Shadow’s Hand

by Noelle Nichols

False warriors destroyed their homes. Now two heroes must delve into ancient magic to save their realm from destruction.

Kilo lives and dies by the truth of the Shadow’s Creed. So when brutal raiders raze his village, the leader is honor-bound to put aside his fighting staff and help his people rebuild. After discovering the attackers were impersonating Shadow warriors and have befouled his beloved code with blood, he’s torn between duty and vengeance.

Shenrae’s childhood burned in the fire that claimed her parents’ souls. Knowing the assailants will attack again, she swallows her self-doubt to focus on her grueling Shadow warrior training. But when she realizes the immoral enemies are tapping into deadly primeval powers, she’s not sure even the best among her brethren are safe.

Can Kilo and Shenrae find a way to uphold their honor and defeat the dark forces?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


by Tristram Lowe

When the trail of a serial killer in Japan takes a supernatural turn, an unlikely pair of journalists must get the story without losing their heads.

Akio Tsukino is a photographer at a Tokyo newspaper, stuck in the back pages, shooting parades and grade school plays. When a serial killer starts chopping off heads, Akio sees a chance to break out of the routine and prove himself. It never occurs to him he’d end up in the path of a monster.

Masami Sato, a top staff writer on the police beat, is a tenacious woman making a name for herself in a male-dominated news world. When she’s sent to investigate the killer, she’ll stop at nothing to get the scoop. If only Akio would get out of her way.

As they struggle to get along, and ghost stories of evil samurai creep into their investigation, Akio and Masami soon realize that the price for getting the story may be their own heads.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Outcast Starship: The Complete Series (Books 1-9)

by Joshua James and Daniel Young

“Like Buck Rogers on steroids!” Two decades after he was banished from his homeworld for a disaster that still haunts him, Eli Bryce and his crew of unrepentant troublemakers struggle to survive on the edges of the galaxy. But when they rescue a near-dead castaway with an impossible secret, everything changes. Soon, the greatest conspiracy in the galaxy is unfolding around them and they have no choice but to fight. But what can one ship full of outcasts do to save Earth and the rest of the galaxy from annihilation? Includes all 9 books in the Outcast Starship series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Incite Insight

by Robert New

While investigating a series of deaths where the victim’s brains have melted, a detective uncovers an intelligence raising program. As he works through the program, his own thinking is transformed. He discovers a secret society distributing the program and finds himself becoming involved in their plan to change how the world is run.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Vampire’s Executioner

by Isadora Brown

This case, if not solved, could kill off royal vampire legacy.

When Elizabeth Grant from the Nocturnal Defense Society is assigned to protect Nikolai Dragulia, she balks. Next in line to inherit the crown and rule over vampire society, he’s equal parts mysterious and brooding as he is arrogant prince. Being a royal babysitter is not what she signed up for, but as Lizzie delves deeper into possible suspects, she realizes this is so much more.

The last thing Nikolai Dragulia needs is a babysitter, even one as gorgeous as she is infuriating. But his life has been threatened, and as heir to a timeless legacy, Nikolai is forced to do what he must for his family, even if that means enduring Lizzie Grant and her salty attitude.

As familial bonds are tested, motives become clear and secrets are revealed, spelling danger for both Nikolai and Lizzie if they can’t learn to work together.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Preons: alpha

by Frederik T. Stevens

“Superbly crafted, exhilarating futuristic tale” (Kirkus Reviews): In a universe of powerful empires, where humans are still reeling from total defeat, the greatest military mind on the planet deserts the effort to take back the Earth. Instead, he seeks personal revenge far across the galaxy in deadly, arena combat.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Serial Killer

by Craig Martelle

Alien ambassadors are dying.
The locals are in over their heads. Or are they turning a blind eye?

The Magistrates band together to learn about the law, each other, and even themselves. They still need outside help to solve the case. Who do they call?

And Barnabas stops by to refuel and spin a tale. More training for the Magistrates.

But duty takes them away. Another Ambassador is brutally murdered. Rivka takes her team to find the perp and end the violence.

Very little is as it seems.

Who are the good guys? Rivka is determined to set things right, no matter who is standing in her way.

What will the Magistrate uncover? What justice will she deliver?

You’ll love following Rivka’s adventures where no one is above the law. Everyone lies, but why? You have been judged.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Eden Paradox

by Barry Kirwan

If you loved Dune, Foundation or Ender’s Game, you’ll love this series.

It begins In Los Angeles in 2063. Earth’s overheated climate and war-ravaged cities are near breaking point. A new habitable planet, dubbed Eden, is discovered within reach, but the first two missions fail to return. This is the story of the third mission to Eden.

What really awaits the crew of four astronauts as they make the long journey to this supposed uninhabited planet, and what is the link to the secret 900 year old sect known as Alicians back on Earth? While Blake leads the Eden mission, Micah, a young researcher, discovers a terrible truth that threatens the very existence of humanity.

The Eden Paradox is the first novel in a four-part, galaxy-spanning epic adventure that questions humanity’s place in a universe where we are not the smartest kids on the block.

“Masterful science fiction!”

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Empire of Ash

by L. R. W. Lee

Dangerous magic, a dark god, and ancient secrets.
Archaeologist Pellucid Rose discovers THE find of the century when an earthquake hits her Mycenae, Greece dig. But before she can claim it, a dark, dangerous, and very sexy stranger steps from a swirl of shadows claiming she’s loosed a sphinx on the world by translating an ancient secret on one of the scrolls.

What’s more, he insists Secret Magic requires her to go with him to capture the ferocious creature.

Against better judgment, Pell teams up with the hot stranger to discover a world of magic where the impossible is reality, crooked mortals hide corrupt secrets, and mysteries older than myth can kill you. That thought alone makes her heart race, but things get even worse when she discovers he’s hiding world-altering secrets, and only she has what it takes to stop him.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

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