Inker and Crown

by Megan O’Russell

Ilbrea: A magnificent country that offers fame to those brave enough to seize their place among the Guilds—no one has worked harder to find their scrap of glory than Adrial Ayres. But being a prodigy and the Lord Scribe’s heir won’t be enough to find the secrets the Guilds would kill to hide. Adrial can’t face the dangers of hidden magic alone…
A sailor with a taste for adventure.
A soldier whose heart has been claimed.
A beauty they will never suspect.
A map maker with secrets of their own.
An inker who will change Adrial’s life forever.
The Guilds offer glory. The truth promises death. Adrial might be the only one who can save Ilbrea—if he can survive the shadows long enough to discover his true enemy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Man Without Hands

by Eric Malikyte

Two worlds entwined. A journey across time and space.
Two men who will do anything to resurrect what they’ve lost.
A boy who yearns to be accepted by his people, and an eldritch secret that haunts his past.

Fifteen processions ago, Sage’s father left the City of Yce Ralakar soaked in blood in the wake of a failed coup.

With otherworldly enemies searching for the remnants of the once-great Sulekiel Empire, the High Elder has declared that all Sulekiel youth must enter a deadly test of strength and power to prepare for that war.

Now, with his father’s legacy haunting his every move, Sage of Yce Ralakar must prove himself in the Trials. But will his efforts be enough? Will the Council of Elders let him succeed? Or will his father’s crimes haunt him for the rest of his days?

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Europa Deep

by Gary Gibson

There is life on Europa. The first manned expedition disappeared while exploring the vast ocean beneath the ice, and fifteen years later, Cassie White is given the chance to join a second expedition—so long as she agrees to investigate secretive experiments carried out by the first.

But the commander of the deep-space exploration ship Veles has every reason to hate her, and a hostile enemy ship is waiting for them when they arrive at Jupiter. Any attempt at landing may lead to war.

It soon becomes clear the first expedition stumbled onto a secret even greater than the existence of alien life within our own solar system—something hidden in the depths of Europa’s lightless ocean for untold billions of years. But before she can uncover it, Cassie must first figure out who on board the Veles is trying to sabotage their mission—and why.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Rth Rising

by Donna Steele

A story of colonization. Four ships were planned to be sent from Earth to New Home to save humanity. Three ships arrived and the ships were converted to huge arcologies to house the new population. However, three generations later people still only lived in those arcologies managed by Puter, the orbiting computer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Cydonia Rising

by Dave Walsh

An explosive science fiction series starter: After her diabolical brother kills their father to seize control of the Andlios Republic, Katrijn must evade assassins, form intergalactic alliances, and ultimately find the courage to face her destiny.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera