Mind Machines (Human++ Book 1)

by Dima Zales

From New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Dima Zales, an intense new techno-thriller that pushes the limits of what it means to be human.

With billions in the bank and my own venture capital firm, I’m living the American dream. My only problem? A car accident that leaves my mother with memory problems.

Brainocytes, a new technology that can transform our brains, could be the answer to all of my problems—but I’m not the only one who sees its potential.

Plunged into a criminal underworld darker than anything I could’ve imagined, my life-saving technology might be the death of me.

My name is Mike Cohen, and this is how I became more than human.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

Fate of Blood (Vitarian Chronicles Volume 1)

by S. L. Watson

A murdered innocent. A battle for a planet becomes personal.
When Everly receives an ominous call, her life takes a turn she never saw coming.
Her mother goes missing after revealing a shattering secret, thrusting Everly into a world of blood, magic, and betrayal. She has no choice but to rely on those who have kept her mother’s secrets as she struggles to understand her true identity and master her power.
Everly is paired up with the alluring and frustrating Arden, and sparks fly as he teaches her to control her Empath abilities. As the wall deteriorates between them, Everly finds herself torn between her attraction to the mysterious man sent to train her and her loyalty to the best friend she thought she had feelings for.
If you like kickass heroines, high-stakes action, and mind-bending twists, then you’ll love S. L. Watson’s addictive tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by D. D. Larsen

Book 1 of the Academy Series begins with Destiny, a thrilling fantasy story with magical creatures and sizzling romance.
Despondent after a failed career move, Jamie returns to her remote hometown to rekindle old relationships and hopefully rediscover her life’s purpose. While visiting the local coffee shop , she meets the rugged stranger Wren, who works as a park ranger and always seems to be around when she needs him. But he also appears to have a strange connection to the mysterious wolf residing in the forest.
As Jamie grows closer to Wren, she stumbles into a paranormal world of dark magic, shapeshifters, and deep, supernatural connections. At the same time, Jamie discovers the mysterious powers that have lain dormant within her for years.
A paranormal story about shape-shifting wolf, a fantasy about a young woman with special powers, and a sexy romance with a mysterious stranger

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Eric R Asher

A supernatural swarm. A treacherous scheme. A tinker’s apprentice may be the village’s only hope…

Jacob has yet to meet a gadget he couldn’t fix or an adventure he could resist. With trade routes to his remote Lowlands town cut off, Jacob must exchange his boyhood adventures for petty theft. After all, his wages at the tinker shop aren’t enough to pay for his father’s medicine.

But it soon becomes clear why few merchants brave the nearby roads as a plague of terrifying creatures descends upon the town. With the Lowlands under siege, Jacob and his friend have no choice but to run for their lives. When their escape uncovers a terrible secret, Jacob learns there are those who’ll stop at nothing to make sure the teen takes the scandal to his grave…

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

The Lost Sentinel

by Suzanne Rogerson

Tei has magic in a world where mystics like her are persecuted and forced into exile.

Whilst fleeing their home, her father is attacked and his deathbed confession reveals a dangerous secret that will change her life forever.

Tei’s homeland, the magical island of Kalaya, is dying and without a Sentinel to restore the magic life as they know it will perish.

Tei’s destiny is linked with the island’s survival but to save it she must risk everything she loves. Is she brave enough to make that sacrifice?

If you like exquisite worlds, strong heroines and intriguing villains, you’ll love Suzanne Rogerson’s epic fantasy The Lost Sentinel, book 1 in the Silent Sea Chronicles trilogy.

‘THE LOST SENTINEL contains plenty of action, intrigue, and challenges throughout, making this a thrilling fantasy adventure… it whisked me away someplace magical, alluring, and dangerous.’

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Sentinel’s Reign

by Suzanne Rogerson

The Sentinel’s reign is doomed to fail unless Tei can prevent the Kalayan people from plunging into war.

With the new Sentinel initiated and the magic restored, life is flourishing for Tei and the exiles. But Rathnor’s plans for war escalate and thwart any chance of peace.

Brogan’s position on the Assembly is uncertain as rumours circulate he’s an exile spy.

After an attempt on his life, Farrell is determined to build a home for his people on Stone Haven. But the council have their sights set on Kalaya and Farrell struggles to steer them from war.

As trouble brews within and outside forces gather against them, can the exiles keep their hold on the magic, or will this spell the end of Kalaya and its people?

‘SENTINEL’S REIGN breathes life into an island of magic as well as enemies thirsting for its power. Adventurous and unique this fantasy only gets more captivating…’

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Baldwin’s Legacy: The Complete Series

by Nathan Hystad

A brand-new collection featuring all 6 Baldwin’s Legacy novels. Over 1800 pages of space battles, starship exploration, betrayals, and redemption. Get your copy today!

Thomas Baldwin has been appointed captain of the state-of-the-art flagship Constantine, named after his heroic grandfather. The Statu war was won, and the Concord has enjoyed fifty years of relative peace.

When Baldwin’s first mission turns deadly, he fears the worst. The Statu have returned.

Included inside:

Confrontation (Baldwin’s Legacy Book One)
Unification (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Two)
Culmination (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Three)
Hierarchy (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Four)
Lineage (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Five)
Legacy (Baldwin’s Legacy Book Six)

Join the Concord today! Until we meet in the Vastness…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Red

by J Schulz

A group of Soldiers awaken an ancient predator in the caves of Afghanistan. The creature consumes, corrupts or destroys everything in her path to freedom. Once unleashed, her goal is to exterminate the human vermin.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Montrose Paranormal Academy, Book 5.5

by Barbara Hartzler

t’s time for the Secondborn Seer to emerge…

I never wanted to be the Seer like my sister. I’m just trying to convince my parents not to send me back to that awful boarding school in Switzerland.

But all of a sudden, I’m having strange dreams and visions…

Could they be premonitions?

When we go to New York City to hunt for clues, a visit to Montrose Paranormal Academy may be in order.

Will I ever figure out what’s happening to me?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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