Barnabas Tew and the Case of the Missing Scarab

by Columbkill Noonan

Barnabas Tew is a Victorian detective who imagines himself to be just like Sherlock Holmes. Sadly, he is not nearly so clever as his idol, and tends to make a dreadful mess of things. Imagine his surprise, then, when he and his assistant, Wilfred, are attacked by a mummy in a museum and wake up to find themselves not only dead, but in the Egyptian afterlife! Can Barnabas do a better job of things here than he did in London?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Days Since… Thomas: Day 758

by Robert Wilson

What if you put your fate in the wrong hands? What if taking it back was your worst option?

A virus devastated the world, and humanity lies in ruin.

Army veteran Thomas Ricard lost everything but his life—and his adopted son, Joseph.

Two years later, Thomas serves the Second Alliance. They bring stability to the region’s survivors. They’re far from perfect. But chaos was worse.

Thomas wants more for himself. Simply surviving isn’t enough.

The opportunity comes when a band of human traffickers encroaches on the Second Alliance’s territory. Thomas must lead the strike team to stop them, but the mission’s loaded with a huge gamble.

If he succeeds, his family’s future is secure. Failure means a swift transfer and losing his son.

Can Thomas win through and protect his family?

Will the Second Alliance even honor the agreement if he does?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Never Dead

by M.L. Bullock

Ex-burlesque dancer and aspiring author Tamara Garvey just had her world turned upside down.

Her best friend died and leaves her as guardian to a teenager. Now, not only is Tamara struggling with her new role but she is also charged with caring for the family home, the Ridaught Plantation known by the locals as the Dead House.

To her surprise, the place is already occupied by an angsty ghost named Joey who has a penchant for wearing her clothes and a fascination for paranormal movies and television shows. Tamara and Joey develop an unexpected friendship but questions remain about how and when he got there.

In an attempt to fit in with the suspicious small town residents, Tamara turns on the charm and decides to host a community wide Halloween party, right at the historic home.

Everything turns out great until the dead begin to show up too.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Executor Rising

by Rhett C Bruno

A wild ride of mercenaries, espionage, and betrayal.

When ships belonging to the powerful New Earth Tribunal are mysteriously stolen from within the asteroid belt, their mortal enemies become suspect number one.

Sage Volus, tribunal executor and spy, is tasked with solving the problem.

Sage quickly infiltrates the ranks of suave Ceresian mercenary Talon Rayne, seeking the truth behind the attacks. But the longer she works with Talon and his squad, the more she finds her faith in the Tribune tested.

While her quest for answers only unearths more questions, a new threat is on the rise. And it plans to bring down the Tribune, once and for all.

A covert agent, a roguish mercenary, a subservient android, and a disgraced general… Join an unlikely band of would-be saviors as they are drawn into a conspiracy destined to change the solar-system forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Wild Hare

by Laura Koerber

Listed by Kirkus Review as one of the best indy books of 2019

“The story manages to weave together a complex tapestry of themes, from climate change to poverty to what qualifies as morality in a world that’s facing catastrophe. The prose is clear and concise throughout, giving readers a sense of each scene and character through the protagonist’s eyes.
A wrenching, complex novel that any fantasy fan would do well to pick up.”

In the year 2032, the US is a one party kleptocracy and the forests are on fire from climate change. Bobby Fallon, half human and half nature spirit of the wild hare clan, fights to protect his little part of the North Woods in Wisconsin.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

Of Sea and Shadow (The Elder Empire: Sea Book 1)

by Will Wight

The Guild of Navigators has ruled the Aion Sea for centuries, using their fleet of mystical ships to collect trade for the Aurelian Empire.

Now the Emperor is dead.

For Calder Marten, Captain of The Testament, the Emperor’s death is not an end, but an opportunity. He and his crew seek the legendary Heart of Nakothi, an artifact that could raise a second Emperor…and earn Calder a fortune.

But they’re not the only ones who want the Heart.

The Consultant’s Guild, an ancient order of spies and assassins, will stop at nothing to keep the world in chaos. They seek to destroy the Heart, and prevent the world from uniting under a single Emperor ever again.

On the seas, a man works to restore the dying Empire.
In the shadows, a woman seeks to destroy it.
Will you explore the seas here with Calder? Or will you walk the shadows with Shera, in the parallel novel “Of Shadow and Sea”

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Looking for Dei – The Godseeker Duet Book One

by David A Willson

Nara Dall has never liked secrets, yet it seems that her life has been filled with them, from the ugly scar on her back to the strange powers she possesses. When she uses forbidden magic to save her friend, she uncovers the biggest secret of all: the power of broken people.

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