Third Daughter (The Royals of Dharia, Book One)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Aniri is the Third Daughter of the Queen—zero royal duties. Then a barbarian prince proposes. If she refuses, the country may plunge into war. When she discovers the prince has his own secrets, she finds that saving her country may end up breaking her heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


Ambition (The Long Haul Book 1)

by Geoff North

During an age of rapidly dwindling energy resources and greedy corporate expansion, Earth receives a warning from a not too distant star system – We are aware of your existence. We will end you.

The colossal mining vessel Ambition undergoes a militarized refit and is sent from the Sol System to confront the alien threat of Pegasi 51. A voyage at near light speed encounters catastrophic events. Seventy years of travel between stars stretches into a seven-century odyssey. All communication to and from home has been severed, and the civilization waiting for them ahead has remained ominously silent.

Captain Ly Sulafat, Ambition’s 30th – and likely last – commander, leads this final generation of weary travelers into a hostile star system, ill-prepared, and far too inexperienced to confront what awaits them.

The long journey has ended. Time for war.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Trapped Mind Project – Emerilia 1

by Michael Chatfield

Austin Zane leaves behind his CEO position with RB Corp to play Dave, a half-dwarf in the Virtual reality game Emerilia, trying to escape his life.

What Dave doesn’t know is that Earth as he knows it, is really a virtual reality simulation and Emerilia is a world imbued with futuristic technologies to mimic early MMORPG’s.

He just wanted peace and quiet, to build a house, do some fishing, to take some time to find himself once again. What he found out instead was a cause, he found out the biggest lie of his life. He found out the truth about Emerilia and the lies of Earth.

What’s the best way to control slaves? Make them think that they’re free.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


The Sorcerer’s Concubine

by Jaclyn Dolamore

Born of wood, cloth, and a substantial dose of magic, Velsa is a Fanarlem, a beautiful artificial girl raised to serve as a concubine. Grau Thanneau is a kind and handsome sorcerer who expects to own a spectacular piece of spellwork–he doesn’t realize that everything he has been told about Fanarlem is a lie. Velsa is not a dull-witted doll, but an intelligent and luminous soul who captivates his heart. Neither of them expected to fall in love, in a land where the law will never recognize her as his equal… But war is brewing, and with it, the winds of opportunity. Soon Velsa will have to choose between freedom and love.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by John Gwynne and more


A stone from the stars rips a royal family apart, in a new tale from the banished lands. Weary hero Cam rides to the aid of his dying king, bearing the elixir that may save him. A party of reluctant adventurers pursues a troll across a snowy mountainside – or is it the troll who is hunting them?

Fourteen tales of daring, death, and glory, by fourteen talented writers.

Grab your map, sword, and magical amulet; your journey awaits.

With stories from:

John Gwynne, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Gail Z. Martin, Juliet E McKenna, Julia Knight, Juliana Spink Mills, Jacob Cooper, Samanda R Primeau, Steven Poore, Davis Ashura, Dan Jones, Charlie Pulsipher, Anna Dickinson, and Thaddeus White

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


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