Smoke Rising

by Craig Halloran

An unlikely pair on a collision course with trouble.

Bounty Hunter John Smoke never liked the rules. As a result of his overly aggressive—and often illegal—arrest methods, he ended up behind bars. But the Bureau won’t let him be. Placed in the able care of beautiful, no nonsense, Sidney Shaw, his new FBI handler, Smoke needs to alter his loose-cannon ways to remain a free man.

But there is an unchecked evil festering deep in the heart of the nation’s capital. A shadow conspiracy that won’t be defeated by conventional means. A vast, hidden network of criminals with the terrifying ability to shapeshift into monsters is spreading its supernatural sickness in the very fabric of human society.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

I Smell Smoke

by Craig Halloran

No Signs Of Smoke
Sidney thinks she’s getting the hang of things only to find herself at odds once again with her annoying and unappreciative supervisor, Cyrus Tweel. To make matters worse, there’s been no talk about the Black Slate or the whereabouts of Smoke, leaving her in the dark and feeling more isolated than ever. During a stakeout with Cyrus, strange things begin to emerge. Black Suns and oddly familiar children begin to show up. The Drake’s fingerprints seem to be on everything she’s involved with.

˃˃˃ Reunion And Mystery
When Sidney begins to fret her new duties and doubt her peers, Smoke shows up in a suit looking as gorgeous as ever. While Sid is initially captivated, it’s not long before they butt heads over the next Black Slate assignment, a mysterious woman called Night Bird.

Previously $3.99

Fated: Cinderella’s Story

by Kaylin Lee

All Cinderella wants is to take care of her family.

After working tirelessly for five years to prove herself among the city’s elite, she’s about to graduate and win a coveted spot in city government. Then it all blows up in her face—literally.

A violent, anonymous force has been targeting commoners in horrifying attacks. Now they’ve set their sights on Cinderella. Either that, or she’s losing her mind. It doesn’t help that she’s falling for a mage who’s way out of her league.

Just as she manages to recover from the attack that left her scarred and traumatized, the city’s mysterious enemy destroys what’s left of her future. But when they go after her family, they cross the line. The whole city is in danger now.

How much is Cinderella willing to risk to save the city that has always hated her?

Previously $0.99

Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Hidden: Rapunzel’s Story

by Kaylin Lee

Young assassin Rapunzel is the most powerful absorbent mage alive, so strong she can drain the life of a grown man with a single brush of her finger.

But the power means little when her every move is controlled by her mistress.

For twelve long years, Rapunzel has known nothing beyond a nightmarish life of captivity, murder, and failed escape attempts.

She spends her days locked away in a tower, dreaming of a different life, and her nights in the city, forced to use her terrible power for her mistress’s political ambitions.

Rapunzel knows she’s a monster. She shouldn’t exist. She doesn’t deserve to exist. But her desperate hope for freedom just won’t go away.

Then a mysterious foreigner climbs into her tower seeking refuge. He should be terrified of Rapunzel, but he wants to help set her free. What kind of madman would ever want to help someone like Rapunzel?

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Birth of Heavy Metal Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

by Michael Todd

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle
Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death?
While eating his supper of microwave popcorn, PhD student-genius Salinger Jacobs is grabbed from his apartment in California, stuck on a C-130 military plane and sent to the Sahara Desert to witness the reality of the ZOO for himself.
With the life expectancy of untrained scientists working inside the ZOO measured in hours, he has a lot to learn.
First order of business?
How do you shoot a gun, and just HOW MUCH is that plant worth?
The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO, while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check.
There is one major problem, Salinger doesn’t even have a PhD.

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Ch05En: Ivy (A Dystopian Superhero Novel – Ch05En Novels Book 1)

by William Dickstein

A girl who hears voices. An android with anger issues. Their paths converge in this small town superhero mystery. Explore the world of Ch05En, a dystopian world of superheroes, androids, and shadowy government cabals—where one simple gene can mean the difference between life and death. Fans of X-Men, 1984, and The Matrix may enjoy this book.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Scorched: The Last Nomads

by Melanie Karsak

Survive the Night. Suffer the Day.

One hundred and sixty-seven years ago, a solar coronal mass ejection devastated civilization. In the blink of an eye, modern technology died. Destroying the grid might not have brought about our end, but the solar superstorm blighted the land and made us sick. This is the hellish world my sister Ash and I grew up in. If it’s not the landscape trying to kill you, the wailers who roam the wasteland at night will.

Now our home, The Park, teeters on the brink of extinction. When the annual shipment of supplies from Low Tide outpost failed to arrive, my sister led a small scouting party to find out what happened. But she never came back. No one did.

I can either hope for a miracle or mourn her for dead. I can’t live with either option.

Join Keyes in her search for Ash in this post-apocalypse CME fiction with solarpunk and steampunk elements.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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