A Queen To Come

by Frances Ellen

A new Queen who will ascend the throne. An age-old enemy who wants her magic. Can the Asters, her elite magic guard, bring their Queen safely home?
The Affinites have been keeping the Dark Kings from taking over the surface of the world ever since their first, all-powerful Queen, Aiyana, led them to victory 500 years ago. Now, Aiyana’s ancient magic has been reincarnated in a new Queen will ascend the throne, and a Dark King is desperate to capture her ancient power for himself.
Lian, Matu, Nathan, Sky and Sophie are the Asters, an elite group of Affinites, each with a unique magic. They have trained and fought alongside each other all their lives. They have deep bonds of friendship. They will lay down their lives for each other, their Queen, and their people. With a new and unknown Dark King to face, they may just have to.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Savage Bite

by J.N. Colon

A hunter with a dark past. A mysterious shifter out for vengeance. And a stolen power every monster desires…

I finally get my shot at redemption as part of a supernatural task force only to botch my first assignment in the Underworld.

Great way to let the captain down, Tatum.

A demon artifact sinks its claws into me, and now I’m bound to a vicious shifter who wants to rip me to pieces. Fane Maverick covets the amulet more than my death, though. And he’d do anything to get it.

Wicked. Depraved. Savage.

He’s promised to kill me after we sever the artifact’s hold.

But as the ancient power flows through my veins, a darkness grows. And the only person who can pull me from the brink of destruction is the one who wants me dead.

Trust him, and I may die.

Don’t, and the world will suffer.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Whispers in the Waters

by Sarah Chislon

A feline companion, a dash of magic, fae, and family secrets. What could go wrong?

Gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell knows the rules. Ladies don’t shame their families. Ladies don’t confront Otherworldly threats. Ladies certainly don’t admit some taint of the fae has touched their souls—unless they wish to find themselves confined to an Institution.

So she hides amongst her plants and sketches until a threat to her beloved aunt forces her from the comfort of home to a town perilously near an Otherworldly Crossing.

To protect her aunt and the townsfolk she comes to care for, she must uncover the individual responsible for a series of attacks, but to find this saboteur will require embracing the part of herself she fears most. In a world where Vigilists lock up fae-touched mortals, Jessa must decide if she’s willing to risk exposing her true nature to defend those she loves.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Disposable Heroes

by Gregory Mattix

Boomer is a pretty simple guy for an alien hybrid. He works as a bullet-resistant tank for a crew of street-running mercenaries. If someone needs hurting or something needs blowing up, he’s the guy to do it. It might not be the most glam life in Arutairu Megacity, but it’s his, and he’s rather attached to it.

When Boomer’s team takes on a shady job with the promise of a stellar payday, the proverbial excrement quickly meets the fan, and hit squads come after him and his crew. Normally, a few amateur goons with guns would just make for good target practice, but he suddenly finds himself unable to protect his friends. As if the army of mercs gunning for him and his rapidly dwindling crew wasn’t bad enough, he fears he might be losing his sanity as he blunders into the middle of a conspiracy so vast it will shake the foundations of the entire city.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Dracwyn Dragon Riders: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

Seventeen-year-old Desiree Black has one goal—to discover the truth about what happened to her parents. Swept up in the Rebellion against the Spirit King, she quickly moves through the dragon rider ranks, drawing upon the explosive and unpredictable magical power she possesses—and has always feared—in order to protect her loved ones.

Young dragon rider Pieter Roser’s wounds run deep in the wake of the battle against the ancient darkness. His dragon, Gloriox, wants to help him heal. But when their travels bring them to Chamenos, they find that trouble has arrived ahead of them.

After a terrible shipwreck, rescue seems impossible for Del, a stowaway street rat; Etenia, a merchant’s daughter; and Lathan, a retired dragon rider. Especially when there’s a kraken lurking offshore, hungry for their only possible means of escape: dragon eggs they’re protecting…

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Hyperspace Outlaws: A Space Opera Adventure

by Luke T. Barnett

Holding a galaxy together ain’t easy, especially when that galaxy is out to kill you.

Doug Lancer is on the run. When the peace-keeping military known as the Federation and the law-enforcing Galactic Rangers join forces, forming the Galactic Empire, things quickly go south, especially for anyone not on-board.

Hunted by his former brothers, Lancer is reduced to bounty-hunting to survive. When his path crosses with an ex-imperial fighter pilot fleeing the Empire, things get even worse.

Can he stick to his convictions and oath as a Ranger, or will he fold under the pressure? And how can he and the band of outlaws he teams with hope to stand up to a galaxy-spanning empire without getting blown to space debris?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Earth Warden – Complete Series Box Set

by Tyler Aston

When Tristan is abducted by one of Earth’s shadowy guardians, he finds himself in a universe beyond his wildest dreams. Powerful psychics, surly robots and genetically-engineered assassins make up his new crew…
But what do they need him for? And can he survive long enough to find out?
Get the complete series – 2000+ pages of fast-paced and explosive space opera! Earth Warden blends the frantic action of Star Wars with the quirky humour of Firefly. If you love sci-fi, check it out today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure