Renegade Skyfarer

by RJ Metcalf

The airship crew saved Ben’s life from a dragon, of all things.

When Ben wakes up, he has no memory of his family, his home, or how he got to this strange world. All he knows is what his new crew members tell him: the magical Barrier that protects their land is weakening. Unless they find the artifact that can repair it, all of Terrene will be destroyed and enslaved by the enemies beyond.

But when Ben suspects that danger may lurk closer than dragons or sky pirates, he has to decide: stay and fight with the airship crew, or focus on regaining his lost memory? If he leaves, he risks losing his newfound friends–but if he stays, he might never return home.

Welcome to Terrene–where dragons exist, the past haunts, and magic is no myth.

Welcome aboard the Sapphire.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

A House Divided

by Nicole Ciacchella

Cianne Wyland leads a double life. Determined to uncover whether her father and his powerful allies are grasping for control of their House, the seemingly meek woman has made an art of rifling through their homes, gathering their secrets.

Kila an Movis is an Enforcer. Gods-gifted with an extraordinary ability to piece together physical clues, he’s entrusted with protecting the vulnerable. But his habit of expressing his opinions too freely earned him a nine-year banishment, and he’s determined to be more circumspect on his return to the trade city.

When someone close to Cianne dies, her world and his collide once more. Unwilling to trust anyone else, she enlists his help. The deeper they dig, the more secrets they unearth about her father, the other House members, and her entire life.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Goddess Legacy

by M.W. Muse

A powerful girl. An epic love triangle. A devastating prophecy…
Legacy thinks she’s just an average high-school girl with a sassy best friend and a not-so-secret crush on the hottest guy in town. When Adin, the boy of her fantasies, shows up at her surprise seventeenth birthday party, it’s the highlight of her life, but what she discovers that night will rock her entire world and leave her questioning the reality she’s always believed.
It should’ve been a normal birthday, not a bleak warning of what’s to come. It can’t be true, can it? There’s no way this can all be real.
But it is. And when she meets River, the cocky new guy in town, she has no choice but to face this reality, which is so much more devastating than she could’ve ever imagined.
Average? Yeah, she’s anything but normal. Then again, a goddess never is…

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Muses of Roma

by Rob Steiner

Marcus Antonius Primus began a golden age for humanity when he liberated Roma from Octavian Caesar and became sole Consul. With wisdom from the gods, future Antonii Consuls conquered the world and spawned an interstellar civilization.

It’s three weeks before the millennial anniversary of the Antonii Ascension. Kaeso Aemelius, star freighter captain and a blacklisted spy from a Roman rival world, misses his lone-wolf espionage days. So when his former prefect asks him to help a Roman official defect, Kaeso sees it as a way back into his old agency.

But can Kaeso protect his crew of outcasts from unseen forces who would lay waste to entire worlds to stop the defector from revealing a civilization-shattering truth?

An exciting start to a series for fans of Roman alternate history and space opera.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Genesis Code

by Eliza Green

An alien hunter seeking revenge is caught up in a dangerous government conspiracy. When his government forces him to observe a dangerous alien species on a new planet, he makes a shocking discovery about the natives.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Scorpions of the Deep

by Amie Gibbons

There are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Sarah’s not a believer, but when horror strikes, she must face the unknown before one of the dark things she doesn’t believe in uses her broken soul against her.

If you like horror in your urban fantasy, check out this tale of a war of the human heart vs. evil.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Sanctuary’s Aggression: Post-apocalyptic Thriller Series

by Maira Dawn

Skye knows nothing about prepping, but she does know there is little time before the global pandemic comes knocking at her door. Her first concern is saving young Jesse. End of the world or not, she must rescue him, Doing so will test her. Who should she trust? And what must she learn to keep herself and Jesse safe in this dark new world?
A thrilling end-of-the-world series with surprising twists!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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