Curses and Crowns

by Rae Hendricks

Who will break the curse and who will wear the crown?

These fourteen action-packed stories will lead you through worlds teeming with the supernatural. In these captivating tales, stalwart heroes and headstrong heroines walk treacherous lands haunted by ancient curses, wicked shadows, dazzling power, and great evil.

Seek refuge among the cursed or bow to the monarchy. Battle hell on earth with powerful witches and sail dangerous seas with pirates. Journey beside the gods, dance with the vampires, and be careful what you wish for when you meet the djinn. But no matter what, always remember that magic abounds, and nothing is as it seems.

Be prepared to lose some sleep for just one more page, because fans of Sarah J. Maas, Patricia Briggs, and Charlaine Harris won’t want to leave these tales of fangs and fantasy behind.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Metal Legion 1 – Scorpion’s Fury

by CH Gideon

An 80-ton mech crewed by criminals freed from prison. Cannon fodder. Thieves, murderers, and enemies of peace.

When a two-hundred year-old relic is called back to service, the crew breathes new life into the old mech. War machines don’t move without a human at the helm. They don’t fire without someone pulling the trigger. They fight, because the humans within fight.

What they do today affects the galaxy tomorrow.

Taking the beast underground, the soldiers find the enemy, in numbers far greater than what they were told. Knee deep in the war, the crew gives the old mech new vigor for one last chance at glory.

Victory or death!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Steel and Fire Books 1-3 Box Set

by Jordan Rivet

Dara Ruminor is a competitive duelist about to take the kingdom of Vertigon by storm. In a world where swords are used for sport and athletes live like kings as long as the crowds love them, all she needs is a wealthy patron to help her achieve dueling glory.

Instead, she gets Prince Siv, the heir to the throne.

She’s supposed to train with him, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Handsome, charming, and utterly infuriating, he refuses to take the sport—or her—seriously.

But Prince Siv might not be learning the sword just for fun. As threats emerge from the shadows, with the careless prince as their target, Dara will have to raise her sword to protect him—but even her skill might not be enough to keep them both alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Dark Communion

by CJ Perry

Ayla carries a death sentence in her womb.

Minotaurs have enslaved her people for generations, using women as breeding stock.

Ayla cries out to her long-dead mother to save her, but it is a dark Goddess who answers. Offered the power to free her people at the price of her soul, Ayla becomes the Goddess’ first chosen in a century — the Harbinger of the Dark Queen.

But when the slavers hear of her fomenting revolution, will her faith be enough? With only her Goddess and with the woman she loves by her side, she’ll raise an army…or die trying.

In a world where good and evil are in the eyes of the beholder, discover what happens when the heroes of Light reign supreme, and those left behind are forced to turn to the darkness for freedom.

Will you take the Dark Communion?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Gryphon Stone

by Thomas Watson

Of all the worlds in the multiverse, Adrathea is the last David Render would willingly revisit. What happened there broke his heart and drove him to retire from the UN Multiverse Survey. To hang up his sword forever.

Then Treyvar of the Alvehn brings disturbing news. Adrathea is in peril, and David’s old comrade needs his help to stop a rogue Alvehn from usurping the throne and ruling the planet forever as an immortal tyrant. To set things right, David must return to the one place he never wants to see again.

But Adrathea is a world to which David’s fate is bound by the most intimate of ties. He has no choice. Adrathea calls, and he must answer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Imdalind Academy: The Gauntlet

by Rebecca Ethington

Two hundred years after the war, magic use is regulated, monitored, and limited to the select few who win the masochistic Gauntlet and are given ‘The Power of the Eternals’ and sent to Imdalind Academy for training.

No Gauntlet, no magic, no Paranormal Academy, and no place in society besides outcast with the Drains that live in the old tunnels that dot what once was Europe.

Unless you are me, who after a cruel twist of fate is left with a diseased fragment of magic. I may not be as strong as the bastards that lord over us, but that isn’t going to stop me from raising more than a little hell.

This year I am running the Gauntlet, and enrolling myself in their damn academy. After all, there is no better way to take down the evil overlords of our world than from the inside.

Those royal bastards won’t know what hit them.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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