Death’s Reckoning

by Quinn Thomas

The battle for power is fierce in a world where mortals wield the strength of dead gods in this first book of a high-stakes epic fantasy series from Quinn Thomas.

A thousand years ago, the immortals were slain, their power passed down to a chosen few known as aspects. The competition between noble families for control of these aspects has plunged the land into a never-ending cycle of war and bloodshed.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Demon Relic Hunter

by L.A. McBride

A magical demon artifact, rich power players, and a goat shifter with sticky fingers and a penchant for chaos. What could go wrong? After eight years of keeping her head down and her bank account empty, Riley Cruz is tempted into one last heist. With a hot-tempered alpha werewolf muscling into her business and an old enemy gunning for her, Riley will need more than luck to walk away from this job alive. Get the first in this fast-paced, fun urban fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Keeper of the Sword (The Alex 9 Saga)

by Bruno Martins Soares

Who is Alex 9? Is she the one foretold? Does she bear the fate of the galaxy?
It’s the 22nd century and the Corporate Wars rage through our Solar System. Alex 9, an elite commando on a crucial mission, finds herself in Deep Space. Something went wrong with her ship, and she ends up on a planet much like Earth – a world at war where Humanity is still in the Middle Ages. Armies of knights, bowmen and spearmen clash as empires fight to death and alliances are stretched to the limit. But is Alex there by accident? A mysterious prophecy seems to have predicted her coming. And why is she in possession of the deadly Japanese Sword of the Dragon, once the prize of the Takahashi-McNamara Corporation? What secret powers are at work? In this new world, she will have to find a new family, a new mission and her own destiny.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Warden Series (Books 1 – 3)

by Kevin Hardman

Part lawman, part tracker and part magician, the Wardens are monster-hunters – tasked with protecting people from the vicious, nightmarish creatures that have invaded the world of men. However, despite being descended from a long line of Wardens, 16-year-old Errol Magnus believes it to be the absolute worst job on the planet: How could a single occupation simultaneously be the most boring, abominably stupid and extraordinarily dangerous profession imaginable? But soon Errol will find himself in situations so dire – and facing fiends so horrible – that his Warden training is his only hope of survival.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Change in Management (Jim Meade: Martian P.I. Series)

by R.J. Johnson

Murder, betrayal, the fate of humanity… it’s all in a day’s work for Jim Meade, Martian P.I. In 2097 humanity is ruled by two major powers: The Consortium and Coalition. But Jim Meade is a Runabout – someone who doesn’t care who’s running the show so long as he can earn his keep peacefully in the deadly Zero-G fights that keep the Martian colonists entertained on a nightly basis.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

The Poison Paradox

by Hadley Field

Prince Alaric breaks the laws of the gods and his kingdom to bring his brother back from death, but the price is higher than he could have imagined. Exiled, slowly corrupted, and with a brother more shadow than man, he seeks the only man able to fully revive his brother…another exile, his father’s former mage, Eamon.

When Alaric finds Eamon, he’s nothing like he expected. For one thing, he’s an ogre. For another, he flat-out refuses to help a spoiled prince.

Driven to desperation, Alaric forces the former mage’s hand before he realizes the price of a cure for his brother will come at the expense of his own life.

A life that, in Eamon’s ramshackle village, he’s beginning to enjoy for the first time.

The longer Alaric spends in the village in the woods, the more he falls for Eamon—and the more determined he is to change both his and his brother’s fate, no matter the price.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Dragon Blood Collection (Dragon Blood Book 1)

by Lindsay Buroker

A powerful sorceress wakes in another time only to learn that magic is now forbidden. The only man willing to help must risk his career and his life to do so. A complete romantic fantasy series ready for you to binge!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery