Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101

by Marisa Claire

Your Life Begins or Ends at the Academy

For Remi St. James, It started with the blackouts. Then the vivid nightmares. That’s nothing compared to waking up naked, alone in a forest with no recollection of how she got there.

Scary as hell, but what she discovers is far worse.

Remi was changing into something more–something supernatural.

After coming to terms with what she is, Remi starts school at the Gladwell Academy of Shifters, an exclusive and secretive college designed to awaken those with extraordinary abilities.

Remi meets Laith Brighton, an impossibly hot, mountain lion shifter who’s also an irresistible jerk. Then there’s the cliques of werewolves and bears. Plenty of mean girls with mind powers. Everything a regular college has–just a bit weirder. But what she discovers is far darker than anyone could imagine.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Terminus (Fringe Worlds #1)

by Kevin Hardman

Master Sergeant Gant Maker was a highly-decorated and well-respected Marine – until his last mission left him as the sole survivor of an encounter with a vicious race called the Vacra. Served up as a scapegoat and drummed out of the military, he has since lived a life of seclusion with only an adopted alien as a companion.

Now the Vacra have returned. As the only person to have ever faced them and survived, Maker is reinstated in the Corps and given the onerous task of finding this enemy on a world located at the edge of known space. Assisting him is an unlikely band of military rejects, including a blind sharpshooter, an unstable psychic, and a genetically-engineered killing machine who refuses to fight.

Given that the Vacra have superior weapons and technology, Maker recognizes that his team is at a distinct disadvantage. But Marines are nothing if not resourceful, and Maker has an audacious plan that just may level the playing field – if it doesn’t get them all killed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Animus Boxed Set 1 (Books 1-4)

by Joshua Anderle

This isn’t your average academy series. Animus is all about The Nexus Academy. The future of alien warfare.

This digital boxed set contains the first four books in the Animus series. The best-selling scifi series by father and son – Michael and Joshua Anderle!

Initiate – Book 1
It was just one fight, but it changed Kaiden Jericho’s life forever.
He was in a gang but was trying to change his future when a board member of the elite advanced academy NEXUS made a snap decision and offered him a chance.
Then fate, or an unbalanced genius, offered him another.
The Nexus Academy is for the elite trainees from Earth, and now trials from our alien allies, as they teach the future generation how to fight, lead, hack, spy, and many other talents and tactics.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Daisy’s Run

by Scott Baron

Daisy’s ship hadn’t blown up yet, which was a plus in her book. But with the powerful AI supercomputer guiding the craft beginning to show some disconcerting quirks, and with its unsettling cyborg assistant nosing into her affairs, Daisy’s unease was rapidly growing.

Add to the mix a crew of mechanically-enhanced humans, any one of whom she suspected might not be what they seemed, and Daisy found herself with a sense of pending dread tickling the periphery of her mind.

Something was very much not right, she could feel it in her bones. The tricky part now was going to be overcoming her biases against mechanical beings and figuring out what the threat was, before it could manifest from a mere sinking feeling in her gut into a deadly reality.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Pushing Daisy

by Scott Baron

Escaping from deranged cyborgs and a malcontent AI had been the run of Daisy’s life, but one from which she had miraculously come out the other side in one piece. Unfortunately for her, she had survived that ordeal only to find herself in a far deeper mess.

With an even more dangerous turn of events thrusting her in harm’s way, Daisy’s original plight was now dwarfed by the new issues at hand. Issues involving not only her crewmates and herself, but threats on a global level. Earth was in jeopardy, and much as she hated to admit it, Daisy, it seemed, was its best hope.

Driven into action, Daisy found her newfound skills tested to their limits, and quite nearly to their breaking point. Unfortunately for her adversaries, they didn’t know just who it was they were pushing around, because Daisy was most definitely not to be trifled with. She was the woman who pushed back.

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Prophecy Unravelled: Heir Series Box Set

by Rin Grey

Runaway. Outcast. Renegade.

Elizabeth’s untrained magic nearly killed her family. The only way to keep them safe was to run as far as she could. Now, fifty years later she’s back, and about to discover that her family may just have a few secrets of their own.

Seventy three years of experience and regret, in a magically enhanced, twenty five year old body, Elizabeth is determined not to hurt her family again.

But as her path repeatedly crosses with the powerful mage kingdom, and it becomes apparent they have plans of their own for her, that goal might just be impossible to achieve. How can she choose between her family, and the destiny she doesn’t even know exists?

Contains the following books:
Elusive Heir
Contested Heir
Divided Heir
Wayward Heir

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Galaxia: Thirteen Stories Spanning the Unknown Multiverse

by Multiple Authors

Join these award-winning and bestselling sci fi authors as they take you into dystopian worlds, technological societies beyond your imagination, and beyond the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

$0.99 Previously $9.99

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