll love USA Today Bestselling Author Jason J. Nugent’s epic adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

RED HOPE: 5th Anniversary Edition

by John Dreese

A down and out former astronaut finds himself pulled into a secret mission – to investigate an incredible discovery by the Mars Curiosity rover. Aided by a Silicon Valley huckster, NASA assembles a team on a tight timeline. Unfortunately, the team isn’t given all the facts until after the launch, but by then it’s too late to turn back…

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

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