Legend of Mermaid Cliff

by Brandon Rohrbaugh

Sixteen-year-old Mark Parker is devastated when he learns that his high school crush, Veronica McBride, has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff in their small beach town of Rockport. As the last person seen with the ill-fated girl, the town becomes suspicious of Mark and he swears to find the truth—but in doing so, he uncovers unearthly and evil secrets his town has been harboring for a century.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

New Dawn

by M.L. Cook

Brooke Carter didn’t believe in aliens.

Certainly not those capable of destroying her world.

Yet here they are.

Devastation surrounds them. Whole families are slaughtered. Who will stop them?

Brooke awakens to find the world as she knew it is gone. Leading a small band of humans, she’s determined to reclaim what the aliens have taken from her. What she doesn’t count on is the huge man, who looks human, but not quite.

Dante Balliol is a prince and heir from the planet Felidia. Caught unaware, him and his brother are captured by their enemies, the Terrapians. They manage to escape, but not before Dante’s ship is destroyed. Now, stranded on a primitive planet, he joins the humans in their quest to bring down the invaders and rescue the other captives.

Can they work together? Time is running out. Not only for their loved ones, but the entire planet as well.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Black Heart of the Station

by Jay Allan Storey

The Station is a city buried deep beneath the surface of a frozen, lifeless earth, its origins lost in the mists of time. Teenager Josh Driscoll’s frequent rule-breaking exploits are focused on a single question – how did we get here?

But Josh goes too far when he steals a space-suit and escapes to the surface to explore.

As punishment, the governing Council, of which his father is a member, forcibly enrolls him as a novice monk at Saint Carmine’s, the Station’s resident monastery. At first desperate to escape, Josh finds himself drawn into the monastery’s ancient texts.

Deciphering an encrypted journal hidden for centuries, Josh learns that the Black Heart, a computer complex sealed off after an ancient asteroid strike, may hold the answers he’s been seeking, and may be all that can save the city from certain annihilation.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

A Season of Clocks, Book 1: The Many Perfect Midnights of Meredith Hill

by Philip Ejike

Fifteen-year-old CORDELIA PAREDES’s best friend Persie has gone missing.  If that isn’t bad enough, all of the adults in her hometown of Blackgale, Pennsylvania – from her teachers, to the local officials, to Persie’s own parents – seem oddly unconcerned. Cordelia must therefore take it upon herself to find Persie, digging deep not only into Blackgale’s mysteries, but into the personal stories of the little town’s most mysterious residents.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

A Season of Clocks, Book 2: Oritha Stardust (Volume 1)

by Philip Ejike

Persie Van Houten reigns as Shadowkeeper of Blackgale Forest; all beings and beasts within are subject to her whim. For an entire year, she lords over the ancient trees, punishing any and all who challenge her authority. Her best friend, Cordelia Paredes, who had, a year previous, risked her life to ensure Persie’s safety, has decided to hang up her adventuring boots.

Unfortunately for her, her leisurely routine is suddenly and violently interrupted when an earth-shattering event reduces Blackgale Forest to a war zone. Cordelia cannot, of course, sit idly by while Persie’s life becomes fraught with danger. Once again, she finds herself dashing to the rescue, but her gung-ho attitude is soon tempered when she discovers that the source of Persie’s woes is capable of an evil far greater than anything she could have ever imagined….

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by K. M. Shea

Ever feel like you don’t belong? Try being a hunter living with werewolves. I’m the definition of “doesn’t fit in”. I’m not Pack, but I’m not the enemy, either.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

XimScape Vol. 1: Dawn of the Meta-Xim

by J.C. Stark

There can be only one way to end this war.

Join together to get revenge on those who made us fight!

The uniquely skilled and dispositioned civilizations of four moons orbiting the giant but lifeless planet Epta temporarily halted a long and bitter war. In reaching a fragile truce, Eptans agreed to refocus their sparse resources and the scarce and incredibly powerful element called Charune from use in combat against each other in order to achieve great things. One ambitious goal is to engineer an extraordinary escape to a place outside of their realm to confront those responsible for creating the experimental simulation that pitted their unique abilities against each other.

While some say that Charune makes anything possible, others say that the XimScape movement is only a pretext devised by the manipulative and power-hungry to harness the benefits of Charune for their own ends.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Rise: Birth of a Revolution

by Mark Moore

Damien Flynn, once a conscientious politician, is now facing execution for supporting the cause of an oppressed people, the Ricchans. Betrayed by his peers, Damien now understands that while bleeding hearts don’t make for good politics, he values his convictions more than ever. And those convictions have clashed against those held by the only world he’s ever known, leaving Damien forced to make a choice between his past and his future—a decision he figures he’ll never have to make. After all, the future is a luxury that dead men rarely enjoy.

But when Victoria Montgomery, the reluctant leader of an army consisting of little more than ragtag criminals and vagrants, realizes that she needs a catalyst to bring about the full-scale rebellion her people need to flourish, Damien’s fortunes change.

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