The Cup and the Prince

by Day Leitao

Yes, Zora cheated her way into the Royal Games, but it was for a very good reason.

Her ex-boyfriend thought she couldn’t attain glory on her own. Just because she was a girl. And he was the real cheater.

So she took his place.

Now she’s competing for the legendary Blood Cup, representing the Dark Valley. It’s her chance to prove her worth and bring glory for her people. If she wins, of course.

But winning is far from easy. The younger prince thinks she’s a fragile damsel who doesn’t belong in the competition. Determined to eliminate her at all costs, he’s stacking the challenges against her. Ha. All he’s doing is making her want that cup more than ever.

The older prince is helping her, but the cost is getting Zora entangled in dangerous flirting games. Flirting, the last thing she wanted.

And then there’s someone trying to kill her.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

First Magyc (Guardians of the Path book 1)

by Nicole DragonBeck

When Ria finds her way through the Walls to another world, she shows she is something much more than an ordinary girl from a world without magyc. Some believe she is the one who will restore magyc to Demona, but others say she is too young to be the one who will fulfill the Prophesy.

Cedar and his fellow Guardians are no longer the revered heroes they once were, now shunned and hunted for atrocities they did not commit. Through a cruel twist of circumstance, Cedar uses forbidden magyc and becomes the unlikely caretaker of the Girl from the Other World.

Can he find a way to get her home, before the Sorcerer claims her growing power for his own dark ends?

Fans of The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Sword of Shannara will love this epic fantasy tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Ria’s Mark (Guardians of the Path Book 2)

by Nicole DragonBeck

A person’s Mark is the window to their soul.
But some windows should remain closed.
The Guardians are outnumbered, racing against the clock to save magyc and Demona.
New friends rally, while old foes draw ever closer.
Secrets are revealed, but the mystery grows deeper.
Will Ria choose to stay with the Guardians…
…or will she follow the Sorcerer on his path?

You’ll love the second installment of this epic fantasy adventure, because every person – great and small – has a part to play in the fate of the world.

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The Other Magic

by Derrick Smythe

Winner – Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.
Winner – NYC Book Award.
Runner-up – Global Ebook Award.
Runner-up – Independent Publisher Book Award.

The men secured the shackles slowly, hesitantly, but Kibure did not resist; he couldn’t. Whatever otherworldly power had come over him in those moments of passion had fled his body the second he realized what he had done…

In a realm where only clerics are permitted to practice magic, Kibure’s inexplicable use of power places him in grave danger. In a twist of fate, the rogue priestess hired to strip him of his power chooses instead to help him escape. Her reasons for doing so are her own, but something worse than death awaits if they are unable to evade the Empire’s most potent wielders.

This epic fantasy series will be especially enjoyed by fans of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Michael J. Sullivan, Patrick Rothfuss, and Michael Wisehart.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Order of the Centurion: Complete Boxed Set

by Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

From the creators of Galaxy’s Edge. The ORDER OF THE CENTURION Box Set – ON SALE NOW FOR 99¢ – follows the courage, sacrifice, and punishment endured by soldiers who gave everything they had in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Quest for Dominion

by Paul Heingarten

He’s lost much, and is ready to take everything back and more

Malone Stanton got the taste for power quite accidentally and early in life. As a once promising Nara citizen, he was given a glimpse of the potential for Essence. This chance experience planted a seed in Malone’s mind of the true power Essence held. Unfortunately, his growing ambitions were pruned by the Nara, who expelled Malone from their world forever.

Left to his own in Ling Galaxy, with only his wits and an undeniable charisma at his disposal, Malone builds a new world around himself, with a pledge to one day harness the power of Essence and claim ultimate power over Ling Galaxy once and for all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Thrill Chase

by John Spietz

Thirsting after thrill, an Alaska fisherman, tricked into traveling in time aboard a modern schooner to 1798, encounters pirates, merchants, men-o’-war, and the short-sightedness of this continuum. After dinner aboard the Brit, a mutiny and violent storm threaten their return. To get back, they must be at a certain point at an exact time.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Edge of Light

by Jay Antani

It’s 2030. A meteor explodes over Los Angeles, triggering chaos and panic. For 17-year-old Dev Harrison, the event coincides with a strange, dream in which his long-disappeared physicist-father reveals to him the location where he’s hidden a reality-bending scientific secret. Eager to see if there’s truth to the dream, Dev hits the road with his besties Abby and Conner. But the kids’ journey is far more dangerous than they imagined as they encounter fanatics, mysterious drones, and a ruthless spy. Worst of all are the “crawlers”–not human, not animal, terrifying creatures whose appearance in the wake of the meteor is no coincidence. Courage, loyalty, wits: The friends want for none of these, but their adventure will demand much more. Especially after Dev realizes he’s all that stands between protecting his father’s legacy and global forces hell-bent on altering the fate of the universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Through the Ages

by David Miller

It’s darkest before the dawn, but is it darker than a vampire’s soul? For 400 Years Saito Izumi Has Struggled with What It Means to be Kyuuketsuki–A Japanese Vampire!

In this heart-wrenching collection of original stories are four terrifying tales from Saito Izumi’s centuries of existing—she doesn’t consider it living—that explore her dangerous and deep personal journey to understand the blackest darkness of an inhuman soul, to discover what it means to live and not simply survive, and most important of all, to learn if a vampire can triumph over evil and truly love again.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Stone of Destiny

by David Miller

A Boston cop. A Celtic demi-goddess warrior woman. A centuries old Japanese vampire. And a race to find an ancient artifact that can command armies. In modern day Boston. Yeah, right.

If encountering a warrior woman on horseback, complete with chain mail and a sword, didn’t blow Sean Regan’s mind—a former police detective recently busted down to patrol—the red-clad leprechaun carrying a magic lantern, and the giant, bloodthirsty vulture that exploded into a puff of smoke certainly did.

Crap like that doesn’t happen in modern day Boston. Does it?

The Irish Cycle Series – A unique urban fantasy adventure with a mix of mythological and supernatural elements set in contemporary Boston.

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