From Beyond The Stars

by Dakota Hatch

Cassius doesn’t trust Novae. For one thing, he’s a living blob of slime. For another . . . well, he’s an alien.

But Novae needs his help. Something . . . someone is after him.

An extraterrestrial overlord, to be exact—set to consume Novae and destroy Cassius’s world.

Forced into a quest to send Novae back to the stars, Cassius and his friends are running for their lives. If he fails, he, his friends, and the entire world will be torn apart. People will die—and any survivors will have their brains hijacked, only to become slaves to the faceless overlord looming over the planet.

In short, if Cassius fails, everyone is doomed.

No pressure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Setting Fires with Dragons – the COMPLETE SERIES: A Dragon Rider Urban Fantasy Adventure

by Ramy Vance

“They say revenge is best served cold…

Personally, I like mine served with a side of dragon fire.”

All I ever wanted was to be an acrobat in the circus. Then my family was killed by vampires and plans changed.

I became a vigilante, instead.

I still perform. My dragon, Percy, and I take to the skies in the greatest show you’ve ever seen.

Seeing this sassy Kansas girl cracking whips on the back of a dragon sure does draw in a crowd. Not that I allow their adulations (and tips) stop me from seeking what I truly crave. Vengeance.

We’ve hunted down the murderous vampires to New Orleans.

Seems they’ve been up to horrible things since killing my parents… and if I don’t stop them, no one will.

Time to set the vamps’ world on fire.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Broken Ascension

by Dave Walsh

The war is over, and there are no winners. Just a broken galaxy.

Now humans and aliens must share this war-torn galaxy. None of this matters to Drake, though, he’s just an artist. He’s tagging along on the busted up ship Trystero, along with its ragtag crew. Together, they traverse the Demilitarized Zone between Terran and Gra’al borders, taking on any job they can find. Big or small. Human or alien.

The galaxy changes when the crew encounters a derelict alien ship, its crew slaughtered. With his dying breath, a crewman points them to a box. In it? An abandoned alien baby. When their government refuses to get involved, Drake and the crew need to return the baby they’ve been calling Bruce home, a bloodthirsty warlord on their tail.

His quest? Find Bruce and claim the Gra’al throne, declaring a new war on humanity.

Drake never wanted to be a hero… now he’s all that stands in

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Remember Tomorrow

by Gregory Mattix

Jason has lost everything important in his life: his job, his friends, his family, his health, and his will to live. One day he receives the incredible opportunity to potentially get it all back – the ability to time travel. But every choice has consequences, and he faces more and more difficult decisions as he strives to make things right again.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Red Witch Chronicles Vol. 1

by Sami Valentine

If you’re craving…
– A snarky heroine in over her head
– Sexy vampires with devious agendas
– Fast-paced supernatural thrills
-Romantic subplots with your urban fantasy

Sink your fangs into a 3 book collection with over 500+ starred reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

The Red Witch Chronicles Vol. 1 contains the novels— Down & Witch, A Witch Called Red, and Long Witch Night— along with previously unreleased short stories.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Rampage Ridge (Fused Book 1)

by Stan C. Smith

Rampaging creatures. An apocalyptic conspiracy. A desperate struggle to survive. Bobby just wants to be a normal teenager, but the universe has other plans. He died two years ago in a tragic accident. Now his consciousness occupies a new body consisting entirely of alien nanoparticles. Unfortunately, the body didn’t come with an instruction manual. When you’re the most dangerous object in the world, learning how to do things by trial and error can be tricky. That’s why Ashley, Bobby’s off-and-on girlfriend, proposes a seemingly harmless training mission: investigate a rash of strange animal sightings. The mission starts out mildly interesting, but soon it turns serious, then downright deadly. Facing a cataclysmic threat, Bobby must fight to save his friends and, ultimately, all of humanity. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things and I Am Number Four.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Song of Echoes (Book 1)

by R.E. Palmer

‘All that has gone before is woven into the Song; joy, sorrow; kind acts and cruel acts; creation and destruction. Past, present, and what has yet to come, make themselves known — if you know how to listen.’

For three hundred years, the people of the Five Realms have lived in relative peace, protected by their great leader, the Archon. Yet, far to the north, in the frozen lands beyond the Draegalen Trench, the Ruuk stir, driven by a rising evil, long believed banished from the world. But rumors questioning the Archon’s ability to defend the realms once more, persist.

Elodi, the Lady Harlyn, uneasy in her new role following the death of her father, and Toryn, a farmworker and outsider in his village, must discover a way to fight an enemy that all but defeated their ancestors.

Song of Echoes is the first book in this epic fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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