Portents of Chaos

by K.C. Julius

“… a well-plotted, smartly paced fantasy novel… The reader will keep turning pages” —The BookLife Prize 2019

Delve into an epic world of sword and sorcery, intrigue and betrayal. The realm of Drinnglennin is poised on the cusp of chaos, for their ailing High King has yet to name an heir. Rumors abound that the Helgrins, their bitterest foes, are preparing their longboats to raid the Isle’s shores, while the roving å Livåri folk, for whom the island kingdom is the last sanctuary, are mysteriously disappearing. And in distant Belestar, the fabled dragons are stirring from their self-imposed exile. Drinnglennin’s hopes lie with the wizard Morgan, who must gather together and safeguard the king’s possible heirs, all three of whom are coming of age. One thing is certain: whoever next sits on the Einhorn Throne will determine the fate of all who dwell in the Known World.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Brave – A Fairy Tale Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

by Kristina J Jordan

Lucie’s ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn when she takes the place of her father, travelling to a mysterious chateau in the King’s Forest.

Here she meets a mysterious stranger under a terrible curse.

Compelled to help break the curse, Lucie’s adventures take her across the kingdom of Lovan where the desperate fight to break the curse turns into a struggle for survival.

Forced to face evil Queen Penelope, can Lucie find the strength within to release her own power and save the kingdom?

This is Book One of the Crown and Sceptre series.
This sweet fantasy series can be enjoyed as standalone novels or in sequence.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Riders of Fire Box Set 1-3

by Eileen Mueller


When Ezaara becomes the new Queen’s Rider, she’s plunged into a world of dragons, cutthroat politics, and traitors.
Luckily, she has a dragon master—although rumors say she’d be better off with the enemy.

Dragons, adrenaline, and danger!
“Nail-biting, fast-paced & taut with suspense.”
“An explosive series”

Join the Riders of Fire adrenaline ride: strong heroes & heroines, nail-biting action, sword & sorcery and dragons.

Take to the skies with your heart pounding and the wind in your hair today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Heroes of Time Legends: Murdoch’s Choice

by Wayne Kramer

An action-packed seafaring adventure novel set in the world of Eliorin, this story follows Captain Zale “the Gale” Murdoch, who is at the top of his game in the seafaring mercantile guild. He races against his biggest rival in pursuit of the mythical Grimstone, the bounty of bounties. Starlina, Zale’s estranged daughter, wants nothing to do with the sea. But Jensen, the boy she loves, is a member of her father’s crew and determined to make a career as a sailor. As she becomes unexpectedly entangled with her father’s voyage, she must find her bearings amongst the crew and decide for herself where her dreams truly lead. Zale ultimately faces the biggest choice of his life, with the fate of his career, family, and kingdom in the balance. This epic adventure on the high seas is filled with daring, danger, mystery, humor, and magic as the debut installment of the Heroes of Time series.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Strange Stories

by Dave Terruso

The perfect read for fans of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and Tales from the Crypt.

A disoriented man is trapped in a sealed white room, a shoe box resting on his lap. The words DON’T OPEN THE BOX are scrawled across the lid in his own handwriting . . .

Four strangers wake up in an idyllic field with a mysterious little boy. The rest of the world has been replaced by a black void . . .

A college freshman meets a sullen senior at a party and falls in love with him. Little by little, she learns that his secret sadness masks a terrifying truth . . .

These three tales are part of a collection of six Strange Stories that will bend your mind, haunt your dreams, and expand your reality.

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics


Trial by Fire

by Jada Fisher

Tennegan Felter (Ten) is a humble servant in Epoch Sol, a beacon of light in a world full of darkness. Her deepest desire is to serve the city she loves and defend it from the creatures of the Dark that live all around. The only way to do that is to join the Dragon Guard. There’s one big problem, though. She is a mere servant and faces near insurmountable odds just to get in. And then she has to pass all the tests. Can Ten prove her doubters wrong, overcome all the obstacles, and earn her way into the Dragon Guard?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Neanderlytes

by Mark G Dashper

A reclusive New Zealand Paleontologist. A renowned international Human Geneticist. Can they stop the deadly plan of rebel Time Scientists going back in time to alter the genetic memories and instill aggression into our Paleolithic ancestors, changing the face of history as we know it? Will they succeed in combatting the plot to dramatically increase the survival instincts in modern humans through the instincts embedded in our shared Neanderthal DNA.

The Neanderlytes is the first book in a sci-fi mystery series. If you like time travel into our 45,000 year old origins, with an exciting Aotearoa New Zealand flavour, then you’ll love Mark Gilbert Dashper’s brand new sci-fi novel.

Unlock The Neanderlytes today, to discover how this evil plan will affect humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


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