The Birth of Vengeance

by P.A. Ross

What if you could be superhuman for a night?
Take bloody revenge on those who have wronged you, with no one knowing.

That’s the tantalizing offer Jon Harper gets from Thorn, a sultry, mysterious vampire.

An injection of the vampire formula temporarily empowers him with abilities of the dark immortals. In a fury of claws and fangs, he vanquishes his enemies and discovers a forbidden love. But as he delves deeper into the world of vampires, he makes new powerful enemies and realizes the power of the night may change him forever.

With time running out, Jon must learn Thorn’s true intentions before he faces an ultimatum: Forgiveness or Vengeance, Day or Night, Human or Vampire?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Witch Hunter

by Nicole R. Taylor

Zachary Degaud was twenty-three when he died. The problem was, he didn’t stay that way.
Present day, he’s just another vampire with another unremarkable story… until he manages to get on the bad side of a two thousand year old witch.
His only chance for survival is to summon the ancient and unpredictable vampire known as the Witch Hunter.
When Aya is awoken from a century long slumber, she finds the witch she’s been hunting for thousands of years has resurfaced and marked a young, arrogant vampire by the name of Zachary Degaud. Unless she does something, he will die a slow and painful death — and she’s not so sure she wants to help. At least not until Zac proves he’s worth saving…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Arcane (The Arinthian Line Book 1)

by Sever Bronny

Fourteen-year-old Augum apprentices under a mysterious mentor in the forbidden art of magic. He is joined by Bridget and Leera, two passionate and quirky girls willing to give a lonely orphan like Augum a chance. Together they dare to train as warlocks.

But Augum’s mentor turns out to be none other than Anna Atticus Stone, a legendary warlock—and she possesses a mythical artifact. When a warlord suddenly turns up demanding that artifact, the group is plunged into a harrowing adventure, one in which Augum will have to use his newly learned spells to try to save the only thing he has left . . . a friendship forged in fire.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Last Battleship

by Joshua T. Calvert

Humanity’s endless war and a crew of outcasts on a decommissioned warship who could change the future.

First contact with the alien “Clicks” led to a generations’ long war. The Terran Federation still knows very little about the enemy.

Captain Konrad Bradley commands the decommissioned battleship Oberon, the last remaining Titan of the fleet. Mocked as a flying museum – too expensive, too cumbersome, too old – Bradley and his crew of outcasts from a long-vanished colony lead a dull life on the farthest edge of human hegemony.

Bradley’s hope to go quietly into the night ends with the arrival of the legendary Strike Group 2 and the delivery of a secret so great it could end the war. That’s why Lagunia was chosen for its construction.

Getting the system operational doesn’t go as expected leaving Bradley and the Oberon to clean up the mess that has drawn the attention of those

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Excalibur Knights Saga Omnibus: An Arthurian Space Opera Adventure

by Luke Mitchell

Nate Arturi was nobody’s first choice for a hero. But when a homeless wizard tricks him into taking up a foul-mouthed Excalibur to fend off the Troglodan apocalypse, he’d better learn quick… King Arthur meets Mass Effect in this fresh new space opera saga! This set includes Books 1-3, plus 4 bonus stories!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Second Skyn

by Damien Boyes

They say you never forget the first time you die.

Finsbury Gage remembers—he and his wife, smeared across the highway by a malfunctioning bit-head driving a stolen urban assault vehicle. He hung together long enough for the Second Skyn recovery team to rescue his fading thoughts from his ruined body, but his wife wasn’t so lucky.

Now, with his salvaged mind uploaded to a custom bioSkyn replacement body, Fin’s thrust into a dangerous underworld of plastic minds and enhanced bodies, driven by the haunting, split-second memory of his killer’s face. He’ll do whatever it takes to find the man who stole his future, but when vengeance lives forever, just how far will he let himself go to find justice for the woman he loves?

The Lost Time series is Blade Runner meets Memento in a mind-bending cyberpunk blockbuster that’ll keep you guessing until all the way to the end.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Alpha Plague

by Michael Robertson

Do you have a plan for the apocalypse?

Rhys doesn’t.

But as he watches chaos spill from the Alpha tower, he knows one thing for sure …

He must get to his son before the virus does.

If you like high stakes and edge of your seat action in a post-apocalyptic world, then The Alpha Plague is for you. Get it now to join Rhys at ground zero as he tries to save his loved ones and survive a disaster that will leave the world changed forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic