by David Petrie

Digby Graves, a deceased medieval peasant with delusions of grandeur, is trying to figure out how the hell he ended up in Seattle eight hundred years after his death. Also, why does he have necrotic magic coursing through his zombified body? Added to that is the fact that he made a terrible first impression the moment he woke up by lunging at the first person that came into biting range.

Now, the curse he unleashed is loose in the world. Digby has a target on his back and only fragmented memories of his death. He needs to survive long enough to put the pieces back together, learn what it means to lead the horde, and master his power over the dead. Digby might even find a few accomplices along the way, if he can hold off on eating them.

The end of the world is gonna get weird.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Heritage Lost

by S.M Wright

Captain Katya Cassius never imagined shoving her military career down a trash compactor and launching it all into space.

However, one simple rescue mission shatters her career and life, alongside those of her two-person crew. Their discovery of a Magistrate warship, the Aletheia, and its slain crew ensnare them in a conspiracy centered on the lone survivor: an Oneiroi toddler. Katya rescues the boy despite the Oneiroi’s fearsome reputation. This act of mercy sees her own military turn its weapons on her ship.

Katya’s crew steps become dogged by the Magistrate and a terrorist organization. However, the boy’s genetics conceal a greater danger to Katya’s crew than either force. However, as an adopted child, Katya can’t abandon the boy, even as he reshapes her mind and uncovers her forgotten childhood.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Bridge of Eternity

by Amelia Cole

Reckless conflict photojournalist Ella Dawson is on a mission to show the world the truth and help end the bloodshed. But while in the middle of a war-torn city, she witnesses a totally-not-legal package exchange.

When the deal goes south, Ella is left in possession of a mysterious artifact-a bronze statue of the Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna. A secret, ancient power awakens within the statue and in Ella. Bestowed the role of guardian to a celestial bridge that connects this world to the world of the gods, she must use her newfound abilities to protect it.

But another seeks the statue, and so she’s forced to partner with a headstrong mercenary-who also happens to be her ex-lover-Ella must do everything she can to stop the bridge from being used for selfish purposes, or untold devastation will erupt.

And Ella has seen enough to last her a lifetime.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Omnibus Two (Books 7-12)

by Michael Anderle

The Drow are back.

Unfortunately, the Drow are looking to get hold of Alison.

An order to locate the princess means they need to find and deal with Brownstone.

They will have to go through him first. And that won’t be easy.

Continue James Brownstone, Alison Brownstone and Shay Carson’s story in the second 6-book boxed set in the best-selling The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone series!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Rising Storm

by Ceri A. Lowe

In a world ravaged by devastating storms, only the all-powerful Paradigm Industries have the tools to survive. Welcome to their new world, where humanity’s past must be destroyed at all costs, and those who are not necessary for the Industry’s plan are frozen in the Catacombs.
15-year-old Alice Davenport is all alone when the storms destroy her city. She quickly learns how to survive – and how to defend herself. But she’s unaware that all the while…
Paradigm Industries have been watching Alice.
They have plans for her.
They’re going to make her one of them.
Paradigm offers Alice the chance to be a part of the new elite. But when the boy she loves is in danger, she’s faced with a terrible decision – will she follow her head, or her heart?
And the hardest choice may be yet to come, as Paradigm continue with their quest to build a brand-new world, no matter what – or who – gets left behind.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian