Maggie for Hire

by Kate Danley

“If urban fantasy could be bottled, then this story is a shot-glass full of awesomesauce.” – Dark Side of the Covers Reviews

My name is Maggie MacKay. When monsters show up in Los Angeles, my job is to haul ’em back to the dimension where they belong.

It’s a living.

But I just got word my uncle has teamed up with the forces of darkness to ruin my life. And when I say that sucks, I’m not just referring to his squad of vampires. Everyone’s gonna die if I don’t find a magical object before the coming apocalypse. It is going to make the next family reunion a little awkward.

Come along with me, my sidekick elf Killian, and my crazy family for a snarky urban fantasy adventure with attitude.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Fire Thief

by Erin St Pierre & Gwynn White

She fights to survive. But only white-hot rage will reveal her true power…
Remembering the hope of the past helps Stasha endure her bleak present. Blaming herself for her best friend’s injury, she brawls and steals to provide in a world run by fae. But with an arranged marriage approaching, Stasha swipes two silvers in hope of their escape—and erupts into a fiery burst of magic.

Surprised and confused by power she can’t possibly control, Stasha barely has time to register that her friend has been sent off to die. With time running out and no options left, she must put her faith in powerful strangers as they dive into a fae skirmish for supremacy. The Fire Thief is the first book in an exhilarating high fantasy series. If you like gutsy heroines, elemental magic, and epic sword and sorcery action, then you’ll love New York Times bestselling authors Erin St. Pierre and Gwynn White’s tale.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Jenetta Penner

There will come a day… when love will mark her as a traitor.
Emotions are nothing and function is everything, and Avlyn Lark is just trying to blend in.
She’s lucky to be alive, unlike her twin brother Ben who died long ago. And she’s fortunate to have been taken from her bio parents and assigned to a Level Two family. But mastering her emotions? That’s a problem, especially when a rebel bomb blows up a building right in front of her.
On Configuration Day she starts seeing strange visions. And instead of being placed with a low-level tech company where she could hide, she’s hired by Genesis Technologies, the government firm that monitors every citizen.
Now Avlyn fears she’ll be exposed. If Gen Tech detects her flaws, it will ruin her life. And if they find out about her secret meetings with a mysterious but handsome rebel, her life will be more than ruined.
It will be over.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by Harper North

What if the sky was deadly?
Fin has never stepped foot on the surface of the Earth. Working the mines, deep below, has been the only life she’s ever known. Every Dweller underground understands that you serve the EHC up top, or you don’t eat.
Earth’s surface has become irradiated and unsustainable. As the land, water, and even the air grew toxic, the underprivileged were doomed to a life of hard labor underground, while the Enhanced Human Coalition on the surface enjoy their spoils.
But now, Fin discovers a stolen piece of EHC tech that modifies genetics, giving them the abilities of those up top—including adaptation to the surface’s harsh conditions. The theft of this technology triggers a manhunt, forcing them to flee to the most dangerous place they could possibly go… aboveground.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101

by Marisa Claire

It started with the blackouts. Then the vivid nightmares. That’s nothing compared to waking up naked, alone in a forest with no recollection of how she got there.
Scary as hell, but what Remi St. James discovers is far worse.
She was changing into something more–something supernatural and is about to enroll at Gladwell Academy of Shifters, an exclusive and secretive college designed to awaken those with extraordinary abilities.
Remi meets an impossibly hot, mountain lion shifter who’s also an irresistible jerk. Then there’s the cliques of werewolves and bears. Plenty of mean girls with mind powers. Everything a regular college has–just a bit weirder. But what she discovers is far darker than anyone could imagine.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


War of the Staffs

by Steve Stephenson and K.M. Tedrick

War of the Staffs is the search for two pieces of the ancient Staff of Adaman to counter Adois’ plans. The darkness is rising and using the black power of the Staff of Adois and his army of dark elves, giants, and orcs, Taza will begin a reign of terror the planet will not soon forget.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


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