The Fortress of Suffering

by Kyle Alexander Romines

Monsters aren’t born. They’re made.

Esben Berengar is tired of fighting. After years at war, he’s ready to return home to his village and his daughter.

Berengar desperately wants to be a good man and a good father, but leaving his bloody past behind is easier said than done

When the north is engulfed in rebellion, the violence Berengar has tried so hard to escape finds him again and sets him on a path of vengeance.

Witness the birth of a legend forged in blood.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by Florian Armas

In the remnants of a lost empire, the evil magic of the Serpent Sect lurks in the shadows; the Circle of Sages is often wrong; a young prince tries to win back his throne; a mother fights for her children. At the edge of the eastern steppes, the hordes of the Serpent God are gathering to invade the Realm.

Helped by the Serpent Sect, the Usurper kills the King and takes the Arenian throne. Chased by the royal guards and the Serpentists, Codrin, the legitimate heir, runs for his life into the wilderness.

The life he knew was over.

Trained to fight by a renegade from the Assassins Order, Codrin has only one friend left in the whole world – his sword – but he is destined for a future he has yet to comprehend. A future that will decide the fate of the Realm.

Filled with mystery, magic and adventure, Errant is by turns dark medieval fantasy and touching love story.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Florian Armas

The Wanderers could see the future: civil war and destruction. They could change it.
The Circle has chosen a new King for Frankis, and is now bent on completing the destruction of Codrin and Jara’s family. For Dochia, the Fourth Light of the Wanderers, the Circle’s choice is a terrible mistake, but there is no way to change its decision.
Before her death, the First Light of the Wanderers foresees a Fracture, which will destroy the kingdoms born from the remnants of the Alban empire; only a Seer can heal it and restore peace and order.

On the eastern steppes, the Sect of the Serpent God, born at the precession of the equinoxes, is getting ready to conquer the world. Lost knowledge and artifacts from the old Talant Empire are resurfacing.

Everything falls on Codrin’s shoulders, but can he avert the coming disaster? And is he the Seer the First Light foresaw?

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The Vampire Heir

by Juliana Haygert

A young woman with a secret. A vampire with a death sentence. And a terrible fate that will destroy them both…

When I was invited to Castle DuMoir, I knew I’d end up dead. The guests might be excited by the exclusive ball inside the estate, but I know better. The castle’s inhabitants are vampires, and they want our blood.
Undercover work is dangerous, but I’ve been through worse. That is, until I unwillingly become a blood slave to Drake, the brooding vampire prince.
Desire begins to stir, but I can’t afford distractions. My dark secret will save us all… or doom the supernatural world forever.

I didn’t think love existed. Then I met Thea.
Vampires aren’t supposed to have a heart. But mine beats for her. Yet I can’t protect Thea in a castle full of conspiracies and betrayal. The vampires are about to choose the coven’s new leader, and there’s a murderer running loose.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Witch Queen

by Juliana Haygert

When Drake left me behind, I thought my heart would break. But before I could change my mind and follow him, Princess Morda of the Silverblood found me.

I’m now back at my coven, viewed as a heroine for having succeeded in my suicide mission. But I don’t feel like a heroine. I feel like I’m being torn into pieces as Princess Morda insists in using my accomplishment as an example to encourage the other witches to act.

Our enemy covens grow restless and since my coven is the only one without a Witch Queen, we’re at a disadvantage. But Princess Morda has a plan for that-a horrific plan I don’t want to be a part of.

Among escapades to meet Drake-who has his own problems to deal with-and navigating the complicated rules of a place I once loved, I find myself lonely and lost.

But I can’t surrender to the darkness now. A war is coming and I have a key part to play.

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The Dragon Lady

by Angelique S. Anderson

It’s 19th Century London, stablehand Wylie Petford has just suffered an extreme tragedy. It is this tragedy that leads her to a magical device and her greater purpose. The alluring Dracosinum holds a key to her hidden heritage and opens the door for a fantastic future while leaving her love Lord Adrian in the past. The taking over of her hometown by the Villainous Lord Ukridge rips her from her closest friend and further destroys what little good is left in her life. Now, with the odds against her, she has one chance to become who she is meant to be, escape her shackles and defeat the evil lord Ukridge. Get ready for steam-powered adventure in The Dragon Lady, an enchanting world full of corsets, mythical beasts, and dastardly villains.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

The Phoenix Lord

by Angelique S. Anderson

In the dashing sequel to The Dragon Lady, Lord Adrian McCollum has been invited to an inventor’s symposium to present his steam-powered carriage. Engaged to marry Wylie Petford, the half-dragon love of his life, he accepts and they travel to America. Everything is looking up for them.
Until Wylie loses the one thing that helps her transform into a dragon every night. Her Dracosinum.
As Wylie deteriorates to deathly ill, Lord Adrian grows desperate in trying to stop what’s happening to her.
In his desperation, he reaches out to The Gods, the creators of the Dracosinum.
Their answer back is a flaming bird beast of mythological proportions.
Long Island New York has never seen a tale like this- The Phoenix Lord is ready to take you on a steampunk ride full of villains, evil beasts, and magical mischief!

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Steel Reign: Flight of The Starship Concord

by Braxton Cosby

For Bounty Hunter Steel Reign, the clock of destiny is speeding ahead at a steadfast pace as he desires to hunt down a group of rogue super-soldiers before they can plot against King William Derry and his kingdom on planet Fabricius. But first, he must find his long lost sister Olia who was captured by the space pirate Forge, and forced to compete in a deadly game of chance aboard the Eclipse. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the stakes have just been raised when he discovers that she is the only source of an antibody that can offer a cure for the deadly, venomous DX virus lurking in his blood, just waiting to consume him.

To survive, Reign will have to test not only his skills as a legendary assassin, but also his patience, as he takes on a rogue band of misfits to steal and crew the prototype starship Concord to thwart Forge’s plans once and for all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Magi Academy

by Andrew Dobell

Katy’s college life was going great and nearly finished. Then her Magic manifested and she put a student in the hospital.

Whisked away to the first Academy of Aetheric Arts, Katy is introduced to a hidden world of Mystical wonders. Deep in the Spirit World, Katy is surrounded by a new generation of Magi. She must learn to survive in this new school, and master her new abilities.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


by Bethany J Adams

Arlyn’s quest is simple: Find her father and let him know her mother is dead. The problem? Her father’s people are myths, and he doesn’t even live on Earth. But despite a long journey through the mists of the Veil, finding him turns out to be the easy part.

After five hundred years, Kai has given up on finding his soulbonded. So when he sees Arlyn after returning from his latest mission, he starts their bond in haste. He never imagined that his bonded is his best friend’s newfound daughter. Whoops.

Arlyn isn’t sure she can forgive Kai for starting their bond in haste, but her love life is the least of her problems. Her father is an elf lord, and his acknowledgment of a half-human heir reignites the same conspiracy that took him away from her mother. Now Arlyn and her family must face iron wielding assassins, bigotry, and her new magical abilities if they hope to survive.

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