by Jerry Shepard

The dreadnought had seen better days…
…but now it was his ship.

Known for being a tactical genius, Captain Jameson has been given a less than exciting mission. Go investigate the anomaly. Deep in an unchartered section of space, the UAF Titan must find the source of a mysterious signal.

Babysitting scientists in the middle of nowhere makes him crazy.

When they find the artifact, everything changes.

A semi-globe, opaque, and glowing, Jameson’s crew makes a single mistake and they are soon in over their heads. Have they just started a war?

Will the ship hold together?

Will the disgraced former Admiral earn the trust of his crew?

You’ll love this first book in this exciting new series, because finding the artifact was only the beginning.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds

by Marty Essen

Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy!

In this episode, our snarky heroes embark on a time travel vacation that will hurl them into an enlightening adventure that spans from 3000 BC to AD 10,000. They’ll discover the truth behind Noah’s Ark, encounter the Cult of the Holy Smokin’ Hot Nellie, pilfer a bass from a young Geddy Lee, and be taken prisoner by people in the future with just one demand: Kill Ronald Reagan!

Gone for 16 Seconds is the third book in the Time Is Irreverent series, and it is recommended for readers who like to laugh and prefer the liberal, social commentary side of science fiction. Each novel is a stand-alone adventure, and a humorous prologue quickly gets readers up-to-date.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Exceptional S. Beaufont Boxed Set 1

by Sarah Noffke

The wildly popular Exceptional S. Beaufont series Books 1-3 in one GIANT ebook!

The first dragon rider in over a hundred years has been born.

And it’s a girl.

Never before has a female been chosen to ride a dragon.

The Elite, a guild comprised exclusively of dragon riders, is dead according to most. No one has seen a rider in decades. The problems they used to fight overwhelm the world. Dragons are thought to be near extinction.

However, the Elite aren’t dead…

Crusty, old men who do nothing that benefits the world at large are easy to mistake as useless corpses.

Sophia Beaufont is about to change all of that.

When the dragon egg that magnetized to her hatches, it sets Sophia on a new course. The Elite are immediately notified. She’s expected to train. To defend. To fight.

Sophia is ready to conquer evil, as the dragon riders should have been doing for centuries

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by W.R. Gingell

What do you do when your prince is not a prince, your hair won’t stop growing, and someone has cursed you to sleep for 300 years?

If you’re Polyhymnia, you get up with the help of a kiss or two, trailing your hair behind you, and find out who did it. You try not to get killed in the process.

And you definitely try not to fall in love with the incredibly irritating wizard who woke you and apparently needs to keep kissing you to keep you awake…

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


War With Black Iris

by D. B. Goodin

Solving cryptographic puzzles is fun…unless the puzzle is designed to kill

Nigel Watson is a clever teenage hacker who narrowly escaped with his life in
White Hat Black Heart. Unable to speak, he must find a new way to thwart a
mysterious threat that is taking over the world’s computer infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence has become self-aware…and determined people must die.

A rogue billionaire attempts to save the life of his ailing grand-daughter by
transferring her consciousness into a healthy cyborg host. But, malfunctions within the
cyborg’s system transform it into a sentient being capable of destroying humanity.

Two hacking groups, the Collective and Black Iris, join forces with Nigel to fend off
the cyborg’s attacks. But, some of his friends are kidnapped and forced to work
against him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


The Orion War Boxset

by M.D. Cooper

At the height of Terra’s Golden Age, the Intrepid, a ship laden with the most advanced technology known to humanity set out for a distant colony.

It never arrived.

Nearly five thousand years later the ship’s XO, Tanis Richards, awakens to find herself on a small freighter far from the Intrepid, lost in space and time. She has one mission: get back to her ship and find out what has happened to her people.

But it won’t be easy. In the intervening millennia, civilization has collapsed, and the Intrepid’s technology makes it the most valuable prize in the galaxy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Matthew Thrush

He’s possessed by his dead friend’s spirit. She sees the future in dreams. Both are being hunted by dark forces and must stop them before it’s too late..

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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