Catalyst (Godslayer Rising: Book 1)

by J.D.L. Rosell

The gods are at war.
The game is their chessboard.
But Sean Marrow is no pawn…

Dive into Marrow’s adventures in Book 1 of Godslayer Rising – Catalyst, a sword-and-sorcery LitRPG/Gamelit tale that follows a young man coming into his own power in a virtual-reality fantasy world…

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Kana Cold: Case of the Shinigami

by KC Hunter

A young girl is haunted by a Death God. Her only hope is a rum-drinking, bar-fighting paranormal investigator with a bad attitude…

Get the 1st story in the KANA COLD series, on sale today for Kindle, KindleUnlimited, paperback, and audio book.

Amazon readers rate it high:

5 stars – This is going to be a fun series! 2 thumbs up! – Catherine R.
5 stars – I loved what most readers call “the twist” at the ending, – A. Customer

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Empowered: Agent

by Dale Ivan Smith

The world says those possessing superpowers are either heroes or villains. But what if you’re both?

Former super-villain Mathilda Brandt must become one again in order to save her family and thousands of others from a psychotic criminal mastermind.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Beyond These Walls – Books 1 – 6 – A Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller

by Michael Robertson

How dare Spike and Matilda fall in love? As residents of Edin, they’ll be lucky if they’re still alive in six months’ time.

Edin is a city on the brink …

On the brink of collapse through overpopulation.

On the brink of revolution because of government oppression.

On the brink of being overrun by the diseased hordes outside its walls.

In a place like Edin, love is a luxury. But it’s a luxury Spike and Matilda–even when dealing with the very real threat of their own demise–refuse to live without.

Will Spike and Matilda realise their dreams in a world of nightmares?

And even if they do, what lies in wait for them beyond Edin’s walls?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

How to Pick Up Women with a Drunk Space Ninja

by Jay Key

Bounty hunters. Ninjas. Anthropomorphic musk oxen from the moons of Gartosh. Welcome to the gut busting and page turning universe of Duke LaGrange!

When bounty hunter Duke LaGrange and his oft inebriated Japanese-Irish ninja companion, Ishiro’shea, entered their favorite watering hole, Cyborg Joe’s Grill N’ Go & The Why Not Saloon, they had no idea that they would soon be gobbled up by an unhinged astral anomaly and deposited on an uncharted primitive world. Few things are worse than undeveloped planets especially those that haven’t even made it to the soufflé stage. To top it off, this particular planet comes with its own insane ruler and an Orb that Controls Everything and Must be Respected. The bounty hunting duo will need to navigate a violent rebellion, fire-breathing panthers, and swamp cannibals in order to avoid being stranded light years from the nearest well-made martini.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Vacuum of Space

by Julia Huni

It’s a dirty galaxy and someone has to clean it.

Avoiding the wealthy inhabitants on the upper levels of Station Kelly Kornienko is Triana’s number one rule. Well, number two, right after “eat all the chocolate.”

But when one of her cleaning bots finds a dead body, all the rules go out the window. Or the airlock, since the windows on SK2 don’t open.

When a highly connected security agent asks for help, Triana can’t ignore him; it’s cooperate or find a new job. A girl has to pay the rent, even on a crappy studio compartment.

Working with a shiny detective beats a shuttle dirt-side, so Triana lends her programming skills to Agent O’Neill’s investigation. Together, they find more victims and evidence of a major cover-up.

It will take all Triana’s technical talents, most of O’Neill’s connections, and some really excellent croissants to stop the killer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

15 Minutes the Complete Boxset

by Jill Cooper

After a devastating loss, sixteen-year-old Lara Crane holds a secret wish. Her mother died in a mugging ten years-ago and Lara wants nothing more than to bring her back and restore the time they lost.

Altering the timeline forever.

Time travel rules forbid it. If Lara messes with the timeline, she not only risks getting caught. She risks death but Lara doesn’t believe in rules. She believes in doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

Lara has fifteen minutes to change the course of history. She has no idea how life will change on the other side. Who she will love, who will be destroyed.

And who might be out to stop her.

A complete six-book saga filled with time travel, virtual reality, converging timelines and more.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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