Breakers of the Code

by CB Archer

In a massively multi-player role-playing video game turned dangerously sexual through the skills of a mad programmer, is there anyone that can possibly save us from the hordes of sex crazed virtual monstrosities?

Of course there is someone! That’s pretty much what fantasy novel protagonists are for! You’ve read books before, right? They are all about heroes defeating the thick meaty binds of tyranny, plucking their way through dangerous encounters, fulfilling the aching needs of ancient prophecies, and all that other good stuff.

Anders, the plucky elf Night Ranger, is ready to take every challenge that is shoved at him head on! He will try to save the world with both arms swinging, and both hands pumping!

(Just as soon as he finds some pants!)

Warning: Contains m/m content and vigorous monster banging.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Grace Hudson

The war is over. Resources are scarce. The population is dwindling in the Forkstream Territories.

Pinnacle Officer Wilcox has created FERTS amidst the chaos, a facility designed to protect the female population from raiding hordes.

Beth 259201, a newly-demoted Epsilon Internee, suspects that there is something more that lurks beneath the carefully constructed order of the facility.

She has a gift, one that could brand her a defective. A novice fighter, she must use her intellect to survive. Her own life, and the lives of many more may be at risk. Will she succumb to the plans in store for her or will she conceal her secret long enough to discover her own path?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series

by Constance Burris

Coal, a sixteen-year-old human, has lived most of his life in the fey realm with his elven best friend. When a human child he promised to protect unintentionally breaks a law in the presence of the fey elite, this young boy will have to choose between betraying his best friend or saving the child’s life.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Zero Patient Trilogy Book One

by Harmon Cooper

Sterling is a gambler with his family’s lives at stake. Halo is a Goddess with a troubling secret. Hunter is a religious fanatic with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.

The Canyon is their home, the Book is their text, the War Zone is where they fight.

No questions asked, no answers questioned.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Of Ice and Snow

by Amber Argyle Smith

“A captivating series!” –Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author

Otec thought destiny forgot him.

The middle child of the clanchief, Otec is the overlooked son in an overflowing house. He dreams of escape and adventure, so when a mysterious stranger offers both, he doesn’t need persuading. But when his faraway village comes under attack, Otec will do anything to save the people he loves. Cut off from his nation, he must trust a foreign woman with a dubious past as they race to save his clan. But nothing is what it seems, and Otec may have to trust his enemy if he is to become the leader he was never meant to be.

Destiny is not always kind.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Winter Queen

by Amber Argyle

A dying man delivers a terrible warning: a civil war has begun between neighboring clans. As healer and clanmistress, Ilyenna is tasked with keeping the wounded alive and fed in the midst of an endless winter.

But when the war moves to the heart of her village, Ilyenna looks into her enemy’s eyes and sees more than just cunning. There is also lust—lust for power and lust for her. She finds herself faced with an impossible choice—seize the fairy’s dark magic and lose her humanity, or risk facing the enemy alone.

Previously $2.99

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